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“Time is Money” is a phrase which is commonly used the world over, to imply the significance of time and the fact that wasting time is equivalent to wasting money. The origin of the phrase dates back to 15th century. A Croatian merchant – Benedetto Cotrugli, was the first to write the phrase “Time is Money” in his book “Della Mercatura et Del Mercante Perfetto”. Later, Benjamin Franklin one of the United States’ founding fathers, used the phrase “Remember that time is money” in one of his 1748 book.

Long and Short Essay on Time is Money in English

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Short Essay on Time is Money (200 Words) – Essay 1

The phrase “Time is Money” denotes a relationship between time and money i.e. to earn money you have to properly utilize the time you have. It is only when you spend your time in fruitful activities that you will prosper and wasting time, doing nothing will one day drain your finances.

The phrase “Time is Money” practically suits every person in the society. Let us consider a few examples- A businessman who is getting late for an important client meeting, better understands the worth of time. He knows that time is precious and if he loses time than he might have to let go the business deal.

Similarly, a student who has the ambition of procuring a good paying job after studies understands the value of time more than anything else. S/he knows that if they waste time and didn’t study well, then getting a decent remuneration will not only be difficult, but also impossible.

Time is money for every hard working worker, professional, businessman, student etc. A businessman decides how to use his time on his own, while an employee gives his/her time to the employer in order to get paid. We all are free to spend our time the way we want, but this is also true that, wasted time doesn’t generate any money.


Essay on Time is More Precious than Money (300 Words) – Essay 2


We all agree to the fact that time is money and money can only be generated by properly and efficiently utilizing our time. The statement equates time with money, but it’s only half the truth. In fact there are some explanations which prove that time is more valuable than money. In this essay we will make arguments in support of the statement “Time is More Precious than Money”.

Reasons for Time is More Precious than Money

The most valid argument in the support of the statement “Time is More Precious than Money” is – money once lost could be regained, but time if lost can never be recovered. The amount of money one has fluctuates with time, that is, you might be poor today but tomorrow you may be rich, or vice versa.


Time, on the other hand is an ever progressing phenomenon, changing every second, as I am writing this line. If for some reason I decide to stop writing for a couple of minutes or so, then no power in the world could help me go back into those lost minutes. There could be more examples that establish the statement “time is More Precious than Money” as an established fact.

Consider an affluent person who is in an urgent need of medical care, but is unable to get it as he got stuck in a traffic jam. He is caught up in a situation where his whole monetary worth can’t save him the time that he needs. Indeed in practical situations like these, it is proved beyond doubt that time is more precious than money.


Time is worth more than money as money is a commodity which could be lost and regained or vice versa, but time once lost can’t be regained whatever money you are willing to spend. Thus it is established that “Time is More Precious than Money”.


Essay on Time is More than Money (400 Words) – Essay 3


Time is always considered as more valuable than money since one can spend time to earn money but the vice versa is not possible. Money can never add some extra moments in life. Money if lost can be earned again but if time is lost it could never be recovered unless one believes in the impossible concept of time machine. Everyone gets a limited time but only an intelligent person utilizes it in a very fruitful and productive way.

Expansion of Phrase “Time is more than Money”

The literal meaning of the phrase showcases the importance of time and how it is considered as more valuable than money. You can do more with a day’s time than a day’s pay. The time spent with our friends, family and close ones remains in our memories irrespective whether we have money or not. Time is more precious than money because though a person is billionaire he can’t add extra days to his life.

Sometimes the time spent with someone is so priceless that it can’t be bought with money. It takes time to earn money but money can’t buy a single moment. Everyone has a limited time and one who values it becomes successful and one who wastes it always complains about its shortage.


Time vs Money

Time never comes back once spent but money once spent could be earned back. The availability of time remains same for rich and poor but the money is available to rich but not poor. Time cannot be stored but money can be stored for some time. Time is always limited and can’t be increased but money can be increased by earning it more. Time is not constant and keeps on moving whereas money could remain constant for some time. The value of money might decrease over a period of time but value of time remains constant forever.


In the materialistic world, people consider money as the most important and valuable thing in life but they forget the importance of time. Nowadays, people are sacrificing their family time by spending it more on their work and in this way they are not able to spend quality time with their family. It is also said that people spend time in earning money but finally don’t get time to spend that money. Proper time management always makes a person successful and respectable in the society by making him more punctual and improving his quality of life.


Essay on Time is Important than Money (500 Words) – Essay 4


Time is very important than money, if someone wastes time s/he will lose money for sure. Moreover, time in a way is more precious than money as it cannot be purchased by money. The time that is lost, no amount of money in the world can help you bring it back into your life.

Reason for Time is Important than Money

Time is more valuable than money, is an established fact and the phrase today is used and acknowledged by millions. There could be thousands of arguments in support of the statement. Time once lost can never be earned back is a truth. You can use your time to make money, but you can’t buy money with time. No matter how much money you are willing to spend, it will not be possible to get back the time that is already gone.

Ever wonder what makes the difference between success and failures. Everyone, from a layman to a high ranking professional has the same 24 hours at his/her disposal. It is how they have used those 24 hours that has made all the difference in their lives. A successful person always uses his/her time efficiently to earn money and progress. It is through time that money is earned and you can’t earn a penny by simply wasting the time.  This statement itself establishes that time is more valuable than money.

Time is something that is given to you and you have all the rights to use it the way you want, just like money. But, there is a difference – if you lose or spend some of your money, you can always regain it by working a little more. On the other hand, if you lose your time, then no amount of money in the world can help you but it back. Time once wasted is gone forever and can’t be recovered.

A patient who is rushing to the hospital to get medical attention probably knows that time is much more valuable than money. He would probably pay any amount to get to the hospital in time; because, he knows that he could earn money once he is able to save his own life.

Consider an entrepreneur who wants to be on time for his/her first big business deal. He would probably take the fastest mode of travel, not minding the expenses. Why? Because he knows that in this situation, time is much more important than money. The success of his first deal, his reputation and his future in this moment depends entirely on time but not on money.


Time is absolutely important than money, and almost everyone must have experienced the truth of the phrase at some point of time in his/her life. Whether one agrees or not, but it is a well established and proven fact that time is indeed more valuable than money.


Long Essay on Time is Money – Meaning, Story, Explanation (600 Words) – Essay 5


The statement “Time is Money”, is an equating statement, implying that time is equivalent to money. The statement establishes a direct proportionality between the two, that is, if you lose/waste time you will lose money and if you use time you will gain money. It is a proverb which has been widely used in our everyday lives. In the following essay we will go through the meaning of the phrase “Time is Money”; read a short story supporting the phrase; go through the explanation of the phrase and finally concluding the essay with a conclusion.

Meaning of ‘Time is Money’

The phrase “Time is Money” is a very simple phrase with a clear meaning. The statement simply puts time in equal terms with money that is if I waste my time sitting at home then I will gain no money. To earn the money that we want, we have to move out of our homes to make use of time that we have. It is only by effectively utilizing our time that we will be able to progress financially in life.

‘Time is Money’ Short Story

I am going to present an interesting and equally emotional story based on the phrase “Time is Money”. Once there lived a little boy in a small town, with his parents. His father worked hard in a factory to sustain their needs.

One evening, when the father came home from office, tired and as usual a little late, for the kid had already eaten his dinner. The boy suddenly put up a question to his father – Dad how much do you earn in a day? Father was not very pleased with the question and replied with – that’s none of your business! Why do you want to know? But the kid insisted saying that he just wanted to know out of curiosity. After some reluctance, the father told him that he earns thousand rupees in a day.  Next, the kid asked his father if he could lend him 100 Rupees. This made the father furious who ordered the kid to go to his room and sleep. Poor child, having no clue of what went wrong, retrieved to the room and went to bed.

The father sat wondering on what could have prompted the child to ask such a question, regarding his earning. However, as the time passed his anger subsided and he went to the room of his son, probably thinking that he had overreacted. When the father reached in the kid’s room, latter was still awake. Apologizing for getting angry, father took out a 100 Rupee note from his pocket and gave it to the kid.

Happy with joy, the child thanked his father and proceeded to his table drawer, took out the money that was already lying in the drawer and started counting it. Once again the father was surprised and a little angry. He asked where you got all the money from. Why did you ask for more if you already had enough? The son’s reply had father in tears. The kid said, father I had collected Rs 900 over a long time, but today when you gave me Rs 100, that made my savings equal to your one day’s earning. So, may I request you to take all this money and spend a day with me, tomorrow. The man was crushed. He was literally in tears and hugged his son as never before, promising him that tomorrow he will be on leave.

Time is Money – Explanation

“Time is Money” is a proverb indicating the relationship between time and money. It suggests that when in order to gain financial growth one has to make use of the time at his/her disposal. A doctor who sits in his clinic will generate more income by sitting a little longer; a taxi driver will earn more money as s/he spends more time driving; a supplier who supplies goods on or before time, can’t afford to waste time, as it would mean lesser profits.


“Time is Money” is a famous proverb and an undisputable truth. How much money you have is decided by how efficiently you make use of your time.



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