Essay on Organic Farming


Organic Farming includes growing of crops using natural methods and tools. It also includes the rearing of animals in natural ways. Organic Farming is always beneficial and promotes nature to sustain life on earth.

Causes for Organic Farming

Organic Farming is completely natural and harmless. It maintains the quality of soil and provides the best result. The crop grown through organic farming remains full of all the nutrients. It also helps in keeping the natural taste of the food and keeps us away from the harmful chemicals used in the farming through Inorganic Method.

Tools of Organic Farming

Organic Farming is very simple and cheap. It needs natural tools and methods, most of which are available for free. Using natural fertilizers keeps the crop healthy and maintains its taste for a long time. Nurturing the crops through natural ways and manually does not let the useful nutrients flow away. The use of natural pesticides kills only insects and does not makes the crop bad.


Organic Farming is natural, thus always preferable. We can have it to maintain the quality of the grain and soil and the legacy of ancient farming. In fact. Organic Farming is more productive than Inorganic Farming.