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Unity is the state of being united or working in a unified way. The term is often used for people and communities staying united in face of adversities and threats. It refers to two or more people working as a single unit. In the context of people and societies, unity plays a significant role. History is replete with examples that united people have stood the test of time achieved impossible.

Sometimes, the unison among the people is natural, like in a family and sometimes it’s for a cause like business, pleasure, safety etc. One of the finest examples of unity and the extraordinary fete it could achieve is India. Millions of people belonging to different faiths and cultures united against the foreign invaders and gained independence, almost peacefully. Had they not been united, independence would still have been a far cry.

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Short Essay on Unity – Essay 1 (200 words)

“Unity is Strength” is a common phrase and it is true to its every word. Unity means being together. It means standing together in thick and thin. Man is a social animal and it is important for him to stay united with his fellow beings in order to lead a peaceful and fulfilling life. This is a very important message that people should pass on to their children. They should set an example by creating a healthy environment at home where everyone lives in coordination with each other. However, families are drifting apart these days and people are forgetting the value of staying united.

Today, we see countries fighting with one another over petty issues. People are killing each other because of minor reasons. There is hatred all around. Everyone is busy in his own world and thinks only about himself. In earlier times people lived in joint families and were well connected with their relatives and everyone else in their neighbourhood. They were there for them whenever needed. In today’s time people are seldom aware as to who their next door neighbour is. It is sad that even though we have numerous means to connect with people, we do not bother to contact our loved ones.

It is time people must truly understand the importance of staying united and live cordially with others.


Essay on Importance of Unity – Essay 2 (300 words)


Unity is important at every level and at every step in our life. People who learn the importance of staying united and follow it live a happy and content life. Those who do not understand its importance are often faced with various difficulties at different stages in life.

Proverbs Emphasizing the Importance of Unity

The importance of unity has been stressed upon by way of various proverbs. Some of these include: “United we stand, divided we fall”, “Unity is strength” and “Unity is strength, division is weakness. Each of these proverbs lays stress on the importance of staying united to achieve our goals and emerge successful in both our personal and professional life.


People around the world have believed in these proverbs since centuries and follow the path of unity.

India’s Struggle for Freedom – Best Example of Unity is Strength

One of the best examples of the strength of unity is the Indian struggle for freedom. The British were mighty powerful. They controlled and tortured Indians for years. However, even the powerful British officials had to give up when Indians came out together and stood united against them. Many patriotic leaders emerged during those times. Each had his own ideologies and tried to fight the British accordingly. These leaders inspired vast number of Indians who came out in large number to fight against the tyranny of the British.

Several protests and processions were carried out during that period. The British government was shaken by these events. People realized the importance of standing together and soon their efforts paid off. The British had to leave the country owing to the mass involvement of Indians in the freedom struggle. Had only a few people come forward to fight, the British would have easily silenced them and continued their rule.


Thus, we see, by staying united we can fight even the biggest of problem. Our strength lies in staying united.


Essay on Unity in India – Essay 3 (400 words)


India is a country with diverse cultures and traditions. People belonging to various religions, castes and creeds live in our country. The beauty of our country is that there is unity in diversity. People of different origins live in peace and harmony in our country.

Staying United: A Part of Indian Culture

Ours is a country with rich tradition and culture. Staying together and helping each other is a part of our culture. Our joint family system is one of the biggest examples of the importance we give to staying united. The joint family system had prevailed in our country for centuries. Unlike the modern times, in the past the families did not only live together but also bonded well. People sat together, chit chatted and had their meals in each other’s company. Staying united helped them in many ways.


One of these was managing the finances. The male members of the family went out to work and managed the finances of the family. The entire load of bearing all the expenses did not come on one person alone. This way the elderly people did not feel left out or lonely as is the case today. The kids also got good company which helped in their growth and development. Children got good values from their grandparents as they lived with them the entire day.

People in our country did not only live united with their immediate family members but also bonded well with their neighbours and extended family. People stood by each other and acted as a great support system for one another.

Young Indians’ Idea of Unity

While the elder people still promote the idea of staying united, the young generation is slowly drifting apart. Owing to the growing use of technology, they are all engrossed in their own world. However, even though they may not be aware as to who their neighbours are or may not visit their relatives often this does not mean they do not understand the importance of unity. They come together whenever there is need. The youth of our country stands united to raise voice against the social evils as they know the strength of unity. There have been many instances where in people have come out in large numbers to protest against different crimes.


India has set an example about the advantages of staying united in the past. The newer generation also believes in the power of unity although their ways of expression may be different. For how else can people of varied cultures and castes live together in harmony?


Essay on Advantages of Unity – Essay 4 (500 words)


Unity is of utmost importance. Many stories as well as real life incidences have proved how staying united can render strength to people and help them lead a harmonious and fulfilling life. However, many people still do not understand the importance of staying united. They keep fighting over insignificant things and ultimately end up lonely.

Advantages of Unity

Here are some of the advantages of unity:

  1. Help and Support

People who stay united together are never left alone in adversity. They help each other and provide moral as well as financial support when in need. On the other hand living in isolation and oblivious to the people around you, might make you feel insecure and an introvert.

  1. Good Guidance

When we stay united as a part of the society and are in good terms with everyone around, we can seek guidance from them for both personal and professional matters. Elderly people or those who are more learned and experienced provide good guidance on various matters and we can handle them well.

  1. Proper Growth

Staying united is good for our growth and development. Staying together in unity with each other helps in sharing of ideas and opinions which is quite essential for our minds to develop well. In families and societies where people stay united and help each other, children get a healthy environment to grow. This is good for the all round development of children.

  1. Source of Motivation

When we work together, we are motivated and encouraged to work harder. We push each other to accomplish the goals and this works as a great motivational factor. We also encourage and appreciate one another on every achievement. This again works as a motivational force. This way people are motivated to work even better and achieve greater goals.

A person who works alone has to motivate himself on his own and it becomes harder at times.

  1. Greater Accomplishment

When we work together as a team, we are able to accomplish greater goals. We help each other and can overcome various hurdles together. If there is a rift in the team and each individual looks for his individual benefit then it is hard to achieve the common goal. There have been numerous examples wherein people have lost games and projects only because they began fulfilling their own small selfish motives instead of working as a team to achieve the main goal.

  1. Fighting a Mission

Fighting a mission becomes much easier when there are greater numbers of people involved. Many social evils and unjust practices have been fought and eradicated in the past only because people came out in large number to fight against the same. A single person can initiate a cause but cannot fight all alone. It is only when he gets good support; there are chances of winning a battle.


Thus, we see there are numerous benefits of staying united. We can accomplish big tasks, rely on the people in times of need and nurture young minds in a better way if we stay united.


Essay on Role of Unity in National Development – Essay 5 (600 words)


As Mattie J.T. Stepanek said, “Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”. Staying united helps individuals, society as well as the nation as a whole. A nation where people live in unity has better chances of development compared to those where there is hatred and crime all around. Unity plays a major role in the development of a nation.

Work towards Common Goal

When people live in unity with each other they look forward to work towards a common goal rather than satisfying their own selfish motives. They love their nation as well as their fellow citizens. They understand the fact that they would be able to grow and have a better lifestyle only when there is national development. They also understand that national development is possible only when they help each other in achieving their goals rather than dragging each other down. This goes a long way in the development of the nation.

However, unfortunately in India as well as many other countries, people do not realise the power of unity. They only think about themselves and work for their benefit rather than working for the betterment of the nation.

End Hatred among Citizens; Lower Crime Rate

A country in which people live in unity there is peace and harmony all around. They do not fight with each other in the name of religion, caste, culture or any other thing. They respect and value each other and stand by each other in the hour of need.

They understand that their true power lies in staying and working together rather than planning against each other. There is no hatred among citizens of such country and thus the crime rate is low. A country where the crime rate is low would certainly develop at a faster pace.

Government’s Role in Building Unity

Unity can be achieved if each individual is ready to shed his individual interests and work for the betterment of the nation as a whole. While the spirit must be inborn, the government can play its role in building of unity among people. Here are a few ways in which this can be achieved:

  1. End Corruption

A country can never prosper if its political system is corrupt. The political leaders must be chosen with utmost caution. They must take it as their responsibility to stay united and work towards the common goal of developing the nation rather than pulling each other down and juggling money for personal benefits.

  1. Lower Economic Disparity

There is a lot of economic disparity in our country. The rich people in our country are becoming richer by each passing day and the poor are getting poorer. This creates grudge among the poor sections and they often take to criminal means that hamper national development. The government must bridge this gap and pay fair wages to everyone so that each citizen is motivated to indulge in productive tasks.

  1. Educate People

People must be educated about the importance of staying united. This must be made a part of the school curriculum and must also be emphasized by various other means. Only when people understand the importance of staying united they will work towards achieving it.


Thus, we see unity plays a major role in the development of a nation. Children must be taught the importance of staying united from the very beginning. They must be told as to how it can do good for them as well as their country. Government must also do its bit to keep the people united so as to ensure they work jointly for the development of the nation.



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