Sports and Games Essay

Sports and Games are very essential activities for physical and mental development. Whether played sitting on a chair, like a game of chess, or played outdoor like volleyball, games are always good for either mind or body or both. A good sport has many advantages on an individual, including stamina buildup, toned reflex, quick response, confidence buildup and a positive attitude. Apart from psychological and physical developments, sports also develop the personality my instilling communication skills, leadership skills and team work. Sports and Games are essential for persons of every age group to keep him/her physically fit and mentally sound.

Long and Short Essay on Sports and Games in English

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Short Essay on Sports and Games – Essay 1 (200 words)

Sports activities are mostly those activities that have acquired a professional stature and are played at different levels including state, national and international level besides being played locally in streets, schools and other places. Some sports activities are also played to seek adventure. Sports are mostly played outdoors. Games can be both indoor and outdoor. While some games are played for leisure others are played professionally. While there is a slight demarcation between the two however, the terms sports and games are mostly used interchangeably.

Sports and games are recommended for everyone. These serve as an exercise that must form a part of our daily routine if we want to stay fit and active. The key to staying fit is following a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise. Different outdoor sports such as cycling, swimming, football, basketball, etc are a good way to exercise. These do not only help in keeping our physical health intact but are also a good way to stay fit mentally.

Indoor games such as chess and carom board serve as a good exercise for our brain. They enhance our thinking capacity and analytical skills and sharpen our mind. It is suggested to inculcate the habit of following a sport or game in children from the very beginning. It is good for their growth and overall development.


Essay on Value of Sports and Games – Essay 2 (300 words)


Sports and games are of great value. They must be followed to live a wholesome and healthy life. Everyone, no matter what age he/she is, must follow sports activities as per their interest and calibre. This is a good way to stay away from stress and boredom and lead an active and fit life.

Sports and Games are Stress Busters

In today’s times, stress and anxiety have become a common problem. These often lead to a bigger and more serious problem called depression. While many people are becoming victims of depression because of loneliness others are suffering from it because of the growing competition and various other reasons. A good way to combat stress is to take a break from the daily chores and indulge in sports and games for some time each day. A lot of research has been done in this field and it has been found that people who spend at least an hour playing their favourite sport each day are far less prone to stress and anxiety compared to those who lead a sedentary life devoid of any such activity.

Sports and games are not only recommended for good mental health but also to keep fit physically.


Sports and Games Help Build Healthy Relationships

Playing indoor or outdoor games with one’s family members helps build stronger relationships. Playing indoor games such as Ludo, carom board, chess and other board games with our family members is a good way to spend quality time with them and strengthen our bond. These are a few such games that people of any age can play easily and enjoy. Indulging in outdoor sports and games such as badminton, hide and seek, cricket, etc with our family members is an equally good way to bond with them.


Thus, sports activities are a good way to stay fit physically and mentally and also a great means to strengthen our familial bond.


Essay on Importance of Sports and Games in Student’s Life – Essay 3 (400 words)


Sports and games play an important role particularly in a student’s life. It is a growing age and students must be involved in sports activities to ensure their all round development. Besides, there are many other reasons why students must be encouraged to play sports. These have been discussed here in detail.

Importance of Sports and Games in Student’s Life

  1. Explore Interest

Indulging in sports and games is important for the students as it helps them explore their interest in life. If a student is only made to study different subjects and indulge solely in academic activities then he would never be able to know if he is good in a sport and can excel in it. Playing different games and sports helps them explore their interest and understand what their true calling in life is.


  1. Combat Stress

The growing study pressure these days often leads to high level of stress among students. Indulging in a sports or games for an hour every day gives them the much needed break and helps them rejuvenate. It is a good way to combat stress and anxiety which is a growing problem among students these days.

  1. Stay Fit

Sports and games activities help in staying fit both physically and mentally. This is one of the main reasons why students must be encouraged to indulge in these. Teachers and parents must make it a point that their students/children indulge in sports or games every day for at least an hour so as to keep fit.

  1. All Round Development

It is rightly said, “All work and no play makes Jake a dull boy”. Sports and games are a good way to ensure the all round development of a student. Students who indulge in sports activities are known to have a good overall personality.

  1. Build Team Spirit

In this era of growing competition, students often see their fellow students and friends as their rivals. They are always looking for ways to beat them in studies and other activities. Sports such as cricket, basketball, football and volleyball help the students understand the importance of staying united to achieve a common goal. They build team spirit which is very important to lead a successful and fulfilling personal and professional life.


Thus, sports and games play a very vital role in a student’s life. There are many things that academics cannot teach the students. These can only be learned by indulging in sports. Thus, every student should be encouraged to play different games and sports.


Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Sports and Games – Essay 4 (500 words)


Sports and games are recommended for various reasons. It is often said that we must indulge in sports and games for few hours a day in order to stay fit and active both physically and mentally. Besides these, there are numerous other advantages attached to these activities because of which these are highly recommended. However, they do have their downside too. Here is a look at the advantages as well as disadvantages of sports and games:

Advantages of Sports and Games

There are many advantages of sports and games. Following are some of the main advantages of indulging in these:

  1. Good Way to Rejuvenate

Sports and games are one of the best ways to rejuvenate. Indulging in these is a good way to get respite from the daily grinds.

  1. Strengthen Bond

Playing games and sports with family members, be it kids or elders, is a good way to spend quality time with them and strengthen the bond. Different types of board games can be played indoors with elderly people.

In today’s time when both the parents are working and giving enough time to the kids is difficult, indulging in outdoor sports with them even for half an hour a day can help create the required bond.

  1. Develop All Round Personality

Sports and games work on different levels and help in building the all round personality. The overall personality of a person who indulges in sports activities regularly is way better than those who are always caught up with work.

  1. Burst Stress

Sports and games are one of the best ways to burst stress. It is highly recommended to indulge in one’s favourite sport activity for an hour each day as it helps in combating stress and anxiety.

  1. Build Stamina

Indulging in sports activities regularly helps in building stamina and boosts immunity. It helps in keeping physically fit.

Disadvantages of Sports and Games

Sports and games can be hazardous in certain ways. Here are the main disadvantages attached to sports and games:

  1. Can be Dangerous

Many sports activities particularly adventure sports such as bungee jumping, big wave surfing, cave diving and high lining can be quite dangerous. These have injured numerous people and taken many lives. It is essential to ensure you are medically fit before indulging in such sports to avoid the risk of incurring any serious medical condition. However, the possibility of accidents cannot be barred completely.

  1. May Hamper Studies

While students must indulge in sports and games for their proper growth and development however these may hamper their studies. Some students become too inclined towards sports and games that they begin to ignore their studies. All they ever want to do is to go out and play and this can hamper their studies and lower their grades.

  1. Can Be Exhausting

Playing outdoor sports and games for an hour or so every day is a good way to build stamina and stay fit. However indulging in them for long hours can be quite exhausting and can take a toll on a person’s physical health.


Thus, while sports and games are good for an individual, one need to choose the right sport and not over indulge in them so as to avoid the disadvantages attached to them.


Long Essay on Sports and Games – Essay 5 (600 words)


Different sports and games are being played in various parts of the world since centuries. Cricket, football, basket ball, archery, horse riding, hockey, golf, tennis and chess are some of the popular games played around the world. These sports and games are played locally and even at national and international level. The inclination towards sports is increasing with time and so are the sports academies and institutes.

National Sports of Different Nations

Sport activities are given special place by every nation. Every nation around the world has a national sport. Here are the national sports of different nations:

  • The National Sport of Australia is Cricket
  • The National Sport of Pakistan is Hockey
  • The National Sport of India is Hockey
  • The National Sport of Canada is Ice Hockey in winter and Lacrosse in summer season.
  • The National Sport of Russia is Bandy
  • The National Sport of Spain is Bull Fight
  • The National Sport of Bangladesh is Kabaddi
  • The National Sport of Japan is Sumo Wrestling
  • The National Sport of New Zealand is Rugby Union
  • The National Sports of United States is Baseball

Games and Sports in Schools and Colleges

Schools and colleges around the world are recommended to involve their students in various indoor as well as outdoor sports activities. Most of the schools have play grounds where students can indulge in various outdoor sports activities including cricket, football, volleyball, etc. Basket ball and lawn tennis courts are also built to practice these sports. Indoor games such as carom board, chess, etc are also encouraged.

Interschool sports competitions are held regularly so that students get a chance to display their talent. Many students are selected for playing different sports at state and national level based on their performance in school and colleges.

Special sports clubs are established where students are trained to play different sports efficiently. Many students enrol at such academies to hone their sports skills.

Indoor Games and Sports

There are many indoor games that are enjoyed by people of all ages. Some of these include snakes and ladders, carom board, chess, marbles, cards, Pictionary, scrabble, tick-tack-toes and dots and boxes. These games are easy to play and great fun. These are a good way to release stress and bond with our near and dear ones.

Snooker, bowling, squash and table tennis are some other indoor sports. However, these require a special setting and sports equipments to play.

Outdoor Games and Sports

There are a number of outdoor games and sports that can be enjoyed mostly as a part of a team. These include cricket, basket ball, base ball, football, hockey, kho kho, hopscotch, hide n seek and tug of war. These are all great fun. They do not only help in taking a break from the mundane routine but are also a good way to build one’s physical stamina and burst stress.

Cycling, rock climbing and dodge ball are some of the other sports that can be enjoyed outdoors.

Games and Sports: Recommended for All

Be it a small child or an elderly person – sports and games are recommended for all. We often overlook the importance of games and sports. However, these are a good way to spend our time resourcefully. There are different types of indoor as well as outdoor sports and games that one can indulge in. Different sports and games help in our development in different ways. While some serve as food for our brain and help in sharpening it others keep us physically fit and active.


Thus, sports and games are essential for the overall growth and development of an individual. These activities help in keeping a person physically fit and mentally strong. It is important to inculcate the habit of playing different sports and regularly from an early age itself.

Long Essay on Sports and Games – Essay 6 (1100 words)


We all must have heard the phrase- “Health is wealth” at some point of time in our lives. The phrase implies that wealth is nothing but a manifestation of a healthy body. The phrase might be deceiving for some, because the ‘wealth’ mentioned here is not the materialistic ‘wealth’ but the real wealth of ‘health’. That means- if you are healthy and fit you will well be able to live linger, work and meet your requirements, prosper and grow.

If you lose wealth, it could be gained back through hard work, but if you lose health then it will be much more difficult to gain it back. To stay healthy you must be physically active by actively participating in sports and games. Playing sports and games keep the vital stats of your body maintained by keeping your vital organs healthy and functional. Below we are providing a long essay on sports and games, stressing upon the difference between sports and games, importance of sports and games and a brief description of some of the world’s famous sports and games.

What is the Difference between Sports and Games?

There is a huge difference between sports and games, barring few exceptions. Any kind of sport must mandatorily involve physical activity and skills, but a game may or may not involve physical activity; nevertheless, it will also require skills. ‘Sports’ is a completion in which the participants are solo and usually relying on their own individual skills. Some of the examples of sports are- swimming, javelin throw, gymnastic, dirt racing, horse riding, para gliding etc. They all rely on the participants individual skills and all involve physical activity.

There is also an exception to the above rule- some sports those involve team work, can be termed both as game and sport. For Ex- Cricket, basket ball and volley ball are referred to as games as well as sports. It is very common to hear phrases like- ‘game of cricket’ or ‘cricket is a great sport’ etc. One rule never changes, and that is- if you are calling an activity a sport, it must involve physical activity and exertion.

Many games on the other hand, don’t require any physical activity; nevertheless they still require individual skills. Some examples of such games are – chess, board games, card games, party games, dice games, video games etc. Some of these games may require a little physical movement; not enough to categorize them under sports.

What is the Importance/Value of Sports and Games?

Getting involved in a sport and game has various positive effects on one’s body, mind and personality. They keep you physically and mentally healthy, making you ready to accept defeat and rise again. Below given are some of the most important advantages or values of sports and games-

1) Physical Fitness

Playing sports and games will keep your body fit by keeping your vital organs healthy. Physical fitness is one of the main attributes of sports and games. Physical exercise makes your heart beat faster, improving the health of your heart and lung as well.

2) Mentally Fit/Alert

Playing any kind of sport requires not only physical agility but also mental activity. A sportsman is required to think fast and respond immediately to different situations. Such mental exercise keeps your brain fit and alert and dramatically improves your response time. Games like chess, checkers and cards etc improve thinking ability.

3) Team Work

Sports improve your ability to work in a team and fight for a common goal. You get to know that how to work in a team. You listen to the opinions of your team mates, even suggesting them where ever necessary and together chart out a plan for your team’s win.

4) Improves confidence Level

Seeing your strategies working out for your team, the win, the appreciation that you get from your team mates and friends, will boost up your confidence level to a new high. Even if you are on the losing side, you still will have the confidence to compete again and win.

5) Stress Buster

Playing sports and games, even the ones those don’t involve much physical activity are natural stress busters. You pumped up heart or an actively concentrated brain will ultimately bring your stress level down.

6) Socialization

Playing sports and games is also a kind of social activity. You interact with your opponents, team mates, viewers and judges. Strategies and rules are discussed; pleasantries are exchanged, all improving your social skills and conduct. A good sportsman knows how to conduct himself with different people and under different circumstances.

7) Personality Development

Being physically fit, mentally strong, taking the failure with courage and knowing how to conduct yourself in private or in public, improves your overall personality. A true sports man remains composed both in win and also in defeat.

Some World Famous Sports and Games

1) Football (Soccer)

Going by the number of fans around the world, soccer is the most popular game with and an estimated 3.5 Billion fans worldwide. The game is played between two teams with minimum 11 players, including one goal keeper. The game is played for two halves of 45 minutes each with a rest of 15 minutes.

2) Cricket

Cricket is the second most popular game after football. The game has nearly 2.5 billion fans worldwide and is played by two teams with 11 players each. It is played with a bat and a ball with only one team batting at a time.

3) Field Hockey

Field hockey is another popular sport with 2 Billion fans worldwide. Field hockey is played between two teams with 11 players including the goal keeper on each side. The time is divided into two halves of 35 minutes each and the game is played with a small ball and a wooden stick.

4) Basketball

There are estimated 400 Million fans of basket ball, across the globe. Played between two teams with five members each, competing to shoot a ball through a hoop placed 10 feet high from the ground. The game of basketball is played over an average time of 2 hours 15 minutes.

5) Chess

The game of chess has been termed as the ‘sleeping giant’ in the world of games with an estimated 600 Million regular players worldwide. It is a board game which is played between two contestants.  Playing chess require the ability to think and predict the moves of the opponent and make moves accordingly.


Sports and Games, involving either physical or mental exercise have a positive effect on one’s health, mind and personality. It is an activity which doesn’t has any ill effects and is healthy, rejuvenating and also entertaining. We all must take out some time from our studies and work to play the sports or games of our choice and inclination.



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