Essay on Aryabhatta


Aryabhata was a great astronomer and mathematician of ancient India. He is known to use Algebra for the first time. He has given 33 rules of mathematics in his book ‘Aryabhatiya’.

A Short Biography

According to some sources, Aryabhatta was born in Kusumpur in Saka Samvat 398 (476). While some other sources spot his birthplace in the Ashmak region of Maharashtra. Aryabhatiya, Dasgeetika, Tantra, and Aryabhata Siddhanta are some of his greatest compositions yet.

Among these, Aryabhatiya is his greatest work. In it, he has described the concepts of square root, cube root, parallel series, and equations of different types. Aryabhatiya holds a wide range of information about Mathematics and Astronomy.

His calculated value of ‘Pie’ was more significant than Archimedes, who was a great mathematician of that era. Aryabhatta had first described that earth rotates on its axis. His field of study in astronomy has been mainly periodic movements of the solar system, eclipses, and constellations. India’s first artificial satellite was named ‘Aryabhata’ after him.


His theories and concepts in mathematics and astronomy are still a subject to learn and research for the greatest scientists of the present era. Many modern discoveries have already been mention by him in his compositions.