A father is a male parent of the family who guides, loves and cares his children all through the life. He always acts as the pillar of strength and support for his children.

Long and Short Essay on My Father in English

A kid generally attaches from his/her parents from childhood. Children generally understand their father a real hero and a good friend of the life who always instruct them to go on the right path. Here we have provided easy and simple paragraphs, long and short essay on My Father to help your kids to take part in the essay writing competition. They can select any My Father essay given below according to their class standard:

My Father Essay 1 (100 words)

My father is an ideal person of my life. He is my real hero and my best friend ever. He always helps me a lot in my any difficulty. He is an internet marketing manager in a limited company in New Delhi. He is very famous person in his office as well as in the society because of his gentleness and politeness.

He is very intelligent man and always helps others in their problems. He is the boss of my family and gives advice and instruction to every family member. He solves problems of the neighbours. He takes me to school on every PTM and discusses my performance with my teacher.

My Father

My Father Essay 2 (150 words)

My father is very kind-hearted person and my real hero and best friend. He always shares with me his all the bad an happy moments. He tells me that he discuss his all life events to me to give me experience and take right steps in the absence of him. He wants to make me a good person in the life and most importantly a successful person by following all the etiquettes, humanity and ethics of the life. He is the person who always helps the needy people in the society or anywhere on the way. He teaches me about how to get fit, healthy, happy and a peaceful person all through the life.

He is the good adviser in my family, every family member takes advice from him whenever they get problem. He is the head of the family and always takes first seat while eating food at dining table.


My Father Essay 3 (200 words)

My father is very loving and dutiful person. I always learn from his life and his experiences. He tells me about his all the struggle of life and his success. He is the person who teaches me about etiquettes, humanity and ethics. He helps me to get out of the bed every morning and helps me in getting prepared for the school at right time. My mom prepares my breakfast and lunch however my father helps me in getting ready.

He comes from office every evening at 6 pm with lots of joy and happiness. He is very active person and starts playing badminton with us just after coming from the office. He brings chocolates curcure, fruits, beautiful toys, picture books, comedy books, clothes, shoes and other required stationeries for study.

He takes us out of the home every Sunday morning in the park or other favourite places to make our holiday a happy holiday. We take delicious breakfast at every Sunday morning and be together whole day with lots of activities. Sometimes we go to the picnic or famous sightseeing for long time with all family members. In my winter and summer vacations, my father takes us (me, my sister, mom and grandparents) to the hill stations, seaside and hotels for some rest or recreations.


My Father Essay 4 (250 words)

My father is very lovely father of the world. He is my real hero, best friend, my inspiration and best person of my life I ever seen. He is the person who helps me a lot in getting prepared for the school, getting rise of the bed and getting my home work done well.

He always cares for me and calls to my mom in the afternoon to know that whether I have come from school at right time or not. He is very healthy, fit, happiest, peaceful and punctual person. He always goes to the office at right time and teaches us too to go to school at right time. He teaches us the value of time in the life and says that if one wastes his/her time, time ruin his/her life.

He is very nice person and helps my neighbours in their difficult time. He loves, cares and respects my mom always and never quarrel her. He always supports her and helps sometime in the kitchen during her illness. He respects and loves my grandparents and teaches us to care for them. He tells us that old people are like God for us, we should care, love and respect them.

We should never avoid old persons in their difficult time as this time comes in everyone’s life once. He tells us that we should always help needy people of any age group all though the life according to our status. He takes 15 mins of us every day to tell us about the ethics and other good habits.


My Father Essay 5 (300 words)

My father is my best friend and real hero of my life. I generally call him Dad. He is the most special person in my life. He is a very good sports person and artist. He does paintings in his spare time and promotes us also to do paintings. He tells us that we should anything extra like music, singing, sports activity, painting, dancing, cartoon making, etc because such extra activities keeps us busy in our spare time and helps us to be peaceful all through the life. By profession, he is an internet marketing manager (a software Engineer) in a limited company in New Delhi.

He never thinks to be back in helping needy people and always ready to help them especially old people. He is my best friend and discusses my all problems. Whenever I become fed up, he ask me the reason very peacefully and takes me to the top floor, let me sit in his side, keep his hand on my shoulder and discuss his own experiences of life, his faults an drawbacks including his success in order to make me realize that what I am doing wrong or right.


He teaches us about ethics of the life and importance of elders and the life time. He tells us that we should never make any person unhappy in our life and always help needy people especially old people.

He always cares of my grandparents and tells us that old people are like precious assets of the home, without them we are like children without mother and fish without water. He always gives very good examples to make us understand anything very easily. At every weekend means at Sunday, he takes us outside of the home to the park for picnic where we all enjoy a lot by having some outdoor activities and sports. We generally play badminton as an outdoor game and carom board as an indoor game.


My Father Essay 6 (400 words)

The person I admire ever in my life is only my lovely father. I still remember all my childhood memories with my father. He was the real reason of my happiness and joy. What I am is because of him as my mother was always busy in the kitchen and other household activities and it was my father who has joy with me and my sister. I understand he is very unique Dad in the world. I am feeling of being so lucky to have such father in my life. I always praise to god to give me such opportunity to take birth in the family with good father.

He is very polite and peaceful person. He never scolded me and takes my all mistakes very easily and makes me realize my all mistakes very politely. He is the boss of my family and helps each and every family member to take good decision in the bad time. He always shares his life drawbacks and achievements with me to let us know. He has his own business of online marketing but never force me to do go in the same field or attract me towards his own business instead he always promote to do what I want in my life. He is really a good dad not because he helps me but because of his knowledge, strength, helping nature and most importantly his way of handling people.

He always respects his parents means my grandparents and cares for them all time. I still remember that when I was little, my grandparents were generally talked to me about my father naughtiness in his childhood but they told me that your father is very good person in his life, be like him. It is my father who wants to see everyone happy in the family and always asks whenever anyone becomes sad and solves his/her problems. He loves and cares my mom and suggests her to take rest when she gets tired of doing all the household chores. My dad is my inspiration, he always becomes ready to help me in my school tasks and even go to every PTM to discuss my behaviour and performance in the class.

My father was born in very poor family however currently he is one of the richest people in the city because of his patience, hard works and helping nature. My friends generally tell me so lucky of being the son of such father. I usually laugh on such type of comments and tell my father, he also laughs and says that what they are telling is not true but the truth is that I am so lucky to have son like you. He tells me that, my son always be what you want and always believe in you.

My Father Essay 7 (800 Words)


Among many people in life, the role of father keeps a great importance. A person who sacrifices his life to make the life of other family members prosperous is no other but father. Apart from many difficulties in life a father bears all the burdens of the family and its members. He is responsible for the upbringing and upliftment of the family members.

My Father: Personality

My father is a handsome fellow of 45, having a good health and hygiene. He is a government servant and well disciplined man. He has a loving and caring nature and fulfills all our needs and demands on a call but is mild strict too. He wears formal dresses and at home normally in all kinds of tight and loose fitting dresses. He is a theist and charitable person. He loves to help others. He is an early riser and punctual on his duties. He pays respect to the elders. Especially devoted to his mother and assist her in many ways and tries to keep her happy in her old age.

My Father: Language and Opinion

My father is very simple by nature. He speaks in a soft and gentle voice all the time. Generally he talks in Hindi with us and others but he has a good orator in English too. He has equal command on both the languages. He can also speak our dialect but he never uses it with others except my mother and especially with grandmother as she loves to talk.

My Father: Conduct and Behaviour

My father is calm and serious by nature who applies the same rule at home. Normally he takes interest on every family issue and tries to solve the problems of each and every family member but if a nuisance is created, he can’t keep control. His rage might sores so high that mummy needs the help of our grandmother. When grandmother interferes on the matter he soon becomes calm and normal, respecting her feelings. He never wants to annoy her.

My Father: On the Holidays

On the holidays he loves to get entertained, outside with us. Hence he plans to visit the places of interest with the family. Along with all of us he enjoys the tour, plays with us, and talks a lot about the place or the matter. Sometimes he takes us for dinner in restaurants on holidays.

My Father: As a Teacher

He stipulates some time from his extensively busy time for us after returning from his work place. He wants to know our academic performances and teaches us wherever we face difficulties in subjects. Along with it, he tells moral stories and wants from us to be good and responsible citizens. He attends PTMs regularly to get the feedback of our progress by our school teachers and the principal.

My Father: As a Friend

My father behaves as a friend too. On Sundays and holidays, he initiates us to play Badminton and Chess. He himself participates in the games and pretends to lose the game. He wants that we would always behave as a winner. He also plays religious songs in morning and a keen lover of old movies. He takes us to markets and temples occasionally. He shares his experiences with us and discusses with us the ethical values.

My Father: Relation with kith and kin

My father is sociably very popular. He has a deep respect for other good people. He mixes well with the society and attends all meetings and far and near social functions. He is respected by all among his near and dear ones. He also attends all the invitations of relatives too. He goes to attend any occasion and takes a leave if necessary. He accompanies mother and sometimes the whole family.

My Father: On Festivals

On the occasion of festivals his enthusiasm and authority is an example for others.  His dedication for the preparations and monitoring everything is a great matter of concern. He wants to celebrate it with great joy and zeal with family members and neighbours.


Finally I can say that my father is the best father in the world. I see him as my role model and like to be like him in my life. He taught me lot of things to carry out my burdens and also show the path of success. He also focused on the opportunity that are given by the life in a person’s life and described how to grab it. He put himself as an example and wanted to us to follow the same in our life. All the time he told us to attain the path of truth and righteousness. I always want to see him happy throughout his life and want to fulfill his dreams as he imagined in me. In his happiness truly lies my prosperity.



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