Essay on Santa Claus


Santa Claus is a very famous character and probably the dearest of children during the festival of Christmas. The origin of Santa Claus is much interesting and similar do what he does now.


Santa Claus has originated from a Greek-Christian Bishop of the 4th century named Saint Nicolas. He was known for his gentle and kind nature. He was famous for helping everyone. Once he met three girls who were about to be killed for not giving dowry and saved their life by giving the dowry with respect to them. He had made many such acts of kindness in his life. His remains after his death are still kept safe.

Role in Christmas

During Christmas, Santa Claus wears a red and white gown and brings many gifts and chocolates for kids and children in the night. Children love him a lot so they keep cookies and milk for him which is his favourite meal. Santa comes in the night when the children fell asleep.


Santa is considered to be a sign of love, respect, joy, and care, especially for children. He was, he is, and he will always remain the most loveable festive character through the year for all.