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‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is a proverb that means if we complete our tasks and solve small problems in time we will be better off and our problems will not turn bigger.

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‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is an old proverb that holds relevance even in the current times. It literally means that if we stitch a torn cloth when the first stitch comes off, we shall be able to stitch it faster and prevent it from tearing further. On the other hand, if we do not pay attention to it as it begins to tear, it will keep tearing further and we shall not be able to bring it back to its original form easily. It will take a lot of time to stitch later.

This applies to almost everything in life. If we procrastinate and delay our work, we shall only create problems for ourselves. The work will go on increasing with time and we shall feel burdened as the days will pass. If we complete our work timely and regularly, we shall not have any back log and we will not feel over burdened or stressed because of it. This will render a feeling of contentment and keep our personal as well as professional life intact.

People who are disciplined complete their work timely. They pay attention to even the smallest problems in their life and try to solve them before they turn big. This is why they are more successful than others. Each one of us must understand the importance of this proverb and work accordingly.


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‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’ is a way of reminding us that if we resolve the small issues of our lives in time, they will end there and then itself. On the contrary, if we ignore them and do not solve them timely they will increase manifolds and trouble us in ways we cannot even imagine.

The Proverb Encourages Timely Action

The proverb ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’ encourages people to take timely action and avoid delay to prevent problems. This is something that we are taught from our childhood. As kids, we are told to complete all our tasks on time. Our parents try hard to help us inculcate the habit of completing our studies and other assignments timely every day as they understand its importance.

They know that if we leave it for the next day we shall only pile up work for ourselves and it would result in putting much more effort the next day. Likewise, we must not delay anything whether it is work or something personal. We must work on things and fix them on time so that they do not go out of hand later. If we do not complete or fix things on time we may be required to pay a heavy price for it later.


The proverb means that we should make it a priority to complete our tasks timely. This is because, if we do not complete them on time they will keep growing and it will become difficult for us to complete them all at once. This is also true for problems in our lives. If we resolve them when they are still small, we can resolve them with little effort. However, if we procrastinate and delay in taking timely action on the same, they grow bigger and it becomes hard to resolve them.


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The phrase, ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’ basically emphasizes on the importance of fixing things on time to avoid further problems in life. This holds true for every person in every situation. We must all complete our tasks and solve our problems in time to prevent them from growing and burdening us.

With Reference to Personal Life

The proverb, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ holds relevance in our personal lives. We are expected to fulfil various responsibilities as a person. We are expected to obey and respect our elders, maintain our relationship with our parents, siblings, relatives and friends and grow into a good human being.

This can only be done if we are disciplined and take things seriously. Only if we are particular about our life will we be able to fulfil all these expectations. We may have clashes in our personal relationships. These clashes may be over any big or small issue. If we do not resolve these in time, these may grow bigger and bigger with time and impact our relationships negatively. Many people refrain from putting any efforts to resolve such problems initially and regret later as the differences among them grow bigger and become almost irreparable.

Similarly, they keep procrastinating and do not work on improving themselves while there is still time. Such people often repent later. A person who does not understand the importance of resolving things in time and leading a disciplined life always lags behind and develops a feeling of dissatisfaction.

With Reference to Professional Life

It is highly important to manage time well and complete all the tasks in a systematic manner when it comes to a person’s professional life. Any small error must be rectified timely in order to prevent it from becoming a big trouble. Likewise, all the assigned works should be completed in a timely manner in order to avoid backlog.


Lack of this can put a person in trouble. It often results in poor ratings and bad mouthing which can be quite disheartening and discouraging. Many employees are sacked out just because they do not take their work seriously and keep procrastinating. They realize their mistake only when it is too late.


Each one of us must realize the importance of this proverb and the message it is trying to convey. People who value time and understand the significance of resolving things on time are likely to lead a more peaceful and successful life.


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‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’ means it is wise to resolve a fight or issue as quickly and timely as possible. If we ignore it and make delays in resolving it then we have to face severe consequences as the problem grows.

Procrastination Leads to Problems

The root cause of most problems in our lives is procrastination. By way of this proverb, the writer is trying to insist on the need to give up on this harmful habit and complete all the tasks timely.

Whether it is a student, a working professional, a businessman or a housewife, whoever procrastinates is likely to miss out on a lot of things in life. Here are the problems that procrastination may lead to:

  • Firstly, such a person would never be able to succeed in life as he would hesitate putting in efforts at the right time.
  • He will turn regretful and remorseful after a certain point in time as he would end up missing numerous opportunities just because of his habit of procrastination.
  • He may end up ruining his personal relationships due to the lack of ability to communicate at the right time. Sometimes an unresolved argument leads to differences that keep growing with time and are hard to repair.
  • He may end up ruining his career as it is very important for professionals to achieve their goals. Procrastination is a hindrance in performing efficiently and achieving the set goals. People who procrastinate and do not finish up their tasks on time stay at the same position all through their professional life. Some even end up losing their jobs.
  • He will be overburdened with work as the time passes and this will lead to a lot of stress that can have a negative impact on both mental as well as physical health.
  • He will develop feeling of dissatisfaction over the time.

This is exactly what implies by the proverb, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. We would be able to live a satisfied life only when we complete our tasks on time and solve our problems when there is still time. If we keep procrastinating and ignore our tasks and problems we shall be burdened with work.

Apply the Proverb in Routine Life

It is important to take this proverb seriously and avert procrastination. In order to overcome a problem you must first recognize there is one. You must recognize that you are procrastinating and your work is getting piled up because of this or a small problem that could have been resolved easily is growing bigger and difficult to tackle.

Once you realize this, you will be urged to do something about the issues you have not been paying much attention to. With some effort you can inculcate discipline, set a routine and complete all your tasks timely. You shall also be inclined to solve your problems when they are still small so that they do not become more problematic.


‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’ is a very thoughtful proverb. It is essential to remind oneself about the importance of following this and do what it takes to follow it in order to lead a satisfying life.


A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Essay 5 (600 Words)


‘A Stitch In Time Saves Nine’ is an English Proverb suggesting that we must tackle our problems immediately; else, they will only get bigger with the passage of time. The phrase refers to a hole in a garment or a cloth, which if left undone will only results in a bigger hole; probably needing more stitches to repair. It is therefore wise to make that one stitch on time to avoid nine later.

Applications in Our Everyday Life

Whoever coined the phrase ‘A Stitch In Time Saves Nine’, was very much aware of the fact that the responsibilities, obligations, problems that we don’t pay attention today, thinking that they are small and not worth our time; will only get bigger and will be difficult to tackle later. It is therefore wise to find solutions to our problems when they are small, to save time and effort.

The phrase ‘A Stitch In time Saves Nine’ also suggests us to not be lazy while delivering our duties or tackling problems; as they will only get bigger if not attended on time. The phrase has a wide spread application in both professional and personal life; it is useful to the students as well as working professionals.

As a student you must not delay your obligations; be it, studying for the exams, completing home work or working on that science project. If you delay it thinking that you still have plenty of time left at your disposal, the day will not be far when you will get burdened and stressed by the piled up work.

As a working professional you must not be lethargic at your place of work and you should deliver your obligations and duties on time. If you keep on delaying you responsibilities and don’t act promptly on time, you will only regret later; when faced by a bigger problem.

We can apply the essence of the phrase, even in our personal lives; while dealing with everyday issues of our family and friends. Sometimes it does happen that we do not attempt to clear that misunderstanding between us and leave it for time to repair; unfortunately, it only gets bigger resulting in a greater divide. A small misunderstanding if left unattended will only get bigger with time, like the hole in a cloth. The phrase therefore advises us to act swiftly on such issues to save our relationships and strengthen them by acting immediately on such issues.

If we delay our obligations we might feel relaxed for the moment, but that is definitely not a permanent solution; neither a temporary one. It is no more than the reflection of our callous and lethargic attitude. Wearing such attitude we are destined to feel over burdened and stressed after the short stretch of relaxation.

Delaying your work or duty is a habit and really not a good one; so, don’t fall prey to it. Get up and get going! The beauty of the phrase is that it holds true for everyone and in every aspect of life.

The phrase also holds true on individual dreams and aspirations. Every morning you get up and postpone working on your dream; the place you dreamt of going to, the person you wanted to be, the goals you have dreamt of achieving. Every day you think about it, but delay it further; thinking that ‘I will start tomorrow!’ This tomorrow actually never comes and days become years and years decades. Before life catches you off guard with nothing else but only regrets; act on that dream now, at this very moment.

The work that we leave today for tomorrow only gets bigger like the tear in a cloth if not sewn on time. It is therefore advised to dispose off your duties and work promptly, everyday and on time to avoid unnecessary and unwanted work load.


‘A stitch In Time Saves Nine’ is a proverb that teaches us to refrain from being lazy; whether, in work, in studies, in life or in relationships. The phrase has a very simple meaning- The problems in life will only get bigger if not attended immediately, like a tear in a cloth will; if not stitched on time.

Be careful next time you say- ‘I will do it tomorrow’; because, ‘i will do it tomorrow’ will never change to ‘i have done it’ if you make delaying a habit; rather it will change to ‘wish i would have done that on time’. The last statement is a regret, so don’t delay your work, dream, and aspiration and start working on them now.



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