Paragraph on Population

Population means the total number of people living in a particular area. The population tells the current scenario of a particular place. If the number of people living per square meter is high than the averages number then that place is considered as overpopulated place. However, underpopulation is also one of the major issues related to population.

Population Explosion

The social, economic, and living standard of people is estimated by the population of a particular place. Population explosion is the biggest challenge for the world. Poverty, unemployment, environmental depletion, global warming, and many other issues are connected with the population explosion.

Population Crisis in India

India is the second large populated country after China. India is facing a population crisis, low literacy rates, and poor healthcare facilities in rural India are factors caused by the population. The early marriages and early pregnancy is the root cause of rising population. It is estimated that by the year 2030 the world population will break will all the records.

The cleaning up of forests, construction, burning of fuels is the reason behind the rising level of temperature. These environmental depletion sources are somehow connected with population density. The population explosion is not only affecting human life but it also affects wildlife and marine life. Many of the rare species are now standing on the stage of dying out due to deforestation and pollution. Population growth has its adversities only population control and awareness can help this serious challenge.