Paragraph on Wonders of Science

Science and Technology are evolved and expanded from earlier times. The experimental and innovative changes we are seeing in the field of science are giving ease to our life. They are interrelated with a nation’s development.

From normal cell phones to space launch centers all are the wonders of science. Science and Technology is a crucial part of a country’s development. Due to some unproductive habits, Science and Technology can give the worst results. Nuclear Power Plants are also one of the wonders of science. But sadly the radiation emitted from nuclear testing or nuclear fusion is harmful to humans.

Science is always related to advancements and new concepts for the development of a society. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Graham Bell, Pierre Marry, and Thomas Elva Edison are some of the legendary Scientists. They are reminded of their remarkable discoveries to the world. The mechanism of Science and Technology is not limited, yearly there are tons of discoveries are made throughout the world. The dependence on Science and Technology is included in day to day life. Science and Technology have made our life simple. The wise utilization of Science and Technology can make anyone happier and healthier. Everyone should aware of the fact that Science is a gift for humankind; its misuse can give harmful results.