Essay on Waste Disposal


Waste is the residual extracted from our houses, factories, industries, offices, schools, etc. Every day, several lakh tons of waste are released from our houses, which needs proper waste disposal.


Some household wastes can be burnt at high temperatures, leaving no harmful gas or element behind. This is a good method of waste disposal.


There are some wastes which can be used repeatedly. An example of such items is Plastic bottles which, instead of throwing, we can use for keeping other fluids or planting a sapling in it.


Recycle is considered the best method of solid waste disposal. In it, the wastes can be recycled into other elements. In this method, the used paper is recycled to a new paper. Obsolete metallic objects can be recycled to a new metallic object.


The landfill is used for the wastes that can dissolve underground. Most of the liquid wastes are disposed of in this way. They improve the fertility of the soil and don’t pollute the land.


These basic methods are useful and cheap. Anyone can adopt them, and they are proven the best and easiest waste disposal ever. Proper waste disposal can save the environment and the earth. Besides releasing waste, think about its disposal too.