Essay on Disadvantages of Internet

Internet has changed our lives in numerous ways. It has raised our standard of living and made several tasks extremely smooth and easy. However, it also offers several disadvantages.

Just as is the case with everything else, excess usage of internet can also be harmful. There are many disadvantages associated with internet. Some of these include wastage of time, stalking, spamming and hacking. Here are essays of varying lengths on Disadvantages of Internet to help you with the topic in your exam. You can select any Disadvantages of Internet Essay given below as per your need:

Essay on Disadvantages of Internet

Disadvantages of Internet Essay 1 (200 words)

Internet has become a necessity these days. Gone are the days when internet was only used at work places. These days it is being used everywhere – at homes, offices, cafes and anywhere and everywhere we go. While internet has made life easier and more interesting it also has a lot of disadvantages attached to it.

One of the main disadvantages of internet is that it serves as a major distraction at work place. Whether it is a student or a working professional everyone these days is addicted to internet. While internet is a great way to enhance your knowledge and grow professionally it can also distract you from work. As it is said people tend to adopt the bad habits faster so, instead of making the most of the information available on the internet to improve their knowledge and skills, people usually fall prey to the numerous sources of entertainment the internet offers. From gaming to watching videos, from listening to music to overspending while shopping online, from stalking their relatives and friends online to copying their lifestyle – people, these days, indulge in such useless activities and their work/studies take a back seat. Apart from this, hacking, spamming and other such notorious activities on the internet have also become quite common.

The number of disadvantages of internet certainly outweighs its advantages in the current times.


Disadvantages of Internet Essay 2 (300 words)


Internet offers numerous advantages but the number of disadvantages it offers are no less. One of the main disadvantages of internet is that it is a big distraction especially for the students.

Internet: A Distraction for Students

Internet is known to be a vast source of information and in this way it proves to be a boon for the students. This is because any information related to any topic or subject is available on internet. So, if a student misses a class or is not able to match up to the pace of the teacher he can refer to the internet to get help with those topics.

While parents provide internet access to their kids so that they can seek help from it to prepare better for their exams many students misuse it. Since internet offers abundant sources of entertainment, it is hard to resist the temptation. Many students begin watching different sorts of videos or playing online games for recreational purpose however they soon get addicted to them and spend most of their times watching/ playing them. This is a huge wastage of time.

Social media has further led to enormous wastage of time. Children in their teens are attracted towards glitz and glamour. They have the urge to show off and thus post pictures and posts with their friends and family. They then keep revisiting their posts to check the likes and comments. This again wastes a lot of time. Dating and chatting apps also prove to be a hindrance in their studies.


Parents must ensure that while they provide internet access to their children they must keep a check on their usage. There are ways to block the sites that are not suitable for the kids. However, parents usually take this aspect lightly or simply procrastinate when it comes to barring such sites. This is wrong. Parents must make it a priority to bar such sites and monitor their children’s internet activities to ensure they use this platform only for good.

Disadvantages of Internet Essay 3 (400 words)


Internet is known to offer numerous sources of entertainment. While these are a good way to spend your leisure time, these can also be disadvantageous. Many people grow so addicted to these sources of entertainment that they cannot concentrate on their tasks.

Internet Lowers Productivity at Work

While earlier offices had intranet connections that only connected the employees to share emails and discuss business plans, these days internet access is provided in most offices. Even if people do not have access to the internet on their official laptops they have it on their mobiles and can use it whenever they want.

Internet offers so many different sources of entertainment that it is difficult to control the temptation. People these days have the urge to check their messenger and social media profiles every few minutes to see if someone has messaged them. This divides their attention. They are not able to concentrate completely on their work and it thus lowers their productivity.

Those who are addicted to gaming, try to take some time off every hour or so to continue with their game. This is again a major hindrance in work. There are so many web series and videos being sprint almost every day and if you begin watching them once you cannot give up on them.

A recent research shows that people spend most part of their time on the internet while they are at their work place. The work productivity is thus bound to drop.

Work Life Imbalance

There is a lot of competition in the market these days. If the service is not provided instantly the customers tend to leave. Internet has made it easier to access office emails and software from anywhere. So, many times people are even required to work after they have left for home. This is an advantage for the businesses but not for the employees as it creates work life imbalance.

Secondly, since the productivity of work has decreased during the working hours due to distraction caused by internet, people mostly work when they return from the office to meet their deadlines. The time they should spend with their families is spent on the laptop. They are unable to strike a balance between their personal and professional life which is becoming a cause of conflict among families.


Internet is such a great platform to enhance and promote one’s business and grow professionally. We must use it for that purpose only rather than letting it distract us from work.


Disadvantages of Internet Essay 4 (500 words)


Internet has become an integral part of our lives these days. From paying the electricity bills to planning family get together, everything these days is being done with the use of internet. While it offers so many advantages it also comes with its own set of disadvantages.

Internet Leading to Health Concerns

Here are the various health problems one can incur because of excess internet usage:


Being on the mobile or laptop for hours using the internet can cause migraine. Many internet users complain of this problem and are advised to reduce their screen time but it is hard to get rid of this addiction. Thus, constant headache and migraine is common among them.

Effect on the Eye Sight

It goes without saying that viewing the screen for hours as you surf the internet can cause a negative impact on your eyes. This is especially common among those who surf the internet on their mobile during the bed time.

Back Ache

Sitting on a chair watching movies or playing online games can be addictive. Once you indulge in these habits, it is hard to stop. Many people keep sitting for hours to enjoy the experience and incur back ache owing to this.

Weight Gain

Children these days prefer sitting at home playing games online or watching videos rather than going out and playing with friends. Same is the case with the adults. Instead of socialising and indulging in outdoor activities they prefer spending time on the internet. Lack of physical activity has led to weight gain among people. Such a lifestyle has also led to obesity in many.

Sleeping Disorder

People these days sleep with their phones under their pillow or at bed side. They have the urge to check their messages every now and then and wake up at the ring of every message. Using mobile at the bed time can hamper the natural process of falling asleep and can cause sleeping disorders.


Viewing the pictures and posts of others having fun can create a sense of inferiority. People these days are putting on a false image of themselves on the internet to attract attention. Those who are leading a rather simple life often feel low and isolated as they see others partying and having fun. Internet has also created distance among the family members. All this leads to depression among many.

Negative Impact on Relationships

Internet has brought those living in far off lands closer while at the same time created distance among those living together. People are so engrossed in messaging and connecting with their distant friends and relatives that they have turned blind towards their own kids and family members.

Social media sites, messengers and dating apps have given rise to infidelity. It is leading to conflicts among couples which in turn have a negative impact on their kids and the family as a whole.


Excess of everything is bad and internet is no exception to it. Over-usage of internet can have negative impact on both mental and physical health of a person. It can also ruin ones relationships and family life. One must thus, keep a check on it.


Disadvantages of Internet Essay 5 (600 words)


Internet offers numerous benefits. It has made our life comfortable and raised our standard of living. Every task these days can be done via internet. Whether it is booking a ticket or transferring money to a loved one or maintaining long distance relationships. However, it also has a downside to it. Internet can be a cause of stress, depression, decreased productivity and many more problems. Here is a brief look at the various disadvantages of internet.

  1. Hindrance in Work

Each one of you will agree that internet causes hindrance in work. It is addictive and is a major distraction at work. Whether you are a student preparing for your exams, an office employee, a business owner or a house wife, you cannot deny the fact that internet eats up a good amount of your time – the time that can be utilized in productive tasks. The advent of social media has augmented this addiction. Those who play online games are all the more glued to the internet.

  1. Hacking

Hacking email accounts, bank accounts and mobiles of people to extract their private information is quite common these days. This has become a cause of great concern. People suffer business losses and tension in their personal relationships because of hacking.

  1. Stalking

Everyone these days has a profile on the internet. It has become a trend to post just about everything and anything a person does on the social media. While people do this for show off this can actually create trouble for them. There are people who stalk your profiles to know what you are up to and can intrude in your personal space. This has given rise to crimes such as kidnapping and blackmailing.

  1. Negative Impact on Children

Children get access to almost anything and everything by way of internet. Parents mostly provide internet connection to their kids to enhance their knowledge so they can prepare better for their exams however the later are often tempted towards gaming, social media and other sources of entertainment. Many a times, children also begin watching porn and other stuff that is not good for them.

  1. Spamming

Internet is used for the promotion of businesses. While it is a good medium to promote and expand businesses at times it can be a pain in the neck for the consumers. Many businesses over indulge in marketing of their products and services thereby spamming our inboxes with numerous emails. Often times, the important emails get missed because of spamming.

  1. Over Spending

Online shopping has eased the way we shop. We no longer require wasting time going from shop to shop in search of different things. Everything we require is available on the internet. You can surf through a wide variety of things and order them in fraction of seconds. However, this way we often over spend by buying more than our requirement. Many online retailers also levy convenience charges and other hidden charges that are revealed later. All these lead to over spending.

  1. Loss of Physical Activity

People these days are so engrossed in watching online videos, playing online games and connecting to people online that they overlook the importance of going out and indulging in outdoor activities. This has led to several physical ailments such as obesity, migraine and sleeping disorders. Playing outdoor is essential for the proper growth and development of kids but they prefer online games these days.


Internet has several disadvantages. However, the biggest among these is that it has distanced people from one another. We are all constantly engrossed in our mobiles that we overlook the needs of those around us. Kids and elderly people who require the most attention are being ignored because of internet. It is time we must limit our internet usage and lead a healthy life.

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