Unity in Diversity Speech

India is land that symbolises unity in diversity. Indian culture is the repository of a multiplicity of castes, religions, customs regions and languages. In this aspect, India is unparalleled in the world. The country is home to almost all the religions of the world: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism and Christianity whose followers live in peaceful co-existence despite differences in lifestyles, practices and rites related to birth, marriage, death etc. There are many occasions when one is required to deliver a speech on Unity in Diversity, explaining this ethos in all its dimensions. We are here providing you few speeches on Unity in Diversity. You choose any of them as per your requirement.

Speech on Unity in Diversity

Speech on Unity in Diversity – 1

Hon’ble Vice President, Respected Principal, Respected Professors and Administration staff members and my dear fellow students,

Today is the Republic Day, the most important day for every Indian; the day when the Constitution of Independent India was formed. Like every year, our college celebrates this significant day with much enthusiasm and vigour. It’s a great honour for me to welcome you all and speak a few lines on this special occasion.

Since the time of Independence, India has witnessed a lot of changes at the political, social and cultural front. But one thing that remains intact is its’ ‘Unity in Diversity’. We all know, Unity is the most influential factor in solving the cultural and social problems. It infuses respect amongst people irrespective of their religious and cultural differences. India is famous for having multi-cultural system and yet people live together with peace and harmony.

India is a colourful country, inhabited by people who believe in different religions, follow different tradition, culture and have their individual belief and lifestyle; yet they come together to celebrate festivals of each other. While Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with a lot of vigour in West India, Diwali, Holi are the attractions for North, Navratra is Gujarat’s heart and Janmashtmi is UP’s soul. This is one of the factors which attract foreign tourists the most and they especially visit India during Holi, Diwali, EiD, Christmas, Lohri, etc. India has the oldest civilization and culture and some of which still being practised today. Though there is no dearth of diverse and assorted cultures in India, it is still an epitome of the famous Slogan ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Our present Indian civilization is sustained and nurtured by the multi-ethnicities of different states. We all are aware that diverse races such as Mughals, Britishers, etc. have migrated into India via sea and land routes. They conquered the country and settled here for several years.

India is a huge and populous country. It has 29 states with 22 official spoken languages, but in reality there are 150 different mother tongues spoken in different parts of the country. This is certainly amazing because despite so many differences, India still stands firm as a strong nation. People here are emotional and that’s the most popular language they understand which keep them united in all aspects. Not only language, but Indians vary from each other in food habit, attire, social and cultural behaviour, ethnicity, festivals and religious beliefs.

The political condition is stable in India and it allows multinational companies to start their venture, which opens up employment opportunities for the Indians. People in India are soft spoken and caring irrespective of the part they belong to.

Not to forget, there are some anti-social elements who try to corrupt the country by their behaviour and activities, yet India remains united. It is the force of our motherland, which give us so much of strength and tolerance to accept the adversity and promote ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Thank You!

Speech on Unity in Diversity – 2

Hello All, Good Evening!

Thanks for coming here and being a part of this discussion. It feels an honour to see you all from different fields gathered here. Today’s discussion is on one of the most relevant topics ‘Unity in Diversity’ that is ‘Anekta Mein Ekta,’ that is synonymous with India.

Today, I would like to share my view on what exactly this term ‘Unity in Diversity’ means. Doesn’t it feel strange when we hear the word Unity – which means being one and Diversity – which means differences, together in one phrase. Yes, it does feel! It makes us wonder how it is feasible that there is a common factor to seemingly heterogeneous things.

It is completely true that Unity in Diversity means the integration of differences; it means the oneness or togetherness in spite of the presence of diverse or different concepts. In the simplest way if I say, it means collating multiple types of things as one.

The best example of explaining Unity in Diversity is talking about the country ‘India’. Just one word India, and massive number of things quickly come to our mind. Isn’t it? Yes, indeed! Different castes, different cultures, different religion, different languages, different customs, different foods and what not! Clubbing of these varied or diverse things in one umbrella is the assimilation of differences and suits so well as an example of: Unity in Diversity.

Binding people of all religions in the bond of humanity is one of the greatest characteristics of India that fits the best as a point of clubbing the differences together at one angle. Visit any office, any school any market or any institution in India and you see the bundle of traditions or castes sitting and working right next to each other, in a spirit of wholeness.

Each diverse bits and pieces united in one bundle – India. This diverse spiral in India leads to it being one of the most famous tourist spot and attracts continuous flow of travellers throughout the year.

Hence if I conclude on my example of India, it’s true that it satisfies on the best parameters of being the country amongst all that is the most integrated, united and a perfect mix of different cultural and traditional flavours. It, indeed, is one of the countries in which people live with peace and harmony despite having multi-cultural systems.

Okay, give it a thought, if you ask a small kid, he will also agree that seeing a single colour on a sheet does not look that attractive in front of that other sheet which has a mix of two or more colours. Similarly, any place that has a combination or a blend of widely spread cultures or traditions seems to be more of an attraction worldwide in comparison to others.

Friends, it is very heartening to see Unity in Diversity around us. Hope you found this discussion useful!

Thank You!

Speech on Unity in Diversity – 3

Ladies and gentlemen!

I have great pleasure to be here today to share my views on the splendid plurality that marks our Indian society, and the unity that keeps us all together in peace and harmony.

With an area of more than 3 million square kilometers, India is the seventh largest country in the world. The physiographic features of the country are diverse and varied. There are the majestic Himalayas in the north, a number of mountain ranges across the country as also many, many rivers and lakes, and forests and mangroves around the country. Then, there is the Thar Desert; seas and the vast Indian Ocean. Likewise, the vegetation found in the different regions is equally diverse, and there is a great variety of fauna that inhabits the different habitats. Diversity is really the hallmark of India.

And what is interesting is the fact that our society too exhibits a great degree of diversity. There are people of different faiths, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis and Jews, who follow different traditions and customs and observe their particular festivals and occasions. Then, there is a plethora of cuisines that make it to the dining tables across the country, and there is a great diversity in the costumes and attires that people can be seen in. There is also a great multiplicity in the number of languages and dialects spoken by the people in different states. And just as humongous is, therefore, the literature that these various languages have churned out for the people to feed themselves on. Likewise, the arts, crafts, culture and folklore of each little area of the country is rich and has survived the ravages of time.

While there is a fantastic variety and fabulous diversity that marks Indian society, what is even more fascinating is the unity that weaves together the Indian populace.

What is it that unites the people? What keeps us all as Indians together through thick and thin? It is our passion to make India a glorious nation. We all share our Indian identity. We all live in and make our livelihood in the nation. We all share the pride of our nationhood.

In the stupendous journey to make India the truly great nation, we are coming together more than ever before. We owe everything to our nation. It gives us all a great sense of belonging. Our pride in the Indian nation brings us all, with all our diversity, into a unity that binds us in a spirit of common brotherhood. This sense of brotherhood is what gives our nation the strength to excel. And we value the human heritage that we all share.

Devotion to the cause of national integration has given the country its independent identity, and our loyalty to our pluralist ethos bestows on us a shared identity.

We pride ourselves in our diversity just as we feel great honour in our unity. And that will always be true.

Thank you.


Speech on Unity in Diversity – 4

Respected Principal, members of the faculty, and dear friends of the student community,

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure for me to be here with you today. As we come together to celebrate the unity in diversity that characterizes our Indian society, it seems in place to dwell on what we can, in our capacity as teachers and students, do to augment our unity, keeping intact the diversity that we are so fortunately endowed with.

Here, in this institution, like any other institution, what we have is a microcosm of what makes up India. The diversity that is to be seen in the Indian society is to be witnessed here too, isn’t it?

So if we wish the society that makes up India to be at peace and in harmony, celebrating and fostering its diversity as much as valuing and promoting its unity, we need to live and work in a similar spirit here in this academic institution that we belong to.

Let us celebrate the diversity of faiths by observing the various festivals at the institution with equal fervor, whether it is Diwali; Eid; Christmas; Buddha Purnima; Mahavir Jayanti; Guru Purab or Navroz.

Likewise, let us engage in reading the literature, if only translated in English or in Hindi, of the many vernacular languages of India. It will let us savour the linguistic and literary diversity of the country. And it will help us understand and appreciate the local flavour of the languages and through it the culture and folklore of the area from where the literature has emerged. This in itself will be an education for us. We are indeed fortunate to have the opportunity to be exposed to so many different languages in our country. Not many countries have this opportunity, in fact.

Likewise, we can, as students get to experience first-hand, the diversity the country is endowed with through the excursions we are afforded. In fact, it will help us appreciate and value the diversity, as for instance, the bio-diversity that we have. And this will help us in protecting our natural heritage.

In such attempts and activities, we shall discover our united efforts at protecting our multi-faceted heritage, whether it is of our architecture, culture, art or then nature and flora and fauna.

It is thus through the fostering of our diversity that we shall be successful in forging a unity of the people. In united action to protect our diverse heritage we shall actually be able to showcase our unity in diversity. India has always and shall always be the ideal of and the forerunner in supporting the principle of unity in diversity.

And we, as the younger generation, should enthusiastically engage in this most rewarding work of promoting the kaleidoscopic diversity of the country and the harmonious unity of the people of the land.

In this lies our best interest. And in this lies the highest interest of our great nation, India.

Thank you!


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