Your employees are your assets. They help you realize your business targets. They help you complete your official tasks. They help you succeed in your business. They help you meet deadlines.

Ways to Motivate Employees

It is important that your employees stay motivated. Unless they work at a high level of motivation they will not be able to give their best. And if their work is shoddy you suffer.

Delegation is the key to the accomplishment or completion of any work, big or small, when many hands and minds work together. Where there is a team that works to complete a task, as is the case in any business or corporation or the government or any organization, work is shared among all the members of the team, whether the team is small or large, and the goal is achieved or the target met.

The employer-employee relationship is really a symbiotic one. Each in the relationship gains from the other, each benefits in working with the other, and lack of coordination affects both and failure to achieve goals is shared by both.

Therefore, motivating employees and helping them stay motivated is in the best interest and in the long-term interest of the employer and organization.

Let’s discover how employees may be motivated and, more importantly, stay motivated so that they work at their optimal level of efficiency to meet both their professional goals and the goals of the organization they work with.

How to motivate employees at work

Employees are best motivated when they have a sense of belonging. There is a sense of belonging that employees need to have with the organization. Then alone will employees have a sense of ownership and the goals to be attained meaningful. There must be co-ordinated work with the co-operation of all co-workers. There needs to be a synchrony between the employees and the employers for work to be done and goals to be achieved.

How is it possible for employees to have a sense of belonging with the employer they work with or organization they are part of? Motivated employees have a sense of belonging. And the sense of belonging further motivates employees. So, employers need to work on both. In other words; what serves to motivate employees also helps in promoting a sense of belonging in employees.

When organizations meet their targets or post profits or are in a mission accomplished situation employees need to feel it as their own achievement. So, see how best you can, as an employer, engender that in your employees. Celebrating success of the organization should therefore be portrayed as the success of the employees.

  • Appreciate employees’ good work

When employees put in their best effort, they deserve due appreciation. Appreciation may take any form. And appreciation is always perceived, if only subtle in its expression.

Appreciation may come in the form of a pay hike, access to a privilege or facility of the organization or outside of it, or a reward if there is an annual award system in place.

Appreciation may also come in the form of being given a coveted assignment.


It may even be a verbal acknowledgement that may serve to commend an employee’s performance. Such verbal appreciation counts for much. Words have great power, and never underestimate how your words as an employer affect your employees. Your words have as much power to boost their morale as they have to leave them deflated and dejected. So, do make use of verbal appreciation to your best advantage.

  • Motivate employees to work

There are many targets to be met for your organization. These may be on a day-to-day basis, or may be in the long term such as over a financial year. Your employees serve to help you meet your business targets. Without the support and hard work of all employees, the grand and long term plans and targets of organizations cannot be met. It is, therefore, essential to reward employees when they are committed to the organization by way of meeting its targets.

  • Employee motivation ideas

Deadlines are strictly to be met. Working within time frames and according to tight schedules make for successful completion of tasks in business or in any organization. It is most important that employees perform efficiently by meeting deadlines. Time is of the essence. If a deadline is ignored it may mean loss to a business. Overlooking or ignoring a deadline may be a disaster. Would it not be a disaster if a paper to be presented at a formal international meeting, for instance, is not ready on time? Similarly, if a particular consignment is not shipped on time, it may mean huge loss to a business. If deadlines are not met, it can result in firing of the employees.

Those who are sticklers for time and work within tight schedules and perform efficiently surely need to be appreciated. They make organizations run smoothly. Therefore, employees need to be rewarded for meeting deadlines. Such appreciation and rewards serve as great motivators to employees.

  • Invest in employees’ skill development

When you take an interest in your employees, they are motivated to put in their best efforts for the success of the organization. Mutuality and reciprocity are the buzzwords.

Engage meaningfully in raising employee skill levels. It may be in the form of sponsoring employees for workshops and programs to up their skill sets. Or then by giving them assignments that may help them better apply their skills.

When you help in raising and augmenting employees’ skill sets you help in motivating them to work smart and efficiently. This will translate naturally in greater organization success.


  • Invest in employees’ welfare

If your employees are well taken care of, they shall be motivated to work hard and be committed to the goals of the organization. So, look to what can help in improving employee welfare.

It may mean ensuring better housing facilities for your employees. It could be in the form of better recreational facilities for the employees and their families. It could be by giving special allowances for the education of their children. It could also be in the form of a paid holiday for the employees with their families.

  • Ensure pleasant work spaces

The environment we work in makes a huge difference to the quality of our work and the output. Don’t we feel energized in a pleasant place? And, don’t we feel sick and disgusted if a space is cramped or dirty and unhealthy?

If you want to motivate your employees to be productive you need to ensure their working spaces promote efficiency.

Office spaces, for instance, need to be well lit, airy and commodious. Likewise, try to make the surroundings beautiful by putting in a few indoor plants as for instance those that give out oxygen through the day so that you can actually make the indoor air healthy.

Similarly, make sure the food and beverage section in your office serves good quality, healthy and hygienic fare.

  • Stimulate team spirit

Promote the spirit of working in a team. Employees will do well to work together. And all you need to do is to foster the team spirit in them.

And, when team spirit is fostered in employees they will appreciate the approach and be enthused to work towards reaching goals or meeting targets.

Don’t pit one employee against the other. Don’t run down one employee before the others either. Give your employees their dignity. It acts as a big motivator. It shows the largeness of heart of the employer or the culture of the organization.

  • Give high priority to employees’ interests

Put your employees’ interests as top priority. If your employees see your genuine interest in them they will reciprocate it, and that will translate into good work and a genuine commitment from their side for the organization and its goals.

Employees work for a livelihood. Isn’t it? So, ensure their needs and demands are met satisfactorily. Nothing is more important than the people who work for the organization. If its employees are dissatisfied, can an organization be a success?

Be understanding with employees who may have issues on their personal or family front. Be considerate with employees who may be challenged. Be gender sensitive.

  • Be liberal with your employees

If you are liberal and democratic with your employees you can be sure that they will feel very comfortable with you. They will be able to open up and express themselves freely. They will be able to give a considered opinion when you need one or seek one.

When your employees want leave of absence, if you deny it to them they may become quite de-motivated.

If employees want a break, give it willingly. There is no point in de-motivated or stressed out staff in attendance at work. Refreshed employees will set out again to work hard.

If an employee has a particular interest or skill, like a particular sport or art form, encourage it. They can bring laurels to the organization at national and international forums.

  • Being a role model can raise motivation levels

Being a role model to your employees will, of course, in the final analysis, be the most effective way to motivate them. You actually lead them from the front. For instance, honesty and transparency are the highest principles to be followed at all times. If you are committed to that, your employees will feel motivated to follow suit. So, if you want highly motivated employees, you need to show a higher degree of motivation to work and to work smart. Motivation can be highly contagious.