Paragraph on Child Trafficking

Humans have become so inhuman that not only commodities and goods but children and humans are also traded by them. It is referred to as illegal trafficking. There is an alarming rise in the trafficking of children. Child Trafficking is one of the forms of human trafficking in which children are employed, sheltered, transferred or traded for the purpose of any kind of exploitation violating human rights and depriving children from childhood, education and love.

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Long and Short Paragraphs on Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking Paragraph 1 (100 words)

The act of illegally employing, selling, supplying, obtaining or sheltering children for exploiting them is called child trafficking. Children are exploited in number of ways. Some are forced to work as bonded labors while others are sexually exploited, some are forcefully enlisted in the armed forces and others are used for the purpose of organ trafficking.

Children are also employed for illegal activities such as manufacturing drugs and weapons. Child traffickers also damage the organs of the children for the purpose of begging. These innocent victims are helpless when exposed to violence or abuse. Children are easy target for traffickers as they have less developed mental ability to understand the difference between right and wrong and also cannot defend themselves against exploitation.


Child Trafficking Paragraph 2 (150 words)

Child trafficking is to enroll, obtain, receive, transport, deliver or shelter a child for the purpose of exploitation. There are several cases in which the children are kidnapped and disappear overnight. Child trafficking is done for criminal purpose. Various forms of child trafficking include early marriages, child labor, organ trade, sexual assault and begging to name a few. Victims here are exploited and live under unhygienic and unsafe environment.

The main reasons that give rise to child trafficking are poverty, lack of education and unemployment. Some parents even sell their children to child traffickers for paying their debts or to get out of poverty. Victims are also forced to indulge in illegal activities and sometimes for organ trafficking purposes which is heart breaking. Girls are exploited for sexual assault and have to live in unhealthy conditions. It is hard to find the exact records of child trafficking due to poor implementation of laws. Child trafficking is wide spread issue nationally and internationally that needs serious attention.


Child Trafficking Paragraph 3 (200 words)

Child trafficking is the form of trafficking in which children are kidnapped, bought, transported and sold for the purpose of exploitation. It is the chain of several people involved in several activities of recruiting, transporting and exploiting. The different methods are applied to trick the children or their families. Poor children are lured by high wages. Handsome amount is paid to the vulnerable parents to sell their children. Later they are transported to different places for the purpose of exploitation within the country or abroad.

Sometimes the illegal documents are also used for the transport of victims. And finally they are exploited and ill-treated in many ways by several people. They are forced to work, beg and steal, verbally and physically abused and used for sexual activities. Children are taken away from the families and are deprived of love and family environment which effects the growth and development of a child. It has the most distressing and severe effect on the life of children and their families.

Prevention of child trafficking is a global issue. Severe laws must be set against the grave problem of child trafficking. Legal processes must also stringently be implemented to prevent the crime and save the victims of child trafficking.


Child Trafficking Paragraph 4 (250 Words)

Child trafficking is the illegal activity of buying, stealing, moving or selling children for the purpose of exploitation. The victims of child trafficking have to work forcefully in severe conditions and have to face unimaginable exposure to trauma. It is the violation of human rights. Child Rights and You (CRY) works for the right to life, education, care, health, nutrition, development and survival. It also works for the right to protection of the victims of abuse and exploitation.

Child Rights and You (CRY)

The focus of CRY is not only the prevention of child trafficking but also deals with other aspects such as rescue of children from such exploitation and for the restoration and rehabilitation process of the victims. Thus CRY works for the overall well-being of the child trafficking victims.


Here are a few ways CRY deals with the issue:

  • Spreading awareness among children, communities, schools, panchayat institutions and people.
  • Supporting the system for the safety of children.
  • Undertaking research to identify the loopholes to support the government.
  • Connecting with the District Child Protection Officer and the Juvenile Justice System for handling the cases effectively.
  • By enabling the process of initiating inter-links between CRY partners in all the states facing similar crime using their expertise, network and information.
  • Providing support to the police, C.I.D, and the justice system in the process of rescue.
  • By helping partner NGO’s to ensure child restoration and rehabilitation.


CRY works for the child trafficking victims and their rights. It works for child protection from any kind of exploitation. We as individuals must also extend whatever support we can in this direction to fight against this issue.


Child Trafficking Paragraph 5 (300 Words)

Child trafficking is the fastest growing crime globally. There are many factors giving rise to this crime. Some of these include lack of education, rise in population and poverty.

What are the Major Reasons giving Rise to Child Trafficking?

Here are some of the major reasons giving rise to child trafficking:

  • Rise in population is the major reason for the rise in criminal activities. Parents with unplanned family and poor economic conditions sell their children for economic gains as it is difficult for them to meet the basic needs of the children and raise them.
  • Lack of education also gives rise to such crimes as people are unaware of their rights and legal regulations to defend themselves. Parents are helpless when their children disappear. Uneducated people are thus easy target.
  • Poverty also gives rise to this crime. Parents sell their children for paying off debts or to improve their economic conditions. The children in vulnerable living conditions also have to work for traffickers and trade sex to meet the needs of their families.
  • The victims are mostly girls as there is more demand for girls to exploit them for sexual activities. It becomes a family business sometimes for all the females and thus girls are forced into prostitution by parents or are trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation.
  • Child marriage is also a problem in rural areas. The mindset of uneducated population has not developed in some areas and children are forced for early marriages. Sometimes the girls also have to marry men much older to them. Thus females are forced to work and are treated as slaves after marriage. They are also sexually exploited and abused.
  • Due to natural calamities like floods, droughts and earthquakes, many children lose their habitat and families. Traffickers kidnap or trap the dislocated children from such places and children are bound to work for traffickers in such circumstances.


In order to curb the problem of child trafficking, it is imperative to overcome the above mentioned issues.


Child Trafficking Paragraph 6 (350 Words)

Child trafficking is a serious issue. Child sex trafficking is the ugliest form of child trafficking. These victims have to work in brothels, bars, strip clubs and private locations. There are adverse mental, physical and social effects on the victims. The mental health effects on the victims could be depression, trauma, anxiety and mental disorders. The victims may also contract sexually transmitted infections. These victims under such traumatic conditions also develop drug or alcohol addictions.

In such work environment sometimes they are forced to have drugs and alcohol to further persuade and entrap them. The victims have to undergo violence, physical and verbal abuse, deprivation and infections. The push factors of child sexual exploitation may be poverty, unemployment and family needs. While the pull factors are cash, drugs, etc. Sex tourism is also a huge industry encouraging traffickers to further exploit children for personal profits.

As the child has less developed mental ability, in some cases it is difficult for them to understand that they are the victims of child trafficking, especially in the cases where the exploiters trick girls for sexual activities. Even when they realize they find difficult to talk about it. They may also feel uncomfortable and guilty about the abuse they have suffered.

Signs that a child is a victim of sexual trafficking:

  • Child is deprived of playing and other fun activities
  • Possesses excess amount of cash
  • is living away from parents and other family members
  • is not enrolled to school or educational institute
  • is found in places such as brothels and factories
  • Has no identification documents or has illegal documents
  • Marks of injuries and physical abuse
  • Possesses signs of anxiety, stress, depression and nervousness
  • Avoids social interaction and doesn’t self-identify a victim


Due to complex legal status, fear of getting arrested creates more stress on the victims. After rescue also the victims have to face many social, mental and physical challenges. They also find it difficult to fit into the society. Social alienation and isolation make it difficult for the victims to incorporate into the community. The victims of child sex trafficking need help and support of the society and health institutions to repair their mental and physical injuries.


Child Trafficking Paragraph 7 (400 Words)

Children are the most vulnerable groups of the trafficking crime. Child trafficking refers to the children being recruited, moved or sheltered for the purpose of exploitation. People due to poor economic conditions in India are deprived of basic needs and turn to criminal means for meeting their needs.

How are the Victims of Child Trafficking Exploited?

Children are exploited in several ways such child labor, begging, prostitution and drug dealing activities. They are also beaten up and abused by their boss or owners and have to work under miserable conditions. Following are the ways in which children are mostly exploited:

  • They are forced to work as child labor. Child labor refers to the children below 14 employed to work that deprives them from childhood and education. This is considered mentally, physically, and socially harmful to the growth of child. UNICEF estimates in developing countries, 150 million children in 2011 were involved in child labor. Child labors are forced to work as domestic servants, in agricultural or industrial sectors, factories, mining, restaurants, etc. They are forced to work for cheap wages or no wages at all in dangerous working environment and conditions.
  • Children are forced in sexual activities for commercial purposes. Most girls are forced to work in brothels and bars and are sexually exploited. Also children are used for sex tourism. Those children working as domestic slaves are also often sexually abused. Here not only girls but even boys are exploited for sexual activities.
  • Victims are used for begging and stealing purpose. Child begging is a huge industry for which children are trafficked. Children are mostly moved to the urban areas for begging and theft and they have to giveaway most of their income to the traffickers. It is profitable business for the traffickers and they are motivated by economic gains.
  • Victims are also used in drug dealing activities and are tricked to use drugs to get trapped further in to the crime. Children involved in such activities are perceived as criminals where as they are the ones who are the victims.
  • Children are also trafficked for the purpose of organ trafficking. The organs of children are used for the purpose of transplantation.


Children in the age of playing, learning and being loved and protected by the family are exploited for personal benefits by the traffickers. For economic gains humans can turn inhuman and insane and child traffickers are the best example of the same. This is the darker side of humanity.



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