Essay on Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity, the largest religion in the world. He was Jewish by birth but intended to found a new religion with different morals and ethics called ‘Christianity’.


Jesus Christ was born to Virgin Marry and Yusuf in Nazareth. He devoted his life to the service of the human being. According to various sources, there was a prophecy at the time of his birth that God has sent his messenger to the earth, and it was Jesus Christ.

Death and Miracles

The entire Jewish Empire was stunned by his divine miracles. He was crucified alive by the Jewish king. It is said that he was alive and his followers saw him a few days after his death. He also pardoned those who had crucified him. Sacred ‘Bible’ contains his biography and teachings. His birth anniversary is celebrated on 25th December every year as Christmas Day. All the Christian Churches contain his idol when he was crucified.


Jesus Christ was a person of humanity and forgiveness. He taught the whole world that the person who has the power to forgive even his enemies is the greatest. He had divine power which he proved by performing many miracles.