How to Motivate Yourself to Study

How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Self motivation is an important attribute a person has. Having self motivation helps a person to commit towards the study or any project in life, be a good leader as well as involve in types of creative activities. Self motivation can be available in the person as a trait by birth however; it can also be developed with time through regular practice.

When you study you read deeply, you understand all aspects of the subject and get a good command over it. Now, this could be a subject of academic study as part of your curriculum whether it is at school, college or any other institution of learning, or then any other subject that you fancy or wish to learn about, or then any book or reading material you read with great interest. In other words, study is not restricted to subjects of academic or scholastic learning alone.

Whatever the subject of study and whatever the reason to study, it requires a certain commitment on your part. Well, obviously that is why you are engaging in the study in the first place.

There are benefits to deep study

Remind yourself time to time that there are unlimited benefits to deep study. A study of any subject will give you many a benefit. Study allows for the expansion of the brain and the mind. Unless you study you cannot possess any information or knowledge on any subject. And without knowledge you deny yourself all scope for growth and development mentally, intellectually and scholastically.

By engaging in deep study you will possess extensive knowledge on the subject matter. As a result you can share your ideas and thoughts on the subject with others. By sharing your knowledge you can help in bringing greater good to all.

A study of a subject that is of academic importance as for instance in school or college will help you learn important concepts that you will find crucial in your further studies. Every concept in your study lays the foundation for the understanding of higher and subsequent concepts in the subject.

A clear understanding of any subject requires in-depth study. Superficial reading gives only superficial knowledge that will not stand the test of time. Your retention of the material will be limited if at all. A good grasp of a subject calls for serious and devoted study. A deep study of any subject reveals the many aspects of the subject and actually helps pique the interest of an inquisitive mind and receptive and eager brain. And, thus is paved the way for higher learning in the subject.

Deep study also allows for specialization. If one wants to specialize in a subject there is no way but to study with unwavering interest and steadfastness. The benefits of study translate into the making of a career.

You need to motivate yourself to study

And while we appreciate that it is important and crucial to study, we need to motivate ourselves to keep at it. Study is not a one-off activity. You need to persevere. You need to be committed. Study requires a long-term engagement. It may mean repeated reading. A self-help book, for instance, may have to be read again. A scripture may be read again and again. And in the case of study for a profession or career it may mean many years of study. Isn’t it?


Whatever the nature or purpose of study, we need to prod ourselves to actually engage in it. Often students who have to study find it hard to keep at it. So, there is need to motivate oneself to study. Also, those who have, due to one reason or another, given up a course without its completion need to be motivated to resume their study to gain an academic qualification.

If you are self motivated by birth, you are a lucky one and really blessed by the God. However, if you lack this self motivation, you need to develop it through practice on regular basis. Following are some effective ways which will help you about how to get yourself motivated:

Develop the reading habit

You need to develop the reading habit. It has to be cultivated gradually in case you are not a keen reader. Study after all begins by reading. So, first of all you need to take an interest in reading. Even if only rough or cursory reading, do it. That is the first step.

Reading is enjoyable. Read leisurely when you have time on your hands. You will see the pleasure in reading. And, it will help you in savouring what you read. You will develop the habit of reading slowly and understanding all the nuances of the subject matter in question.

Engage in repeated reading and study

Sometimes, if not always, you need to engage in several rounds of reading to study a particular subject to fully understand the matter. In the first reading you may just get the hang of it. In subsequent rounds, you will actually get the whole idea or grasp the entire topic. This will also facilitate learning by heart when you have to reproduce certain facts or memorize mathematical tables or scientific formulae or recite poetry.

Repeated study helps in refreshing your memory. However, give gaps before you go in for the second and third and subsequent rounds of reading. Re-reading without a time gap may not lead to better grasping of the subject matter; it would tend to get boring.

Read inspirational biographies

When you read inspirational and motivational stories of great personalities, who did great work in their particular chosen field, you feel encouraged and enthused to work hard. And so if the work at hand is to study you will realize the need to study well. You will be keen to follow your role model. And in the process you will appreciate the fact that the primary requirement for success in any field is to study. A film actor has to study a film script well. A sportsperson has to study the genius of other sportsmen who made a mark in their particular sport or game. A scientist has to study. A historian has to study.


Engaging in study is a habit, so develop it

Unless you make efforts, success will elude you. It seems to be true whatever the field of activity. To excel in performing yogic asanas, practice is required. Dance requires practice. Similarly, sportsmen and theatre persons have to practise. Practice is, in other words, regular and persistent effort. So, to study, and study well, you need to be at it with constancy and be persevering. You will then find engaging in study quite easy. Studying is a habit. So, develop it.

It will do well to cultivate the habit because; it is not limited to academics.

No pain, no gain

If you want to achieve your goal you will have to work hard. You will need to make the requisite efforts. And that means you will have to engage in serious study. Whether it is rocket science or art, physics or geography, films or sculpting, sports or designing. If you lack a good study in your area of work, how will you put across what you do?

Keep your goal in view

If you have determined your goal you need to be steadfast in your efforts to achieve it. If you need to study seriously to achieve your goal, you have no choice but to do it. So, keeping your goal in view will motivate you to study. You need to realize that your motivation alone can keep up your efforts towards attaining your goal. So, see your goal as the beacon.

No goal is attained without concerted efforts. If others before you have attained lofty goals it is because they worked hard. So, you too can work hard. You too can study and understand your subject of choice.

Whatever profession or career you may want to choose whether administrator or engineer, artist or musician, doctor or engineer, you need to motivate yourself to engage in a deep study of the subject. Then you will see the beauty of the subject in a deeper way. And then your work will not be a burden. In fact, you will begin to experience enjoyment in studying.

Time is of the essence

Achieving your goal requires that you work in a meaningful, feasible and practical time frame. Often there is an age bracket when you have to achieve your goal. So you cannot afford to be lackadaisical or laid back. You need to study within the set time frame.

Whether it is an examination or course or academic program, there are certain schedules that need to be followed within set time limits. And so you need to motivate yourself to complete the course within the time limit.

Of course, if you delay your goal you experience dejection. But more importantly delaying in pursuing your goal may even make the goal inaccessible to you if there is an age limit. Isn’t it? So, realize the importance of time. And you will be able to motivate yourself to do what is important. And this will help you in engaging in studying in right earnest.

Resources are limited, make the best use

All resources are really limited – time, money and energy. So, when you are fortunate to have these resources, don’t waste them. Put them to good use. See the temporality and limited nature of resources. You will then realize that you should put them to the best use. Wasted resources do not reappear for use. Once gone, forever gone. If you appreciate this truth, you will set yourself to do important tasks and to study when it can fetch you good results, whether it is by way of clearing an exam, making a career or building a profession.

Success is sweet, savour it

No doubt you have to make efforts to achieve your goal. But when you have succeeded in achieving your goal, you get to savour the sweet taste of success. It may be strenuous to study but when the results of your study come by way of success you will be the happiest. And that is what matters. So, don’t grudge engaging in deep and serious study. In the long run, you will value having studied in right earnest.

Be practical, be optimistic, and be positive

It is as simple as that. You need to study. So motivate yourself to simply engage in the activity of studying. Shirking from study does not help you in the long run. It is in your best interest to study. And, so it is advisedly the best solution to study with a positive state of mind and with a curiosity and freshness to what you have to study. So that you actually enjoy studying. And can motivate yourself to study. It can be a virtuous cycle really. So get into the groove and start studying.

So, these were some ways which you can use on regular basis to get yourself motivated towards study or any project in the life and develop self motivation habit in yourself through the time.