Essay on Littering


Littering is any kind of waste material disposed of the household, industry, or any other place. It can be in the form of solid as well as liquid. Whatever be the form, littering is harmful to living beings and the environment.

What is Littering

The littering, disposed of anywhere, contains residual solid and liquid materials. The solid materials may contain wrappers of edibles like a wrapper, plastic bottles, waste paper, and other solid waste materials. The liquid waste contains residuals in the form of liquid like used oil, dirty water, rotten fluids, etc.

Effect of Littering

Littering left over the open land may damage the fertility of the soil. They contain harmful micro-organism which may spread serious diseases among the people living around. The littering mixed in water makes it polluted and not fit for drinking. Plastic and other harmful chemicals in it may last long and create damage for many years. Many sea and land animals consume them and die with many diseases.

Proper Disposal of Littering

The solid waste materials can be sent for reuse, reduce, and recycle to the appropriate places. Liquids can be dumped under-ground after extracting harmful materials from them.


Though littering is harmful, it can be beneficial if disposed of properly. Thus they can be used for even energy generation like electricity.