The climate of a region is its geographical condition. It depends on various factors like height above sea-level, the amount of sunlight falling on it, its distance from the nearest water body, etc. The change in the climate of a place is termed as the ‘Climate Change’.

Effects and Impacts of Climate Change

The change in climate brings many infectious diseases together. It decreases the immunity of the people and makes him prone to be sick easily.

Climate change has made the glaciers melt rapidly. It is known as the ‘Global Warming’ and is termed as harmful for us. It increases the water level and may cause a flood in some nearby places.

Climate change may also bring drought and make people suffer from a lack of food and die in hunger. It is seen that most of the epidemics occur due to the change in the climate.

It can also kill animals and humans in a large number together in a very short period.

Climate Change decreases the fertility of humans and makes them lazy and unproductive.


Every geographical region has its definite climate, a change in which would have an adverse impact on the existence of life on earth. We should take it seriously and work to stop it now.