Essay on Groundwater Depletion


Water is our basic need to survive. For it, we are dependent on groundwater. Some recent researches have shown that groundwater is depleting rapidly. We should be serious about it else it will create huge problems for us in the future.


The increasing population and its reckless use of water have brought the depletion of groundwater. The situation became worse when people started wasting water instead of carefully using it. Also, fast industrialization has increased the demand and use of water in a large amount. Other reasons for groundwater depletion are increasing agricultural activities and some natural causes like global warming.


It is on us to save water. We can use it only when needed. Also, use water carefully, and think about not wasting a single drop of it. Instead of using it for some luxury purpose, find an alternate solution. Stopping water pollution can also be a good way to save drinking water. Rainwater harvesting can help the best in maintaining groundwater level. We must always try to plant as several trees as you’ll.


Depletion of groundwater may bring our poor death. Without groundwater, no living being can survive on earth. Without groundwater, the Earth would be a terrible place that we can’t even imagine.