Essay on Christianity


Christianity is an important religion. It is practiced by people everywhere. It is mainly based on the life, teachings, and practices of Jesus Christ. He is considered the Son of God in Christianity.


Christianity was founded by a Jewish religious preacher Jesus Christ. He spread Christianity all around the world, and people considered him the son of god. He is still worshipped as a god by Christians. His teachings are the moral thoughts of Christianity.


Though the followers of Christians are all around the world, the largest population resides in the United States. Christians visit the Church to worship Jesus Christ. Their sacred scripture is Bible which contains the complete life of Jesus Christ and compiles all his teachings.


There are a few and important festivals in Christianity. These festivals are Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter, and Christian Year. All these Christian festivals are celebrated by the people of other religions as well. Even, Christmas Day, the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, is celebrated with huge enthusiasm across the world.


Christian is a religion of forgiveness. It teaches us to forgive those who hurt us. Christianity and its morals are the paths to spread humanity.