Essay on Role of Science in Making India

Science has played a major role in making India. The scientific discoveries and inventions made in the country as well as in other parts of the world have helped in the development of the country.

Science offers an all new way of looking at things. It widens the scope of the things available around and thus aids in the growth and development of any nation. Here are essays on Role of Science in Making India of varying lengths to help you with the topic in the exam. Select anyone of these as per the need:

Essay on Role of Science in Making India

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Role of Science in Making India 1 (200 words)

Science has played a big role in making India what it is today. Scientific devices have helped our country develop in every sphere. Be it the agricultural sector, industrial sector, health, infrastructure or any other sphere – the development of each of these can be attributed to science.

The mundane farming techniques that were being used in India since ages required a great deal of labour yet yielded very little. With the study of science, researchers have come up with newer equipments and techniques of farming that have been employed in the agricultural sector in India. This has helped in increasing the crop yield to a great extent. The new age machinery and equipments employed in various sectors have enhanced with time and this has changed their way of working. A number of new sectors such as telecom and information and technology have also come into being in the last few decades. These are all a gift of scientific inventions.

The establishment of new sectors and industries has not only introduced various new goods and services but has also increased the employment opportunities in the country. Besides, the process of export, import, beginning and managing business and communicating with people around the globe has become quicker and easier with the help of science.

All in all, science has played a big role in making India.


Role of Science in Making India 2 (300 words)


Science has helped in the growth and development of India to a great extent. There are many institutes in the country that train the students in this subject. Many of these students come up with newer scientific inventions while others work on the already available ones to improve their way of working. We, as a country, have benefited a great deal by these inventions. Scientific inventions made in other parts of the world have also been implemented for carrying out various tasks in India. These inventions have played a vital role in making India.


Role of Science in Improving Infrastructure

The infrastructure of a country plays an important role in its development. India’s infrastructure has enhanced over the last few decades owing to the implementation of high tech scientific techniques. Several roads, bridges and flyovers have been constructed to ease the process of transportation. It takes lesser time to commute to different places. Goods can now be transported to different places in the country in lesser time. The automobiles, that are again a gift of science, help in the process. Everything is available readily in every part of the country owing to this quick facility.

Role of Science in Export Market

Science has also played an important role in strengthening the export market in the country. The production of various goods has been increased owing to the implementation of scientifically advanced techniques and machinery. There are various agricultural and industrial products that our country can now produce in abundance. Besides fulfilling the requirement of the people dwelling here these are also be exported to other countries. The process of import and export has also been smoothened with the enhancement in the means of communication and transportation. This has helped in the economic development of the country.


India has no doubt benefited a lot with the growth and development in the field of science. Scientific inventions have played a major role in making India.


Role of Science in Making India 3 (400 words)


Man has evolved over the ages. He has enhanced his way of living and all this has been possible with the help of scientific inventions. It started with the discovery of fire went on to the invention of wheel, bullock cart and stone tools and then there was no stopping. Man has been inventing newer things by applying science and has enhanced his lifestyle to a great extent ever since.


Role of Science in Building Economy

The Rise of Industries

Gone are the days when people in India were mainly confined to cottage industries and handicraft businesses. With the growth in science many new businesses have been formed. Several industries have seen a boom because of the new age scientific equipments and machinery. Science has thus played an important role in the growth of the industrial sector in the country.

Growth in Employment Opportunities

The establishment of greater number of industries and businesses in the country has increased the employment opportunities. A number of skilled professionals get a chance to fill various positions in these businesses. Many people are trained on the job to carry out different tasks. They aid in the growth of the businesses that in turn helps in the overall economic growth of the country.

Better Export Market

Newer scientific formulas and techniques have benefited the agricultural as well as industrial sector in India. Better produce has given rise to the export of various food items. Similarly, the use of advanced equipments helps in the production of various goods that are exported to other countries. Thus, science has helped in improving the condition of the export market in the country thereby benefitting several businesses as well as the country’s economic condition.

Better Communication

If there is one scientific invention that everyone on this planet is thankful for then that is the means of communication. With the invention of mobile phones, internet and other cost effective mediums of communication, it has become quite easy to exchange ideas with people living in far-away lands. Best practices used across the globe can thus be implemented. Just as many other countries, India has also benefited because of it. We are updated with the latest in the world of science and technology and continually adopt the practices that help in boosting the country’s economy.


Science has played a major role in making India. Without using scientific methods and techniques we would not have been able to develop the country to the extent it has developed today.


Role of Science in Making India 4 (500 words)


Science plays a major role in making India a better place to live. Scientific inventions have helped in the growth of almost every sector in the country. With the help of these inventions people today have become better equipped to handle various tasks – be it the small household tasks or the big corporate projects.

Role of Science in the Agricultural Sector

Among the various sectors that have benefitted with scientific discoveries is the agricultural sector. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for people living in the rural areas of India. Since centuries the farmers in our country have worked hard day in and day out but still not able to make enough. However, the condition has improved over the last few decades with the advancement in science. The agricultural sector in India has benefitted a great deal with the new scientific techniques to grow and raise the crops.

It has been accepted that the age old farming techniques used in our country have become almost mundane. They require the poor farmers to put in more labour and yield less. More and more farmers are adopting the new scientific methods of farming. Newer soil health management methods, improved irrigation facilities, advanced fertilizers, pesticides and newer equipments to tow the land, sow seeds and harvest the crops are all gifts of science. These are helping in the development of the agricultural sector in India. The crop production has increased drastically due to the use of these new techniques. The harvesting time has also been reduced and the process requires less labour. The export of various food items has also increased since the introduction of scientific methods of farming in the country. This has not only helped in strengthening the financial position of the farmers, traders and others involved in the process but also that of the country as a whole. Science thus plays an important role in making India agriculturally strong.

Artificial Rains – A Boon for the Farmers

Another problem faced by the farmers in India is the erratic climatic condition. While one year there is abundance of rain that creates a flood like situation in a particular area, the next season the rainfall is scanty to the extent that the same region may experience drought. However, thanks to science and technology, drought like situation can now be curbed with the help of artificial rains. Certain states in India have adopted this method and many others are planning to do so in case the need arises in future.

It is sad to see how the farmers work hard on their lands. They sow the seeds and wait for the rains so that the crops yield properly. However, many among them are disheartened because the problem of drought has grown over the years in many parts of the county. Many of these get under heavy debts as their crops do not yield and are left with no other option but to suicide. Artificial rains are a boon for such farmers and their families.


Scientific inventions have helped the country grow economically in the past and continue to do so. These have had a positive impact on the growth of every sector particularly agriculture.


Role of Science in Making India 5 (600 words)


Just like other nations around the world, science has played a big role in making India too. Scientific inventions have enhanced our standard of living and eased numerous tasks that earlier required a lot of labour.

Indian Scientists’ Contribution to the World

While we have borrowed various scientific ideas from the first world countries to develop our country, Indian scientists have also made great contribution to the world when it comes to the field of science. Some of these scientists include Salim Ali, Prafulla Chandra Ray, Homi Bhabha, C.V. Raman, Satyendra Nath Bose, Meghnad Saha, S.S. Abhyankar, Birbal Sahni, Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis. Their research in the field of science and scientific inventions did not only benefit the country but also the rest of the world. They have made us proud with their inventions. Indians are known for their genius minds. Many of them have contributed to the field of science and technology in the past and several others continue to do so.

Medical Science is a Boon

The role of medical science in making India cannot be denied. There was a time when diseases spread like epidemics and several lives were lost in the event and their family members were left mourning. We lost several children, many young talented individuals and many established businessmen due to these deadly diseases. However, today medical science has advanced a great deal. Several medicines have been invented to cure various diseases. Scientists across the globe are busy researching and inventing new treatments and medicines to cure various other chronic and deadly diseases.

A number of hospitals and nursing homes have been established in various parts of the country to provide treatment to people suffering from various illnesses. These hospitals boast of good infrastructure and advanced equipments to treat the patients. They have a team of doctors specialising in various fields.

The country also has several well-established medical institutes and colleges that offer medical courses. These institutes train several students each year to help them take up the noble profession of medicine and contribute towards making our country a better place to live.

Role of Science in Enhancing Life Style

Science is used in all our daily tasks. Our lifestyle has enhanced over the years. All this is because of the use of various scientific inventions. From the gas stove we use to cook the food to the refrigerator we use to store it – everything is an invention of science. Some of the other examples of scientific inventions used in our routine lives include washing machine, car, bike, micro wave oven, tube light, bulb, television, radio, computer and mobile phone.

These things help in carrying out various tasks easily and quickly. One of the best examples of this can be the change in the means of communication. Earlier it was extremely difficult for people to reach out to their relatives and friends living in far-away lands. They had to send letters to share important messages. These letters took weeks to reach the recipients and the reply could not be expected any sooner.

This problem was curbed to some extent with the invention of telephones. However, this was quite an expensive affair. Today, the advancement in science and technology has given birth to mobile phones and internet. Communicating with people around the world has become easier. These sources help in knowledge sharing and aid in the growth of the country.


Scientific inventions have helped the country boom economically and continue to do so. Many of these inventions have been employed in various sectors as well as in household tasks to grow businesses and enhance the lifestyle of people.



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