Essay on National Unity


Such countries where people from different religions and practices live together, national unity is the only thing common among them. It is their love for their nation.

National Unity

National Unity is a feeling among the people of a nation that binds them together to share a feeling of oneness. It has been an important factor for a nation since ancient times.

Importance of National Unity

National Unity holds the greatest importance for a nation. Only those nations are strong where national unity is found in the deep of its roots. The national unity unites the people of that nation and enables them to fight against the enemies. The feeling of national unity depends only on how much we love our country.

It was the power of national unity when India fought with the outsiders and got freedom from their 200 years long slavery. To spread national unity, it is very important to respect our national symbols and national anthems well.


National Unity is a very important thing for the people of a nation. If there is a single person among billions of a nation who doesn’t maintain national unity, the nation can never be strong.