Essay on Addiction of Junk Food


Junk Foods have got in trend in the past few years. Some examples of Junk foods are Sugary Drink, Pizza, Fried Food, Burger, Chips, and Noodles, etc. About 90% of the world population is addicted to it, mostly the urban population.

Effect of Junk Foods

Junk Food causes various disorders in our bodies. The first and foremost seen effect is obesity. It increases body fat and brings many heart problems. It is also a reason for headache, depression, acne, and teeth problems at a very young age. High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes are some often result in heavy consumption of Junk Foods.

Replacement of Junk Foods

We can replace Junk Foods with organic and healthy food. Some best replacements of junk foods are black chocolates, Sweet potato wedges, yogurt, dry fruits, fruit juice, etc. These are good for our health, and they come with the same taste as of junk food. They provide us with proper nutrients and maintain our health.


Junk Foods are good for the tongue but bad for our health and life. It creates many problems and may bring sudden death. The worst think about them is that they are indigestible and stuck in our body somewhere.