International Week of Science and Peace

International Week of Science and Peace 2019

International Week of Science and Peace 2019 will be celebrated from Saturday (9th of November) to the Thursday (14th of November).

International Week of Science and Peace

1986 was first observed celebrating the International Week of Science and Peace (IWOSP) on 10th of November to start the celebration of International Year of Peace. Events and activities organizing organizations for the full week (from 9th to 14th November) works as a non-governmental initiative. The organizers of the event work great to encourage the big international participation in the ceremony.

After the successful celebration of the 1986 observance, the celebration started celebrating continuously by the efforts of the organizers in the successive years. It was proclaimed as an International Week of Science and Peace by the General Assembly in the month of December in 1988 and would be celebrated yearly during the week which includes 11th of November.

Intergovernmental and Non-governmental organizations and Member States are urged by the General Assembly in order to promote the related individuals, institutions, associations to support the events and activities associated with the progress of science and technologies as well as preservation of the peace and safety. It is also urged to encourage the international co-operation amongst the scientists and Secretary-General needs to report to General Assembly.

The annual celebration of this event is offering a significant contribution towards the promotion of science, technologies and peace as well as generating the awareness in general public to a greater level towards the association between science and peace. The participation and awareness of the events organizing organizations are increasing towards the contribution and co-operation in the right application of science for promoting the peace all through the year.

Objectives of celebrating International Week of Science and Peace

This event was nominated by the UN to celebrate yearly full week having the 11th of November. The aim of both IWOSP and UKWOSP was declared as the resolution of Science and Peace which deals with every aspects association between the science and peace. Some of the objectives are:

> Promotion of the international peace, science, security and co-operation.

> Protection of the environment.

> Promotion of the human rights.

> Promotion of the mankind development socially and economically.

> Focusing the role of science on the way to green societies.

> Evaluating the importance of scientists and science role in maintenance of societies.

> Providing the common public a chance to understand the significance of science in their daily lives.

> Increasing the awareness of science and technology role in maintaining the world peace and social development as well as to endeavor for the peaceful environment internationally.

A week long activity of the event consists of exhibitions on public education related to the health care, technical innovations, science, science contests, academic competitions, and discussions on culture, environment, women development and etc.



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