Essay on Thermal pollution


Thermal or Water Pollution is a kind of mixing of some unnecessary elements in freshwater, making it dirty and unfit for use. Thermal Pollution is harmful to us.

Causes of Thermal Pollution

Various natural and human activities are the reason for thermal pollution. The natural activities include flood, earthquake, tide, and chemical imbalance in water in large water bodies.

Under man-made activities, the immersion of hot littering and harmful chemicals from factories in water makes it dirty. Also, releasing hot domestic effluent in water resources makes it dirty. Coal Power Plant, Nuclear Power Plant, and Hydro Power Plant also increase thermal pollution. Green-House Gasses are the biggest source of Thermal Pollution. Apart from them, there are many other reasons causing Thermal Pollution.

Solutions of Thermal Pollution

Instead of releasing hot domestic and factory effluents in water bodies, dumping them under the ground can benefit the land and also water. Controlling Green-House Gases can also provide relief from Thermal Pollution to a great extent.


Thermal Pollution is a disaster for us and the next generation. We saw that human is its greatest source, so only we can take a step to stop it. It is the duty of all of us.