Essay on Loss of Biodiversity


Biodiversity refers to the abundant availability of various creatures and their diverse species on Earth. Biodiversity is provided by nature on Earth, and it helps in maintaining the life cycle. Biodiversity is beneficial for us in many ways.

Loss of Biodiversity

Loss of biodiversity is the loss of life on Earth. One of the main reasons is the increasing human population. Most living organisms live in dense forests. Human has cut the forest and eliminated them from their houses. We have also killed them for satisfying our needs like food, skin, trunk, and other parts of their body. Also, human-generated pollution has made the world suffer from loss of Biodiversity. Apart from these, other various reasons have also caused the extinction of biodiversity.


We can return the lost biodiversity only by limiting our population and planting more and more trees. Not killing the animals and protecting them for reproduction is the best way to get the lost biodiversity. The governments have also contributed to the field by establishing many reserves and sanctuaries for animals and birds.


Biodiversity is important for our survival as they provide many necessary elements for us. We should protect them at any cost and never harm them anyhow. Our life is dependent on them.