Essay on Islam


Among all the religions in the world, Islam is the second-largest one. Some of the countries with most Islamic population are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arab, and Oman, etc.


Islam was founded by the Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad. He was also the proclaimer of the holy book Quran. Quran is the sacred text of Islam which contains the words of Muhammad. Islam was founded around the 7th century CE. Muhammad is considered the prophet of Allah (the God in Islam). Islamic people worship five times a day.

Facts about Islam

There are three sacred places in Islam Mecca, Madina, and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Mecca in Saudi Arabia is where Islam originated. There are many festivals in Islam. Some of them are Hajj, Id-Ul Adha, Id-Ul Ghadir, Milad-An-Nabi, etc. Islam is majorly divided into two groups as Shia and Sunni. Islamic art and poetry are respected worldwide. The main language of Islam is Urdu, which has originated from Hindi.


Islam is such a religion that does not believe in one god. It is a religion of discipline. There is no provision of forgiveness for the sinner. In Islam, there is punishment for the culprits and the person who spread humanity certainly reaches heaven.