Essay on How to Save and Reduce House-Hold Water Use

How to Save and Reduce House-Hold Water Use Essay – (200 Words)


We all know that water is a non-renewable source of energy. And since it is vanishing rapidly, we need to save every single drop of water. We can start saving water from our home.

Use only when it is Necessary

We should never waste the water for some unnecessary use. Never pour the freshwater to drain. We can use that water to drink after purification or for the plantation.

Water Discharged from Water Purifier

A large amount of freshwater is discharged as waste-water from the water purifier. We can use that water for cooking, washing clothes, washing utensils, or also for watering in plants.

Close the Running Taps

The taps in our house damage after a time. The water starts leaking from it continuously. By this, it wastes lots of water. Repairing or replacing these taps can help in saving water for a long time and in a large amount.

Don’t Leave the Tap Open

While brushing your teeth or rubbing soaps in your hand, keep the tap off. This may save the flow of unnecessary water.


Saving water will always benefit us in many ways. Indirectly, we are providing with the fresh-water to our next generation.