The exploitation of natural resources is at its peak due to population growth and intense consumerism. And we have an important responsibility to protect the environment. When the whole world is uniting on the issue of global warming and climate change, then our biggest responsibility as a human being and society is to live with nature in order to mould our genes accordingly.

The term waste disposal or waste disposal management usually refers to the conditions that are formed by human activities and is disposed off so that the human can live in healthy environment or aesthetics. Waste management includes solid, liquid, gas or radioactive wastes. Methods and expertise are used to dispose these wastes by various processes.

The method of waste management is different for rural and urban areas in developed and developing nations and for residential and industrial manufacturers, metropolitan areas are non-hazardous. Residential and institutional waste management is the responsibility of local government officials, while generators of huge amount of waste are generally responsible for non-hazardous commercial and industrial waste.

Long and Short Essay on Waste Disposal in English

Here some long and short essay on waste disposal in English are given into different words limits according to the need and requirement of students. These essays will provide you the information about the waste disposal management in our country that has become a cause of worry for the entire nation.

In these waste disposal essay you will find out that what are the real problems, how it will be controlled, and its effect on the living organisms. What measures would the governments should take to lessen the harmful effects and what should an individual do for the betterment of the future.

You can use these essays on waste disposal in your school assignments on waste disposal or related topic in discussions on the subject with your classmates and teachers.

You will also get aware about the things that are not good for the environment. We also get aware about consequences of the litter left ignored, by an individual and the mass of the people.

Waste Disposal Essay – 1 (200 words)

Due to the rapid development of industries and technology, the world is facing the problem of waste disposal today. The increasing diversity of waste poses a major environmental challenge. It is a very difficult task to bring the seriousness and complexity of the problem of waste disposal to the common citizens and get their cooperation, but there is no other way.

Heaps of garbage is seen in public places and there is no arrangement for immediate lifting. No waste management is possible without public support, public training and government action. Wherever there has been coordination about this, the conditions have changed, and the urban life has improved.

With waste management, we can solve the problems of small towns to a great extent. There is a need for political and administrative commitment to understand the problems and realise the decisions. Relying only on government or semi-governmental organizations, authorities, corporations, city councils etc. for access to civic amenities is wrong. For this, citizens will not only have to remain vigilant but also have to take a pledge for a long fight for their rights. They have to change their certain habits and there is need of such efforts where fewer waste products will be produced.


Waste Disposal Essay – 2 (300 words)


Solid waste management has become a major problem in many underdeveloped, developing and developed countries. The main reasons for the increase in municipal solid waste are corruption, industrialization, economic development and urbanization.


Waste management is a global issue but its consequences are more pronounced in developing countries. In India, solid waste management systems have failed to keep pace with social and economic development in many areas. Inability to manage municipal solid waste can adversely affect public health, the environment, and also our economy.

Factors Affecting Solid Municipal Waste

The main factors affecting solid municipal waste in India:

  • Population: The overpopulation is a clear reason for the generation of more waste in our country. High population leads to increased demand for basic resources leading to waste generation to a greater extent.
  • Urbanization: Increasing population, decreasing employment opportunities in rural areas and migration from rural areas to enjoy the benefits of urban economic and social development are some other reasons for producing more waste.
  • Luxurious life style: The materialistic notion and the need for luxury products has greatly increased to live a comfortable and luxurious life whether it is needed or not. This results in more waste generation.
  • E-waste: As technology advances, the demand for new technology grows. Mobile, TV, Play Station, Refrigerator etc. are commonly used by the consumers. Old gadgets and electronics appliances are frequently changed by the people and they turn into garbage.


The government should start awareness campaigns and advertisements to inform people about the side effects of excess waste. New and advanced technology should be used for disposal of waste. Maximum reuse of waste should be encouraged.


Waste Disposal Essay – 3 (400 words)


Solid waste includes all the things that are dumped in garbage. Municipal solid-waste consists of all the things thrown from houses, offices, schools, etc.; which are collected and disposed of by the municipality. Municipal solid waste usually consists of paper food waste, glass, metal, rubber, leather, textiles, etc. Burning them reduces the volume of waste.


Improper Disposal of Waste and its Consequences

Due to improper disposal methods, solid urban waste remains on the road. People clean their houses and leave the garbage in the open, which affects them as well as the entire community. In this way, waste is decomposed in an uncontrolled and unorganized manner and causes the reproduction of many types of infectious microbes along with odour. Industrial waste contains many toxic substances, which changes the chemical and biological properties of the land and promotes infertility. The poisonous elements also pollute ground water along with surface water.

We have also started packing our daily commodities like milk and water in poly-bags. In cities, fruits and vegetables can also be made in beautiful polystyrene and plastic packs. We have to pay a lot for them and what we are doing. Contributing to polluting the environment greatly will affect us and our future generation.

Landfills are not the Better Option

In fact, landfills are not a good solution because garbage is becoming so high, especially in metros, that these sites are also filled. There is also a danger of chemicals leaking from these landfills that pollute ground water resources. There is a quantum solution to all this that we should all be more sensitive to environmental issues. The biodegradable materials can be placed in deep pits in the ground and left in the natural form for decomposition. Our main goal should be that waste is generated less, but instead of this we are using more non-biodegradable products.

Ban on Plastic may bring Certain Change

State governments all over the country are trying to reduce the use of plastics and use eco-friendly or friendly packing instead. We should carry a bag when we go for shopping, made up of other natural fibers and refuse to take a bag made of polyethylene.


With the increase in population due to the establishment of high standards of living, the amount of solid waste released has also increased. It was felt that if garbage continued to grow in this way, then it would be difficult to control it one day.


Waste Disposal Essay – 4 (500 words)


One of the most important objectives to achieve in priority is – waste management. Waste management is a huge and formidable challenge to urban life. The problems caused by waste continue to increase and are rapidly transforming cities into hell. But unfortunately, there is not enough concern to limit waste, move it quickly, destroy it, or use it for recycling.

In this regard, innovative experiments are being carried out all over the world because this problem is not about a city or a country or a continent. We should try to take advantage of these experiments and experiences.

Waste Management

It is a very difficult task to bring the seriousness and complexity of the problem to the common citizens and get their cooperation, but there is no other way. Employees and citizens all throw garbage in streets, roads or drains. Drains are blocked and water not only spreads out, it also poses a threat to health.

A common urban resident has the right to live in a good environment with clean, healthy facilities, and then we also have to find ways. Delaying it will be fatal and we will continue to convert more and more cities into hell. Garbage is increasing in cities, but its disposal facilities are not increasing. Autonomous institutions and the people sitting in them are blindfolded to its burning needs, which can have terrible consequences. Waste is decomposed in an uncontrolled and unorganized manner and causes the reproduction of many types of infectious microbes along with odor.

Steps to be Taken

With waste management, we can solve the problems of small towns to a great extent. There is a need for political and administrative commitment to understand the problems and realize the decisions. Infrastructure reform in large cities is flawed and will increase people’s hardships. Without training about the new direction, the work being done will create new problems.

Every citizen has to see his image in the city, cultivate a deep attachment and affection towards it, only then our cities can become humane and livable. Every city should create its own character, discover and develop its characteristics. Every city should maintain its traditional character and traditional pride and save the soul of the city from being destroyed in the name of development. There is an urgent need to pay attention to all this.


Continuous contact with various organizations and getting their cooperation will be a major part of this fight. Every citizen has to become as aware and combative about his duties as he is aware and active towards his rights. This is the key to solving problems.


Waste Disposal Essay – 5 (600 words)


Waste disposal and recycle waste to energy production are all called waste disposal management or waste management. Recycling makes many consumer goods available again in the market, which is reducing the exploitation of natural resources. Aluminum, copper, steel, glass, paper and many types of plastics can be recycled. Recycling of metals makes many commodities available in the market to suit demand and reduces mining. Recycle paper can prevent at least as many trees from cutting.

Importance of Waste Disposal

At the same time, the waste disposal is being done by converting the organic waste from the houses into bio-compost and methane gas to ensure optimum utilization of food used by the people. While methane gas is an excellent source of energy, organic manure is important to increase soil fertility naturally. It also reduces farmers’ dependence on chemical fertilizer. Products made from organic manure get a good price in the market.

Sustainable Development

Waste management is considered an important component of sustainable development. Sustainable development refers to environmentally friendly atmosphere. Consumption and re-consumption of waste management creates a cycle that reduces our dependence on natural resources to some extent and reduces their exploitation. So these days waste management is very much emphasized while planning for sustainable development.

The Statistics

According to an estimate, 370 million tone of solid waste is produced daily due to 377 million inhabitants living in 7935 urban areas of India. It is also estimated that by 2030, when cities will at a population of 59 crore citizens then the systems will be demolished by increasing population, and it will be difficult to manage the natural urban waste. Therefore serious steps had to be taken else consequences would be fatal.

Government Plans

Recently, the NITI Aayog under the Smart City and Swachh Bharat Project has prepared a three-year agenda to deal with the huge problem of municipal solid waste, with a seven-year strategy and a fifteen-year vision period. Under this, it has been proposed to generate energy from waste material in metros and manure from waste in the suburbs and semi-urban areas.

The establishment of the Waste to Energy Corporation has been suggested by the NITI Aayog. The corporation will set up plants for manufacturing energy from waste in 100 smart cities by 2019. The NITI Aayog has also carried out a proportional assessment of the benefits and costs of thermal pyrolysis and plasma gasification technologies.

Use of Technologies

Currently, there is a mixed reaction of scientists and policy makers on the preparation of energy from waste in the country. The problem of waste is so profound that there is a possibility of poisonous gases from its combustion. The waste consists of rotten food, pages, plastic and metal waste, electronic waste, can cause many problems.

Today several technologies for waste-to-energy production have been developed. Old waste furnace plants emitted high-level pollutants, while today new technologies such as thermal pyrolysis and plasma gasification have significantly reduced pollution concerns from combustion.

Plastics and Polyethylene

Plastics and polyethylene are a major problem in waste management today. Plastic and polythene cannot be destroyed by any process and animals are prone to premature death by eating with food lying in the garbage. According to a report, 30-40 lakh tone of plastic is produced every year in the country. About seven and a half million tons of polythene waste is recycled every year and the rest of the polythene remains in the rivers, drains and soil.


There are high-budget technologies on which states’ support is required. Land will be needed to generate compost manure and biogas from waste, which can be achieved only by the coordination of the states. There is also a strong potential for employment generation in waste-to-energy manufacturing, in which the National Skill Development Corporation can play an important role.



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