India is the second country in the world with the highest numbers of Internet users. Almost everybody has been connected to the internet through mobile phones and computers, so it is very important to know about word like cyber crime and cyber security. Fake software and selling it at a cheaper price comes under cyber crime, due to which the software companies have to suffer heavy losses.

In simple language cyber criminals enter into your computer network and steal your personal information such as your Net-Banking password, your credit card information, etc. Cyber criminals send some software to your computer that can contain viruses; these include viruses, worms, Tarzan horses, logic horse etc. Viruses can cause considerable damage to your computer and mobile phones.

To stop cyber crime various kinds of security measures have been taken.  Many types of software have been developed all over the world and preparations are being made for how to strengthen cyber security. Cyber ​​security is done by the experts of computer.

Long and Short Essay on Cyber Security in English

Long and Short Essay on Cyber Security is given here under in different word limits for the convenience of students and scholars. These Cyber Security essay will enhance the knowledge of the learners about the cyber crime and the security measures.

You will know in the Cyber Security essay that how people commit this kind of crime and make a huge loss, how it can be controlled and the time when anybody feels insecure what she/he should have to do?

The Essay on Cyber Security will prove useful and helpful for school going children when they have stipulated the task of writing on the related topics like Cyber Crime or Security. The language used is very simple and convincible for the reach of every reader. You can also feel confident on this topic in discussion and debate along with competitive examinations.

Cyber Security Essay 1 – (200 Words)

At a time when India is moving towards being digital, an important question attracts our attention, are we ready to fight cyber attacks? Cashless economy is being promoted only after the head of the country announced demonetization. Digital wallet trend increased. Companies like Pay TM started providing all the features so that online transactions can be done easily. But India is a country where people are still not educated enough digitally.

We are not talking only about cities. The use of online wallet is also increasing in small cities of India. People here use it, but they do not have enough digital knowledge in terms of security. Almost all data is being digitized in India nowadays. But when Wannacry Ransomware attack had targeted the world, then it was revealed that Windows XP has been attacked on the old operating system because these systems can be easily hacked. So the question is, are we ready to deal with such incidents in future?

It does not end here only. The incidents of cyber fraud also remain in the headlines of the newspapers. In such a situation, being digital is okay but in terms of security, a lot of work is still needed because it is very difficult to imagine a digital India without cyber security. If the security is not well established, then all the documents, bank details and privacy can be breached at any time.


Cyber Security Essay 2 – (300 Words)

To reduce cyber crime and to strengthen cyber security, the security of the data of hardware and software through the Internet is increased so that no one can steal our information. Today cyber security is being done to prevent cyber crime all over the world and preparations are being made for how to strengthen cyber security. Cyber ​​security is done by the experts of computer internet for cyber security.


Stringent security arrangements are being made by them so that our data, documents and files can be stolen. For cyber security, there are experts working on computers that keep our data safe. Cyber ​​security means our online secure file, mobile data; our information given online is to be safe, besides network and application is to be secure.

Today we see that the world is immersed in the Internet in such a way that it is doing everything through the Internet. Today all the countries of the world are searching for various ways to fight cyber security, and all the scientists of our country and the world are doing various ways to deal with cyber security so that cybercrime can be reduced. Today information of all countries is on the Internet, there are many such files and documents in which our important plans are hidden. To protect those files, great computer experts are kept so that no one can hack these files. And important data of our country should be safe.

Today all the banks of the world are connected to the internet and all the information and data of the banks are saved in files, if that information reaches anyone, then we can steal people’s money, to prevent the theft of money, computers in banks there are operators who prevent cybercrime from happening and these files are prevented from being stolen by various types of security.


Cyber Security Essay 3 – (400 Words)


Cyber ​​security is the practice of protecting systems, networks and programs from digital attacks. These attacks are usually aimed at accessing, altering or destroying sensitive information; withdrawal of money from users; or disrupt normal business processes.

Advantages of Cyber Security

  • Protects network and data from unauthorized access.
  • Improves Information Security and Business Continuity Management.
  • Better stakeholder confidence in your information security system.
  • Better company credentials with perfect security controls
  • Fast recovery time in case of violation


Three Pillars of Cyber Security

1) People: Every employee should be aware of their role in preventing and mitigating cyber threats, and specialized technical cyber security employees must be fully prepared with the upfront skills and necessary qualifications to respond quickly to cyber attacks.

2) Processes: Procedures are important in defining how organization activities, roles, and documentation are used to reduce the risks of organization information. Cyber ​​threats change quickly, so processes need to be constantly reviewed to be able to adapt with them.

3) Technology: Technology can be deployed to prevent or mitigate the effects of cyber risks, which depend on your risk assessment and your acceptable level of risk.

Why is Cyber Security Important?

Most companies are storing more and more information on computer databases. When you are connected to the Internet in person or shopping with your credit, not only is your information at risk, but there is also a risk of it being breached almost any time of the day.

Government, military, financial institutions, various corporations, hospitals and many other businesses processes and store your information on their network. While these organizations use sophisticated security strategies, there is no way to guarantee that your information is always secure.


Nevertheless, due to the damage caused by cyber attacks in the past, there is now a greater awareness of cyber attacks and better cyber security measures are also needed among all types of organizations. Cyber ​​security is a continuous process because of the risk. Security systems are constantly updated in an attempt to thwart the increasing volume and complexity of cyber-attacks.


Cyber Security Essay 4 – (500 Words)


Internet is a medium through which people and companies can connect from one end of the world to the other. Technological advancement has made humans dependent on the Internet in every way. Easy access to the Internet has made everything available only by sitting in one place.

Social networking, online purchasing, information exchange, gaming, online studies, online jobs, everything a human can imagine is possible with the Internet with just one click. But the other aspect of this facility, people all over the world are stealing personal information of people sitting at home through online internet, which is called cyber crime. Incidents and rates of cyber crime are increasing day by day in India along with other foreign countries.

What is Cyber Crime?

Cybercrime is an illegal act where the computer is used as a means or target or both. Cybercrime is a broad term, which can also be defined as: “criminal activity where a computer or computer network is used as a means, target or place of criminal activity”.

Cyber ​​crime involves the illegal use of modern telecommunication networks (Internet, mobile phones) so that a person or group of people can be committed crimes, torture them, intentionally causing them physical or mental harm and damage to their reputation.

Different Types of Cyber ​​Crime

  • Web Hijacking

It is a crime in which a person’s website is illegally controlled. In this way the website owner loses control and important information on that website.

  • Cyber ​​Stocking

It is a crime by which a person is subjected to repeated harassment; Chasing the victim, taunting, harassing by call, tampering with property. After stocking, the purpose is to harm the victim mentally and physically.

  • Service Attack

It is such an offense, such an attack in which the victim’s network or electrical message container is filled with useless traffic and messages. All this is done so that the victim is deliberately harassed or the victim is unable to use his email.

  • Virus Attack

Viruses are said to be programs that have the ability to infect other programs of the computer or spread their copies to other programs. These are malicious software which attaches itself to any other software or harms the computer. Trojan horses, time bombs, logic bombs, rabbits, etc., are all malicious software. Viruses affect computers in such a way that they either change or destroy the information in the computer so that it is no longer usable.

  • Fishing

It is a crime in which an email is sent to the victim, which claims to have been sent by an established enterprise to extract confidential personal information from the victim or to be used to harass them against the victim. .

Measures for Cyber Security: Computer users can adopt various techniques to prevent cyber crime –

  • Computer users should use a firewall to protect their computers from hackers.
  • Computer users should install anti-virus software such as McAfee or Norton Anti-Virus.
  • Cyber ​​experts have suggested that users should shop only on secure websites. They never give their credit card information to suspects or strangers.
  • Users should develop strong passwords on their accounts.
  • Check the security settings of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and be careful.
  • Users should be cautious when using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Avoid conducting financial transactions on these networks.
  • Users should be careful while giving personal information such as name, address, phone number or financial information on the Internet.


Everything should be judged wisely before clicking on a link or a file of unknown origin. Do not open any email in the inbox. Check the source of the message. If there is any doubt, verify the source. Never reply to emails that ask them to verify information or to confirm the user’s password.


Cyber Security Essay 5 – (600 Words)


This is a type of security used for systems connected to the Internet. It also works to protect hardware, software and data from cyber crime.

Cyber security is kept to protect the data so that the data is not stolen in any way and all the documents and files will remain safe. Great computer specialists and IT trained people are able to do this kind of work.

Elements of Cyber Security

In this, a lot of efforts are made so that the data can be kept safe.

  • Application Security
  • Information Security
  • Network security
  • Emergency protection
  • Operational safety
  • Data security
  • Cloud Protection

Why Cyber Security is Needed?

Many times the danger in cyber security is needed because the network connection and the Internet are changing the world at a very rapid pace, due to which security has become very important.

The administration is adopting a number of methods to deal with such activities. Strong capital is being used by many countries for cyber security so that the personal data of those countries are not leaked and all information should be safe.

Types of Cyber Security Attacks

Due to changing technology, our security and thin intelligence has become very challenging for us. However, to avoid cyber bullying, we need to keep our information secure.

  • Ransomware – This is a type of virus used by criminals to attack people’s computers and systems. This causes a lot of damage to files lying on the computer. Then after that the criminal takes bribe from whichever computer or system is malfunctioned in this manner and leaves his system after that.
  • Malware – It damages any file or program of computer by using computer virus, worm, Trojan etc.
  • Social Engineering – This is a kind of attack that depends on human interaction. So that people can be tricked into the web with cleverness and their personal data, password etc. can be removed from them. Because of this also people are in great danger, so whoever you talk to, do it very carefully.
  • Fishing – This is a kind of fraud in which emails containing fraud are sent to people so that they feel that this mail has come from a good organization. The purpose of such mail is to steal the necessary data such as credit card information or login information.

Jobs in Cyber Security

Just as the speed of cyber threats is increasing, the need of hardware and software for people to avoid these attacks is increasing. It is being told that at least 1 million jobs are vacant all over the world for cyber security. IT professionals and computer specialists are eligible for such cyber security jobs.

  1. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – This person sets up software for security in the organization and is the data keeper of that organization and is called the head of the IT security department.
  2. Security Engineer – The security Engineer protects the company from threats with the help of quality control.
  3. Security Architect – This person works and looks after planning, unleashing, designing, testing, maintenance etc.
  4. Security Analyst – This person looks at how to protect the system and what criteria should be adopted so that the data can be kept safe.


Cyber ​​security is important because government, military, corporate, financial and medical institutions collect a lot of data and keep that data in their systems, computers and other devices. Some part of this data can also be very important, due to which theft can have a profound effect on one’s personal life. With the help of cyber security we can avoid cyber attack and data theft. Many types of antivirus are available to protect us from virus attacks.



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