Essay on How Plastic Bags are Harmful to Marine Life


Pollution has taken over the entire world. It is not only harmful to life on the land but also underwater. The marine life is mostly affected by plastic pollution in the form of plastic bags and plastic bottles.

Effect of plastic pollution on Marine Life

Plastic pollution is very harmful to marine life. It contaminates the water and creates suffocation in living for a marine animal. In the presence of plastic bags in the ocean and seas, animals suffer to breathe and roam everywhere.

It is seen in many cases that marine animals consume these plastic bags assuming that they are their food. Since the plastic is indigestible, so it brings their poor death. There are also many cases when the marine animals were stuck in plastic bags and died because of the inability to look for food.

After the death of many marine animals, the researchers have found plenty of plastics in their stomach. Is not it possible that it has died because of eating plastic?


Plastic bags have always been a cause of the death of marine animals. Since the plastic pollution is spread by us, only we can stop it. We would have to stand against the use of plastic bags. It is not good for us and not for our environment too.