Speech on Democracy vs. Dictatorship

Hon’ble Principal Sir, Vice Principal Sir, respected Teachers, and my dear friends; I am honoured to deliver a speech in front of you all. My name is Mayank Sharma, and I am going to present a speech on ‘Democracy vs. Dictatorship’.

Before comparing both the term, it is important to understand the meaning of democracy and dictatorship. Democracy is a type of government of the people, by the people, and for the people, whereas dictatorship is a form of government where a person, called dictator, holds the power and authority to make laws and take all the political decisions.

In a country full of diversities like India, democracy is very important. Due to democracy, all political activities of the country have the value of the vote of every religion and caste. In the presence of dictatorship, the decision taken for every citizen of the country is only one person. It does not matter whether the decision will benefit or harm the public.

We all know this well that one person alone cannot take responsibility for every citizen of such a big country. For this, the people of the country should have the right to choose their ruler with their intelligence.

Of course, the views of all of us may be different. I have tried to put my thoughts out of the front of you. With these words, I might wish to end my speech. Thank you.