Essay on How to Prevent and Stop Climate Change


The Climate of a region is specific depending on its geographical location. The different land areas have different climates, and people living there become used to them. A change in them may put people to suffer.

Climate Change

There are various factors responsible for climate change. The first of them is the emission of Greenhouse gases. The excess of Greenhouse gases makes the earth warmer and brings a change in the climate. Also, pollution, population, and the loss of trees is a major reason for the climate change of a region or the earth.


We can stop the problem arising from climate change. For it, we should use solar energy as the alternate of other non-renewable energy as far as possible. While using non-renewable energy, we should be wise about not wasting it. Use Motor vehicles as less as possible to reduce Greenhouse Gases. Also, bent towards planting many trees and make it your hobby and habit both. Avoid spreading pollution and stop using plastic right now. These are the best ways to prevent climate change.


Climate Change can be disastrous. So before it ends our life, we should stop it immediately using the methods told above. Stopping it is in our hands, so let’s join our hands against it.