Essay on Jainism


Jainism is one of the important religions spread around the world. The people following it are called Jains. There is no specific country mainly for Jains. The most number of Jains reside in India.


Jainism was founded in deep in the history of the world by Vardhaman Mahaveer, the son of the king Siddharth of the Ikshvaku dynasty. Jains don’t worship any god and believe in the spiritual power and ability of a man. Leaving the luxurious life behind, Jainism believes in attaining the mental calmness.


Jains visit their special type of temple which is called Derasar. They worship the souls present in every living being like animals, plants, birds, and humans. The ‘Agamas’ is their religious text. They celebrate many festivals like Paryushana, Diwali, New Year, Pausha Dashami, and Roth Teej, etc. Jains are necessarily vegetarian and they worship animals. Jainism is divided into two sects as Shwetambara and Digambara. A Shwetambara wears only white dresses, while a Digambara remains naked throughout his life.


Jainism is contemporary to Buddhism and is one of the three important religions in India. In Jainism, spirituality is considered to be the greatest power.