Essay on Environmental Problems that our World is Facing Today


All the 195 countries in the world have their separate problems, but some of them have covered the entire world. These problems need to be solved immediately.


The increasing population is the greatest problem that the world is facing. The increasing population has created problems for the environment and nature. The world is suffering from a lack of land and resources to satisfy the need of the people.


Pollution is another major problem that the global environment is facing. The careless human has polluted all the natural resources like water, air, and land, etc. It has made the greatest damage to the environment.

Climate Change

Climate Change is another major environmental issue that has put the world to suffer. Climate change is the result of global warming and other problems like flood, drought, epidemic, pandemic, and earthquake, etc.

Resource Depletion

Resource Depletion has occurred because of the increasing population. It has brought a shortage of food, water, fuel, lands, trees, etc. We are running of these resources rapidly.


These are the few major environmental problems that are seeking global attention. They may bring a disaster if not solved on time. We would have to end them to protect our families and the next generations.