Winter Vacation Essay

Winter vacation is the time to snuggle up in the blanket, have hot delicious food and spend time with the family. It is also the time to start preparing for the final exams. I always look forward to this time of the year. Christmas and New Year add to the good vibes and make these vacations all the more enjoyable.

Short and Long Essay on Winter Vacation in English

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Short Essay on Winter Vacation – Essay 1 (200 words)

Vacations are the best part in a student’s life. Students are lucky to get two long vacations each year. Though summer vacations are longer, I love winter vacations more as I have several beautiful memories associated with them. I wait for these vacations all year round and am extremely excited about them.

I make numerous plans for these vacations and live them to the fullest. Our winter vacations usually begin on Christmas which is one of my favourite festivals. So, I start my vacations with Christmas shopping. I visit the local markets with my mother to buy decorative items and colourful lights for my Christmas tree. Me and my brother decorate the Christmas tree and love it when it lights up.

During the vacations we visit our cousins or call them home to spend few days together. I love the company of my cousins. We all have a great time together. My mother also makes sure that we study for at least 2 hours each day to prepare for the exams ahead.

New Year also comes during winter vacations. We usually have a small house party to ring in the New Year. It is a small get together wherein we invite our close relatives and friends.

All in all, winter vacation is time for friends, family, cousins and lots of celebrations. I simply love it.


Essay on How I Spent My Winter Vacation – Essay 2 (300 words)


Winter vacation has always been special for me. It brings in a lot of love, joy and laughter. Each winter vacation gives several memories to cherish for a long-long time. While during the primary classes all we did during the winter vacation was to eat, sleep, play and visit our friends and relatives however as we have entered the senior classes things have started to change. Now, we also need to spend time studying during our vacation. Here is how I spent my winter vacation last year when I was in seventh grade.

Increased Number of Coaching Classes

I had enrolled for maths and physics coaching classes at a nearby coaching institute. The classes were conducted every alternative day. Since, the final exams were approaching our teacher thought that vacation was a good time to cover up the syllabus so that we have ample time for revision and tests.

So, we had increased number of coaching classes. Since, we studied more at the coaching we had to take out more time for self study each day in order to revise those chapters at home. So, most part of the time was spent studying which was tiring but helpful during the exams.


Extended Winter Break

I live in Delhi and winters are extremely chilling here. Our winter vacation mostly begins on the 1st of January and the school re-opens on the 16th of January. This is the time when the cold is at its peak. The winter rain is also expected during this time making the weather even colder. However, due to extreme cold our winter break was extended by a week last year. This was great news. We planned a weekend family trip during these days. It was just what I needed after studying hard for so many days.


All in all, this winter vacation was different from the rest. It taught me the importance of following a schedule to make the most of the time and do well in life.


Essay on How I will Spend My Winter Vacation – Essay 3 (400 words)


Winter vacations are about to begin and I have numerous plans for the same. I am planning to visit my cousins, help my mother with household tasks, spend time with my grandparents, learn a new art and prepare for my final exams.

Visit Cousins

I am planning to visit my cousins during these winter vacations. We have been planning this ever since they visited us during the summer break. We have a lot of plans for the few days I will be visiting them and are quite excited about the same. I am lucky to have like-minded cousins. Being with them is the best feeling in the world. I just can’t wait to spend time with them and indulge in various mischievous activities during this vacation.

Family Time

I also want to spend time with my family. I am so tied up with my school assignments, coaching classes and other activities during the usual school days that I am hardly able to spend any time with my family. It has been long that I sat with my grandparents and listened to their interesting stories. I want to spend a lot of time with them during the vacations. I also want to play with the baby sister who always yearns to spend time with me. Besides, I will help my mother with the household chores as much as I can.


Learn a New Art

Apart from visiting my cousins and spending time with my family, I also plan to learn a new art during my winter vacations. Glass painting has always fascinated me and I wish to learn this art during this time. I have already selected few tutorials online. I will refer to them to learn this new art.

One of my neighbourhood aunts is also skilled in glass painting. She has done glass painting on her windows and has also hung numerous glass painting pieces in her house. In fact, her beautiful pieces of glass paintings have inspired me to learn this art. Besides, watching tutorials, I plan to visit her few times to acquire this skill. I have already brought the colours, brushes and frames and just can’t wait to begin these sessions.


I am just waiting for my mid-term exams to get over so that I can enjoy my winter vacations. However, I will not only indulge in all the fun activities during my vacations but also study for my final exams.


Essay on My Plans for this Winter Vacation – Essay 4 (500 words)


Winter vacations are just about to begin and I have a number of plans lined up for the same like each year. I will spend time with my parents, grandparents and siblings. I will indulge in my favourite hobbies and get a lot of time to relax. However, I am not just planning to have fun during the vacations but also aim to study for the exams ahead.

Study for My Final Exams

Over the years, I have learned that it becomes so much easier to learn the chapters during the exams if we have already studied and learned them earlier. My schedule is very hectic on the days when the school is going on. I attend the school, go for tuition classes and have to complete my homework assignments. I hardly get any time for self study. Holidays are a good time to study. There is a lot of time that can be invested in self study during the holidays.

I am a morning person. I love waking up early in the morning and that is the time when I can focus easily. So I have decided to study for at least three hours each morning during my vacations. I will sit for two more hours during the afternoon hours to cover the maximum I can. This will help me prepare thoroughly for my final exams.

Spend Time with Grandparents

My grandparents live in another city. We visit them during summer as well as winter vacations. This year also we shall be going to their place for few days. I love my grandparent’s house. It is a huge house with a big lawn that has different kinds of beautiful trees and plants. Visiting my grandparents place is the best part of the vacations. I always look forward to it.

My grandparents are extremely loving and caring. They eagerly wait for our vacations and are pleased to have us home. My grandmother prepares delicious food for us. We get to eat different kinds of delicacies at their place. I especially love the different kinds of sweet dishes prepared by my grandmother.

I also love spending time with my grandfather who shares his life experiences with us. He narrates stories and real-life incidences that help us learn so much about life. The days spent at my grandparents’ house have always been special for me. They have given us so many beautiful memories to cherish.

Other Activities

I also wish to indulge in some of my favourite activities during my winter vacations. I have already booked two classes a week for pottery. I will be going to the classes with my sister. I am also planning to go for evening walk regularly during my vacations. I love the weather during the winter evenings. A stroll in the park during this time is simply refreshing. It is an awesome experience and I don’t want to miss it at any cost.


With so many plans, I just can’t wait for my winter vacations to begin. I am eagerly waiting for them.


Long Essay on Winter Vacation – Essay 5 (600 words)


Winter Vacation is the time to relax and celebrate in the company of friends and family. It comes after the second term examination and gives the much needed respite after a month of rigorous study. I await the winter vacations eagerly as I indulge in a lot of fun stuff during these holidays.

Winter Vacations Bring in the Festive Vibes

Winter Vacations are mostly for fifteen days and two of the festivals I love the most i.e., Christmas and New Year fall during this time. So there is a flavour of festivities all around. I and my sister specially look forward to Christmas as our parents bring gifts for us and the whole house is illuminated with lights. We also shop for a lot of small bells, stars, reindeers and candies to decorate the Christmas tree.

I purchase a gift for my sister. We love the delicious cake our mother prepares for us on Christmas. The celebration is completed with family dinner. There is festive vibe all around. New Year celebrations are all the more special. This is because we are either invited to some friends’ or relatives’ place or we host a party. It is time to meet our family friends and cousins. I enjoy the good food and good company on this day.

Family Trip

We also plan a family trip to a hill station during winter vacations. If we are lucky enough we get to witness snow fall on such trips. It is usually a short trip of two-three days. Most of the times, we book the tickets almost a month in advance. We are all excited about the trip and start packing our stuff days before the same.

My father plans everything in advance to ensure a smooth trip. The hotel booking is done, sight-seeing list is prepared and the budget for everything is set. We mostly travel by train and it is fun. Last year, we travelled to Shimla during the winter vacations. It was a three day trip.

The mall road was the main attraction during this trip. It was covered with snow and we just love walking on it. Our hotel was near the mall road and we spent our mornings and evenings on the road. We enjoyed the weather, played with the snow and had piping hot momos as we sat on the benches placed on the mall road.

There was a Tibetan market near-by. I and my mother went shopping to the market. I just loved the variety of winter clothing items available there. I bought jackets and sweatshirts. I also bought a pair of boots and some accessories. My mother bought a shawl for herself and a lot of other stuff for the entire family. We also went for site seeing to other places. The best part of the trip was the snowfall that we witnessed on the last day of our trip. It added to the overall experience and made the trip completely worth it.

A Strict Routine

Though, we are in a holiday mood throughout the winter vacations and enjoy them to the fullest, our mother makes sure that we do not skip studying. She prepares a schedule to ensure that we make the most of the time we have to prepare for the final exams and have fun at the same time.

The schedule includes two hours of study in the morning and an hour during late afternoon. She also makes sure we wake up early and go for walk or cycling. We are free to choose what we want to do during the rest of the day. However, we can watch TV only for two hours a day.


I just love winter vacations. They have given me some wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime. These vacations are truly full of fun, frolic and warmth.



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