Importance of Education in Society

Article on Importance of Education in Society


Society is defined as a collection of people living together in an ordered community. A well ordered community share common infrastructure and economy and live in unison displaying unity and integrity, without hatred or remorse. What brings order to a society? Ever wondered that, why do some societies keep a constructive approach towards life and development while some fight among themselves for money, drugs and other trivial issues.

As we dwell deep into the behavior of societies, we realize that, it is the state of literacy and the prevailing educational psychology in a society, those are primarily responsible for its development and success. A society behaves depending on the status of education and literacy of its individuals. A society which realizes the importance of schools for its children and has good schools and educational institutions backed by dedicated faculty; is on the right path towards development.

An educated society can look after the needs of its children, students, youth as well as and elders and strive for development; taking everybody in account. A society which is educated nurtures the younger generation in a much better way than the uneducated society, so that they grow up to become content and happy individuals; contributing to the nation’s growth.

An uneducated society, on the other hand has many odds on its side than the evens. A society that constitutes of uneducated and illiterate people cannot provide basic amenities for itself; neither it has the vision to do so. The individuals in such societies don’t have the perception of development, nor do they strive for it; living a deprived and rather depressed life.

These societies have poor state of health, hygiene, economy and not to mention poor education; latter being the root cause behind all their issues. Such societies are unable to provide necessary education to the individuals and youths, pushing them towards criminal activities to fend for the needs of themselves and their families. The young are malnourished, deprived and forced into labor; sealing their own fate as well as the fate of the society.

Reasons Why Education is So Important in Society

Much more could be said and written about the good that education brings to a society and the perils caused by the lack of it. Below we will go through the advantages of education in a society and its different aspects; at the same time contrasting them with an illiterate society.

1) Illiteracy breeds Illiteracy

An educated society makes sure that its younger generation is also educated while an illiterate society breeds illiterate generations, who struggle in life even to meet their basic needs of food and health. Illiterate parents are least likely to promote education to their wards, so pushing them towards deprivation and labor.

A literate society on the other hand, makes sure that its children too are educated and provides necessary infrastructure and logistics for it.


2) Development of Society

An educated society is either developed or is moving towards development. It moves steadily towards economic, social and infrastructural development; providing all of its members, the financial, social and infrastructural needs. Because its people are educated, they are employed and fearless to adapting to any scientific and technological advancement. They have a vision of development and high levels of per capita income, leading to better living standards and quality of life.

An uneducated society on the other hand is underdeveloped and its per capita income is extremely low, which reflects poor living conditions and hence poor state of basic amenities. The average income earned by the individuals is low due to their low productivity, owing to their illiteracy.

Therefore, the only hope of the development of a society lies in the education of its people.

3) Better Law and Order

An educated society can collectively fend for the needs of its members, resulting in happy and content individuals and hence a happy and content society. An educated society means, its members are gainfully employed and can very well look after the needs of themselves and their families. They don’t have to; neither, they need to break the law in order to fend for their needs. The individuals stay in order and so does the society.

An uneducated society on the other hand breeds a discontent and unhappy individual, who has the power of nothing else but to destroy. An uneducated individual is more likely to take to criminal activities like- theft, robbery etc, in order to meet his and his family’s daily requirements of food and money; ultimately leading to poor law and order condition of the society. This doesn’t mean that every uneducated person is a criminal but it is also true that nearly three quarters of the criminals are uneducated.

4) Wealth and Abundance

An educated society is a wealthy society which provides for the social and financial needs of its members. The members are gainfully employed in business or in profession and are wealthy enough to sustain their needs; living a happy and content life.  They have the access to resources and are skilled enough to use them for their financial and social development. They understand that only the society which is educated can stay together and has an abundance of opportunities, facilities and amenities.


An uneducated society on the other hand is a deprived society, whose members have to struggle even to gain a full square meal each day. A society that is not educated, cannot implement new technology or bring social or political changes; necessary for sustainable development. Poverty breeds in such societies, where not only children but also adults remain deprived and malnourished.

5) High Self Esteem

Self esteem of an individual depends on how he/she looks after his/her family, what they contribute to the society, their social status, standard of living and various other similar factors. It can therefore be said that a literate society is a group of people with high self esteem and access to good facilities and better living environment.

People in an uneducated society; however, don’t enjoy that self esteem and always look down upon themselves and as well as the society. They suffer from a sense of inferiority and insecurity, not to mention a low self esteem.

6) Gender Equality

An educated society does not discriminate between genders and provides equal opportunities to all. Women in an educated society are gainfully employed, sustaining their families and improving their financial and social status. An educated society very well understands the need to be gender neutral and its significance in social and economical development.

An illiterate society lacks any such vision and is completely aloof of the benefits of gender equality. Such societies treat women as domestic workers; whose only job is to cook food and look for petty house hold works. A society that doesn’t take every gender into consideration, has limited economical as well as social development.

7) Health And Hygiene

An educated society has a way better state of health and hygiene than an illiterate society. Educated individuals are well aware of the threats to their lives and know how to tackle them. Literacy is the weapon they use to analyze, understand and finally subdue the threats; ensuring better health and hygiene for themselves as well as their families. They have knowledge of medical advancements across the world and are bold enough to demand the same from authorities.

Contrastingly, an illiterate society lacks the vision to identify the health hazards or sometimes knowingly live in a hazardous and unhygienic environment; as they are left with no option owing to their poverty and poor social status. An uneducated society doesn’t understands the difference between good and bad hygiene, neither it demands better medical facilities.

8) Better Political State

A literate society makes way for a better political setup as they understand what’s good and bad for them and also for the nation’s development. Educated individuals are more likely to take wise and unbiased decisions while choosing their political representatives. They are the most unlikely to believe in false promises and get carried away by unrealistic goals. They know who is real and fake and can clearly visualize the differences.


An illiterate society on the other hand, finds it difficult to make decisions, especially when it comes to choosing the right political leadership. It is most likely to be carried away on the pretexts of false promises and on the basis of religion, culture, caste or language; rather than development. An illiterate voter doesn’t votes for the society’s development, he rather commits to the petty gains those were promised in return.



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