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Ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi

Ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi – a Common Man with Uncommon Ideologies Gandhiji was a versatile character who was born to Mr. Karamchand Gandhi and Putlibai Gandhi. Although his father was a Diwan of Porbandar but his mother used to lead a simple life, away from ornamentation she was devotedly religious and believed in spiritual practice. Gandhiji was not an extraordinary student in his school; yes he was good in English but an average in remaining subjects. He never won any prize on the ground. He was a shy boy who used to speak very less. Where other boys use to gossip on various topics after the school, Gandhiji used to run home immediately after the school. Gandhiji use to live a simple life as he was in his mother’s influence. Mahatma Gandhi was a Common Man with Uncommon Ideologies He listened to and imagined mythological characters and was strongly influenced by the character of Harishchandra, who was a king of truth. It is possible to get the idea of Satyagraha from him which is one of the Gandhian principles. It was not a day what made Gandhi famous it took lots of years to develop such personality. He is not known for his looks. He is known for his thoughts, principles, and his point of view to see the world and etc. He was a common man but things...

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How Mahatma Gandhi is a True Inspiration for the Youth of India

Mahatma Gandhi: A True Inspiration for Youth of India A Glimpse of History It was 2 October 1869, when the calendar marked the birth of a great protagonist. A hero who never worked on screen because he was a real-life hero, who earned name and fame all because of his ideology and thoughts he developed. His struggles and sacrifices are one of the remarkable constituents of our freedom struggle. There are thousands of inspiring stories regarding Gandhiji, which not only teaches us but also inspires that nothing is impossible, only you need a strong determination and belief in yourself. Either you are of any age group he sets an example for all. When we teach our child to speak truth from the very beginning, it is possible for them to develop this as a habit and a good habit is always admired. What made Mahatma Gandhi Different Although his father was a Diwan he never showcased his power on anyone. He always lived the life of a common boy who loved to play and do other childish things. Due to his father’s position, it was very random that he would ever check the sewerage, but he never hesitated in doing so. Many villagers left it as not their duty, but it was Gandhi who came forward and helped others. He loved people and believed in humanity, he called the...

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How Mahatma Gandhi is still alive among us

Who was Mahatma? A great sole with great ideologies, which was born on the 2nd October 1869. He was identified as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhiji was born in a Gujarati family. He was the youngest child of his father’s fourth wife. He bought up in her mother’s governance; his mother was a religious lady away from any type of articulation. She used to live a simple life and was a nurse to anyone not well in the family. He spent most of his time with his mother and especially those days his father who was not well and was nursed by her, died soon. He learned hospitality from his mother and as she was a religious lady, he got inspired by her. Her daily rituals encouraged him and the stories of Prahalad and Harishchandra had a great impact on his life. He was a shy boy, who always rushed home just after the bell rang in the school, rather waiting for others to have some chit-chat. He was a common boy who was uncommon in his thoughts and beliefs. Although Gandhi was a great human but he is still alive among us in the form of his ideologies. What Made Him Mahatma? He was an average student, but his journey to mahatma started from his home and the true inspiration was her mother. She taught him ahimsa and this...

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Why Mahatma Gandhi was not Awarded Bharat Ratna or Nobel?

Early Life of Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2nd October in Porbandar, a city of Gujarat. He was born to a Hindu family and it was his family’s belief and culture that kept him away from violence since his childhood days. His father was Karamchand Gandhi and mother was Putilibai Gandhi. He went London to study law and after completing his studies, he came India to serve himself as a barrister but in 1983 he was employed by an Indian trading company in South Africa. Gandhi’s Struggle for the Nation Mahatma Gandhiji was known as the father of the nation, just because of his deeds. He used to help everyone, he never discriminated people as per their cast or religion, he loved everyone and called the schedule cast people as “Harijan”. He was a person who always preferred khadi and encouraged others to raise their livelihood rather being a parasite. He initiated various freedom movements like the Swadeshi Movement, Dandi March, etc. He was the true hero of India. He was further known as the symbol of peace and non-violence. Gandhiji was continuously nominated in 1937, 1938, 1939, 1947 and in 1948 for Nobel Peace prize. But the Nobel committee never found him suitable for Nobel, but once he died the committee also regret their decision. 1937: The First Nomination for Nobel The first time when Gandhiji...

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