It is an old saying that Unity is strength. When the word Unity is used in terms of a country or nation, it has a vast meaning and sense. A country is known as a strong country if the native people and the ruling government have a mutual understanding and cooperation. The people have to work for the well being of their country and the rulers will make policies for the countrymen.

National Unity is a feeling that unites the people of different sects, religions and culture. It makes the nation strong that can fight against all kind of natural and man-made hazards.

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Essay on National Unity – 1 (200 Words)

National unity is a psychological process and a feeling that shows a feeling of brotherhood or affection towards the nation in the people of a nation or country. National unity makes the nation strong and organized. It is the spirit that unites people of different religions, sects, castes, costumes, civilization and culture in one thread.

Our India is an example of national unity. The variations available in our country are rarely seen in any other country in the world. People of various castes and sects, whose living, eating and dressing are completely different, live together.

As long as the unity of a nation is strong, that nation is strong. External powers are not able to influence its integrity and universality under these circumstances, but whenever national unity is fragmented, it has to face many difficulties. If we turn the pages of history, we find that whenever our national unity is weakened, then the external powers have taken advantage of it.

To maintain the unity, integrity and universality of any nation, it is necessary to have national unity. For a developing country like India, which has been a victim of slavery for years, it is necessary to strengthen the entire link of national unity so that it cannot be repeated in future.


Essay on National Unity – 2 (300 Words)


Philosophy of ‘unity in diversity’ is a unique feature of India. Right from ancient times, there has been complete coordination in religion, nature, karma (work) etc. Democracy was established in our country after independence. All the countrymen were given the right to equality by not giving prominence to any particular caste or religion. And by integrating political ideological and economic freedom and equality, national unity was strengthened.


National Unity in India

Our India is an example of national unity, as many variations are available in our country, rarely seen in any other country of the world. Here people of many castes and communities, whose living conditions, food habits and costumes are completely different, reside together, all threaded into necklace of national unity.

Dangers of National Integration in Independent India

Presently national unity is declining due to many factors in India. The situation of isolation is increasing due to linguism and regionalism. Separatism and terrorism are flourishing in Kashmir and the northeastern states. Naxalism, casteism and classism are also increasing in some areas. As a result, it has become difficult to maintain national unity in India today.

Communal riots are conducted somewhere. So caste hatred is instigated somewhere. Some staunch religious mafia criminals are waging a virtual war with our government and the general public. Some anti-national organizations are creating an atmosphere of fear in the North-East and the North-West.

Need for National Unity

It has often been seen that when India was attacked by foreign or external enemies, the whole nation become united. But the unity of the country is being damaged due to various reasons like internal discrimination, communalism and terrorism. Therefore, we need the importance of national unity for the protection of democracy and the all-round development of the people and the nation.


Today, the voice of national unity is beginning to resonate in India. There is a strong need for national sentiment to protect it. Therefore, we should stay away from petty ideologies like caste, religion or regionalism and suppress disruptive elements.


Essay on National Unity – 3 (400 Words)


“National Integration” is the power on which a country, society, community grow and prosper. Many nations are built on the strength of unity. Unity has a great power. And ‘Rashtra’ (nation) is the name of that subtle and pervasive spirit, which is able to maintain unity in the diversity of the country and its inhabitants on a particular territory. These two together are actually called National Unity.


Sense of Unity is Essential

To maintain this national unity, a conscious, sensible, tolerant and generous heart of the people living in that country is necessary. Every class should never forget that the country will remain and the nation will exist then everyone will be able to exist. A sense of unity is the first and essential condition for National Unity.

Unity in Diversity

Many languages ​​and dialects are spoken and written in India. There is diversity in food, living and clothing. People of almost all religion understand it their home and follow their religion freely. They all have right to propagate and celebrate their festivals and they celebrate them with fraternity. We fought many wars against enemies being united and push them back from our territory.

Need and Importance of National Unity

Huge civilizations and cultures like Rome, Egypt have become the objects of history in the world. This history is the witness that whenever the feeling of nationalism was fragmented due to any reason in our country, then only we had to face foreign invasions and many kinds of sufferings. But whenever the feeling of national unity was awakened, we kept our civilization, culture and national security safe even after facing all those invasions and sufferings. Indian civilization, as a nation still stands in front of the whole world because it never let its inner energy and emotional unity die.

National Unity at the Present Time

Today our nationality is really facing an existential crisis. Many powers and chaotic elements inside and outside want to divide our unity and also divide the nation. These people sometimes try to highlight the narrow feelings in the name of religion, caste or class and sometimes provincialism. Whatever may be the form, if we go astray then there is a danger of having the same thing fragmented.


In such a situation, we need an environment of discipline and mutual support. Integrity is our strength and our identity. Just the government and the public will have to try in unison. Our freedom is based on national unity. Hence everybody should try to be united to build a strong nation.


Essay on National Unity – 4 (500 Words)


When many people work together to fulfill an objective, it is called an organization. Organization is the root of all power and unity is a great power, due to which many nations were formed.

India is second in the world in terms of population. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Zoroastrians, Buddhists etc. live here. All people take pride in calling India a nation. India is not a country of any one religion, caste, clan or sect. In India, it is natural to have all the variations of ethics, life, language and religion.

Among these variations, the philosophy of unity in diversity is the most important feature of India. Due to this characteristic and sense of harmony; Indian culture has become immortal. It is the duty of all Indians to always maintain the unity and integrity of the country.

Difference between a Country and a Nation

There is a difference between country and nation. A country is concerned with borders because the country is surrounded by a certain border. It is a geographical region that is defined by a term.

A nation is concerned with emotions because a nation is formed by the feelings of the people of the country. Unless the ideology of the people of a country is not the same, it is not entitled to be called a nation.

Threat to Unity

It was the policy of the British to divide India. In this way they had sown the seeds to break our unity and integrity. In present time, communal riots are seen in India from time to time. People of one religion keep fighting with people of another religion. There is a class struggle in many places in the country.

There are also squabbles of Swarna (the upper caste) and Harijans (the lower castes). There is a quarrel in many places on the basis of language too. Government property is damaged in opposition to Hindi in the south. Opposition to English is strong in North India. Urdu was also opposed at some places. In this way national unity is in danger since last decades.

Factors that are Affecting the National Unity in India

The rulers have not allowed this country to become a nation due to their selfishness. Today, political leaders have created obstacles in making the country a nation due to their party politics. To get votes, the entire country has been divided into narrow streams of religions, castes, languages and provinces.

The national spirit has not awakened the country’s leaders, officials and public. The policy of appeasement of the leaders is preventing the country from becoming a nation. Because of this, the traitors are often encouraged.

In present time, there is a lot of encouragement in the country for the traitors by the politicians. For this reason, the lack of national feeling is increasing in everyone, due to which the unity and integrity of the country is being endangered. Corruption, malpractices, dishonesty, fraud are prevalent in the country.


In the present time, for emotional unity, the government should make arrangements for national education. Mobile, cinema, Doordarshan, newspapers, magazines and radio can also play a very important role in national unity. Collective sports, cultural events and religious and educational trips can also help in national and emotional unity.


Essay on National Unity – 5 (600 Words)


People of many religions, castes and languages ​​live in India. Unity in diversity is the main feature of India. National unity means people belonging to all religions, castes and languages ​​living together in the country.

To maintain the unity of the country, the constitution of India has provided the right that any citizen of the country can adopt any religion of his choice. Everyone has the freedom to follow religion with their faith.

Meaning of National Unity

National unity means the economic, social, political and ideological unity of a country. There may be a difference in actions, rituals, worship, food and living and costumes. There may be many of them but there is unity in political and ideological view.

Unity is an emotional term which means the feeling of being one. The real meaning of unity is that the country is united in social, cultural, geographical and literary terms.

Need for National Unity

National unity is an absolute necessity from the point of view of internal strength and order and external security of the nation. Whenever we have become unorganized, we have to pay for it financially and politically. Therefore, the unity of the nation is absolutely necessary for protecting the freedom of the country and the progress of the nation.

Obstacles in the Path of National Unity

The feeling of national unity does not just mean that we belong to one nation. A sense of brotherhood towards each other is essential for national unity. But communalism, regionalism, ethnicity, ignorance and linguistic pluralism have kept the entire country afloat.

Following are the Reasons which Differentiate National Unity:-

  • Communalism: The biggest obstacle in the path of national unity is the spirit of communalism. Communalism is an evil that divides human beings and the society.
  • Language dispute: India is a multilingual nation. Different provinces have different dialects and languages. Everyone considers his language to be superior and his literature as great. If a person insults and defies another language because of the attachment of his mother tongue, he attacks national unity.
  • Provincialism: The feeling of provinciality also obstructs the path of national unity. Sometimes the residents of a particular region demand their separate existence. By making such a demand, the idea of ​​national unity and integrity is removed.
  • Casteism: Casteism severely affected Indian unity. Each caste considers itself higher than another caste. After independence, the policy of reservation for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes at every level was strongly opposed by economically weaker upper castes. On this dispute, people influenced national unity by spreading sabotage, arson, anarchy. Thus casteism is an obstacle in the path of national unity.
  • Corrupt politics: For some years, the environment of our country is becoming toxic due to corrupt politics. National feeling is being affected due to feelings of selfishness, provincialism and linguism. Political leaders are indulged into corrupt practices for their own benefits.

Measures to Strengthen Unity: To strengthen national unity, all laws and rules that create discrimination are to be abolished. There should be only one law in the whole country. Inter-caste marriages should be encouraged. There should be transfers of government jobs in more and more provinces so that the whole country can be shared by all.

Respect should be given to the people and works that encourage national unity. Artists and litterateurs should write unitary literature. Newspapers, Doordarshan, movies can do many things in this sacred work.


The defense and progress of any country depends on the unity and integrity of the country. Communal harmony is also needed to be maintained to make India strong. We must always remember that love begets love and hate begets hate. Our path should be of love and non-violence. Hatred and violence is the root of all evil. Saints, Mahatmas and religious gurus have also given the message that there should be no discrimination of big and small.



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