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Education helps in the mental and intellectual nourishment and growth of a person. Without education an individual cannot progress intellectually, and cannot develop skills and capacities to work. Education fosters the enlightenment, empowerment and emancipation of society. Without education a society will be socially, economically and politically backward. Education is what serves to make a nation strong, capable, powerful and resilient, and take it forward. Education is, therefore, very important for every individual person, and as a whole for every society and nation. Hence, education must be available to all the children and youth of a nation without any discrimination.

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Importance of Education Paragraph 1 (100 Words)

Education is an important part of human life. Education gives meaning to our life as it enables the growth and development of our mind and intellect. An educated society is an enlightened and empowered one. Such a society can make well-informed choices in its social, political and economic welfare. Education, therefore, ensures social justice, economic strength and political freedom. In the absence of education society remains backward.

Education must be given top priority by every country. All children and youth of a country must have access to education. Through universal access to education, society can make progress swiftly and peacefully.


Importance of Education Paragraph 2 (150 Words)

One who is educated possesses the knowledge and awareness to live life meaningfully in harmony with other humans and the world around. Through the role that education plays in the mental and intellectual advancement of individuals, it also helps in the physical, emotional and spiritual growth of the persons. Study and learning transforms the life of a person. Education is imparted through teachers at various levels in educational institutions.

Education is the backbone of a socially, economically and politically just and strong society. Through education social disparities and maladies can be wiped out to a great extent. Injustice against women, the poor, the minorities and the backward can be done away with if all children and youth are afforded education. Education serves to enlighten people about their rights and duties to society and the nation. Education can thus help in transforming people individually, and through a cumulative effect, the society.


Importance of Education Paragraph 3 (200 Words)

Education helps to widen a person’s mental and intellectual capacity. Any process or activity that serves this purpose, therefore, is part of education. While there is a formal system of education, there is also an informal system of education. The formal system of education consists of the academic and scholastic learning imparted at formal schools and institutions of higher learning through teachers.


It has a structured and organized set-up of syllabus and evaluation system through examinations. The informal system includes learning and study through various alternative means that includes books, and self-learning through experience and experimentation, besides interaction with scholars and experts in particular fields. One can also engage in both the formal and informal systems of education.

Education helps not only in the development of an individual, but through a cumulative effect it promotes the favourable growth and progress of the community, the entire society, and the nation as a whole. Education and intellectual growth of the people helps in creating broad-mindedness in them. This helps in solving almost all social ills that plague a backward society. Similarly, education is the solution for economic empowerment of the people. This helps in the emancipation of women and socially backward communities.


Importance of Education Paragraph 4 (250 Words)

Education plays an important role in the life of a person. There is a formal system of education that a student can undertake. There is also the informal system of education which may be undertaken by people. The formal system starts with formal scholastic study at primary school. School education goes on to middle, secondary, and senior secondary levels. Then follow the undergraduate and postgraduate studies, after which come the doctorate and post-doctorate levels. The formal system of education depends on teachers for the imparting of knowledge to students.

Education helps an individual in acquiring knowledge as a result of the academic studies undertaken. Education helps in enlightening and empowering the youth to take sound decisions, and make a difference to their lives and that of the society. Social ills can be done away with when the society is an educated one. Drug addiction, alcoholism, gender inequality, caste-ism and religious intolerance are social ills that can be eradicated through education. Education must, therefore, be accessible to all people of society. Through education people are able to have livelihoods and earn their living. Education thus promotes economic empowerment too of the people.

In the formal system of regular education, there are timelines within which students need to work, and deadlines to be met by them. There is an annual examination to be taken by students at the end of each academic session, besides many other term-wise or semester-wise examinations. The formal education system, thus, helps an individual develop punctuality and discipline.


Importance of Education Paragraph 5 (300 Words)

Education is the foundation of our life. If we lack education, we cannot live life meaningfully in harmony with all that surrounds us. Education gives us the information and knowledge that we need to live productive lives.

Education Enriches and Enlightens the Mind and Intellect

Education pertains to what we acquire and attain through scholastic and academic learning, as also through other means such as experience and experiment that enlightens our mind and intellect. Through the enrichment of our minds and intellects we become knowledgeable as also aware and sensitive to all that makes up our life. Education can also assist us in the fulfillment of our spiritual aspirations.

We are enlightened about our life through various streams of learning and study of the many different sciences and arts. Learning may be through the formal system of education as also through the informal system of education.

The formal system of education is offered by educational institutions starting with schools and going on to colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Academic and scholastic learning is made available through trained teachers. The formal system starts with the primary level at school, and goes on to the secondary and senior secondary levels, followed by graduate and post-graduate studies. Doctorate and post-doctorate levels come thereafter. Education does not end with the attainment of a degree or a certificate, but is a life-long process.

Education Promotes a Nation’s Social, Economic and Political Progress

All children and youth must have access to education. It is only when all people are educated that the entire society can benefit from education. If certain sections of society are denied education, development in society will be lopsided.

Education can bring about the social, economic and political progress of a nation. Social justice is the natural outcome of education for all people in society. Education can help in ensuring freedom, liberty and justice for all sections of society.


Importance of Education Paragraph 6 (350 Words)

Every child of the nation must have access to education. Lack of education and awareness is the cause of social, economic and political backwardness. When education is accessible to all people in a society, the entire society stands to gain. Education ensures a fair and just society.

Education is the Basis for Mental and Intellectual Enrichment

Education at the level of the individual helps in enlightening and enriching the mind and intellect. Education endows us with knowledge. We can thus work towards having a sound livelihood. It thus helps us live meaningful lives discharging our duties well.

Education not only gives information and knowledge about all that makes up our life, it also helps in making us aware and sensitizing us to various issues of significance so that we are capable of making well-informed choices. For example, we can choose wisely on issues related to environment protection and sustainable development, for the progress in science and technology that transforms our life must not be unsustainable with regard to our planet and the environment. Education can also help us in fostering our spiritual efforts to attain fulfillment of the aspirations of our heart and soul.

Education must be Accessible to all to Ensure Growth and Development

Social ills and economic backwardness are the consequences of lack of education. Lack of women’s empowerment, caste-ism, alcohol and drug abuse, violence and intolerance as also incidents like rape are issues that plague a society which does not have access to universal education. Similarly, poverty, malnutrition and poor health care are related to lack of education. If education is accessible to all people, without any discrimination of gender, religion, caste and social or economic standing, the entire society can benefit and advance forward.

Education brings Social, Economic and Political Progress

Social upliftment and economic advancement of a society is possible when all the people are educated. This promotes national growth and development. Education makes it possible for all citizens of a country to contribute to national economic prosperity. Education also makes people politically aware of their rights and responsibilities. Performing our responsibilities towards the nation is as important as demanding our rights. Freedom, liberty and justice for the citizens of a country can be ensured when all people have access to education.


Importance of Education Paragraph 7 (400 Words)

Education includes the academic and scholastic efforts and accomplishments of an individual. But it is not limited to this. All mental, intellectual and spiritual enlightenment and knowledge is part of one’s education. Education, thus, plays a very important role in the progress of an individual.

Education can be imparted through a Formal Education System

Through the process of formal and scholastic education an individual gains information and attains knowledge about oneself and the world around. This enables one to live a productive and meaningful life. One can make sound and well-informed choices if one is educated.

Education may be imparted through the formal education system. Alongside, there also runs the informal system. The formal system is made available through schools, and educational institutions of higher learning such as colleges, universities as also research institutions. There are also vocational streams that are offered to skill students for varied professions and vocations. Teachers, trainers and instructors make the formal system of education available to students.

Social Justice and Economic Welfare follow from Inclusive Education

The educational system must be inclusive and allow all children and youth of society to be educated. This makes for an educated society and nation. An educated society is a progressive and forward-looking one. Education helps in the enlightenment and empowerment of individuals. Through a cumulative effect, society becomes an enlightened one.

Social ills that exist because of backwardness and poverty can be wiped out by education. Discrimination and injustice against any group or community such as women, religious groups, socially-backward communities and castes can be done away with if education is made available to all without any prejudice.

Women’s empowerment is an issue of concern, and its realization is possible only through education being accessible to all girls and women. When women are educated, they can make choices for themselves. They can have a livelihood and enjoy economic independence. Financial and economic dependence of women on the males of their family is more often than not the cause of subjugation of women at home and in society.

Education Promotes Broad-Mindedness and Creating of Awareness

Education also leads to broad-mindedness, and a respect for diversity in terms of religious groups and social communities such as castes and tribes in society. There is, therefore, a tolerance in society that promotes peace and harmony.

Education also helps in making information on various issues of immediate importance and concern known to the people. Through such awareness people can become aware of what choices to make for the ultimate benefit of themselves and the world around them.




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