Man vs. Machine Essay

Humans have evolved for better and transformed completely since stone-age when man had to work hard to meet his basic needs. This is the age of science and technology. Man and machines work effectively and accurately together. Man is the inventor and operator of machines and on the other hand man is also highly dependent on machines in his everyday tasks. Most of our day to day activities are performed with the help of machines. This saves a lot of energy and time.

Machines are human inventions to accomplish the tasks impossible by a normal human. Operated by men, machines perform all kinds of demanding tasks. Making straight pins from die-struck iron metal, precisely cutting a metal sheet in complex shapes, drilling precise holes in metal sheets, making wedges, etc are only a few of tasks that machines can perform. These tasks would have been very difficult for a human to perform, if not impossible. Though, operated and maintained by humans, machines perform tasks that humans can’t with their bare hands.

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Short Essay on Man vs. Machine – Essay 1 (200 Words)

Over the decades, man has come up with several unique and resourceful inventions. The computer and machines have begun to control and replace the important functions earlier performed by man. We have grown extremely dependent on artificial intelligence. However, it is widely believed that artificial intelligence cannot replace human intelligence, as man is the creator of machines.

Human brain can work constantly and more efficiently to create and make use of something wisely. Humans are capable of learning, grasping, understanding the concept of various things. Humans are curious to discover and create new things. Humans are multi-talented whereas machines are not. Artificial intelligence is also created by human brains and their functions are limited.

Machines are superior to humans in terms of speed and accuracy. Calculators for example work more accurately and speedily than human brains to make calculations. Human brain programs the functioning of any kind of machine. Human brains develop naturally by observing, experimenting, learning and discovering, but the improvement in machinery is possible only when its mechanical brain is fed by humans. Also, there is no emotional intelligence in machines. Emotions play a major role in developing human brain.

Thus, the capacity of machines is limited whereas humans are always experimenting, creating, inventing and discovering more and more.


Essay on Man Vs Machine – Which Is Better – Essay 2 (300 Words)


While man is the inventor of machines, he is also highly dependent on the machines. After industrial revolution man has developed and progressed rapidly. Machines and modern technology have given him comfort, facilities and leisure in life. From simple calculations to mass production of things – everything we need in today’s fast paced life is assisted by machines.

Man vs. Machine: Which is better?

The products are finely made with the help of machines and have a better finish compared to the human made products. Machines can manufacture things in larger quantities compared to man and at greater speed. Whether it is clothing, footwear or jewellery, everything produced by machines has a good finish.


Artificial intelligence not only save lot of time and energy but is also a medium of entertainment for man. Today man cannot imagine his life without smart phones, laptops, music systems, television sets, washing machines and other such equipments. Humans and machines are not competitors, but humans collaborate with machines for more productivity, speed and accuracy. From communication to travelling everything has become simple and speedy. Mans seeks help of the machines for all the activities he does. There are countless uses of machines. Machines are responsible for rapid development in the present day world.

However, we must not forget that machines are a creation of man. So, surely man is superior to machines. He has become handicapped in a way as physically he has become less active and is dependent on machines. Man is a greedy animal who wants more and more. Even though machines have made the life of man easy, he has no time and patience to live peaceful life.


In a way, I think machines have made human life entertaining as well as dull as he has no time and patience to work hard or enjoy the natural beauty of the world. The collaboration of man and machines, I think is the best though it can have both positive as well as negative impact on mankind.


Essay on Man vs. Machine: Human Brain or Machine Power? – Essay 3 (400 Words)


Human beings and machines work differently. We all know machines are the creation of Human. Machines were created to make human life easier. Humans highly depend on machines and there is a new revolution. A machine is only a motorized gadget consisting of different parts. Machines perform different functions but do not have life like humans.

Machines are a Creation of Mankind

Humans are created of flesh and blood, they have a life. Humans have emotions and feelings; they express different emotions at different times. Machines are mechanical and they work with their mechanical brain which is programmed by humans. Humans understand the situation and respond accordingly whereas machines do not have the capability of understanding. Humans are creative and imaginative.


Humans can create and invent new things but machines cannot. Machines are operated and guided by humans. Humans are blessed with intelligence and emotions while machines have artificial intelligence. Humans have diverse abilities at several things including language abilities, pattern recognition and creative thinking. When it comes to socializing, data analysis or having opinions humans are certainly ahead of the machines.

Use of Machines

There are different machines like televisions, refrigerators, music systems, home theatres, washing machines and so on for diverse uses. Our life is become much simpler with the use of these machines. Machines are much faster when it comes to processing information and performing calculations with accuracy and speed as compared to humans. Computers obviously have better memory compared to humans and can be fed with large amount of information.

Machines work effortlessly and more efficiently than humans. The products can be produced in larger quantities at much greater speed with the help of machines. Easy communication is possible from anywhere in the world with cell phones. One can travel at super fast speed anywhere in the world with the help of transport facilities. Research and sharing opinions from anywhere in the world has become much easier. Moreover, machines are not influenced by feelings or emotions unlike humans.


So, humans and machines both are very powerful. There are some processes where machines certainly do a better job than humans and vice versa. Humans are blessed with intelligence and power while machines possess artificial intelligence. Human intelligence is far better than artificial intelligence but the collaboration of both is the best. Humans can definitely not do without artificial intelligence in present day scenario. Both human brain and machines need to go hand in hand for development and better future.


Essay on Man vs. Machine – What Do You Prefer – Essay 4 (500 Words)


We are now living in a tech-savvy world filled with objects like smart phones, computers and tablets that have become an integral part of our life. It is now hard to imagine our lives without artificial intelligence. The progress that we have made from mobile phones to smart phones and computers to laptops, cable television’s to satellites, we wonder what is going to be next in this line of progress. It is even predicted that artificial intelligence may exceed human intelligence. However evolution in artificial intelligence is the result of evolution in human intelligence. Can artificial intelligence exist without human existence?

What Do I Prefer?

We are highly dependent on artificial intelligence and cannot imagine our lives without it anymore, be it for work, entertainment, studies or sharing opinions. Human collaboration with artificial intelligence has grown immensely. Machines make our lives easy but cannot replace the humans in our lives. Humans are the creators and operators of machines. Human intelligence has an edge over artificial intelligence as it has the ability to create unlike computers and it is not operated by machines.

Human and Emotional Needs

We are addicted to machines. But what about our emotional needs? Can we talk to machine? Can we share our feelings with the machines? Can we fall in love with the machines? Can machines feel emotions? Can we just live with machines? Though these days we spend more time with machines than humans, we turn up to humans at the end of the day. We are greedy creatures, aren’t we? Humans are emotional creatures and have several emotional needs. They can also easily get carried away with emotions. They often get stressed out by various events in their life. Emotions blur the effectiveness of human brain to make precise and logical decisions. Human brain is never as stable as machines. Human brain is highly influenced by emotions.

Humans matter to us the most and that is the important thing to keep in mind. We don’t want to interact with machines instead of humans. Technology exists to replace our shopping experience locally to online shopping, but not everyone prefers online shopping. Some people like to visit shopping malls personally, try different dresses and enjoy that experience. When it comes to dealing with stress, we still need to consult a stress management consultant and not machines. Nothing can replace human communication. Just because technology is at hand doesn’t mean it is going to replace humans or be a better option all the time.


I personally prefer human interaction compared to interacting with a machine to shop or raise a service complaint. I also enjoy the company of humans rather than staying glued to the television or mobile phone. Humans have emotions and feelings and dealing with them is a much better experience. Humans are not just controlled by brain but also by their heart. Human brain and heart is closely connected, creating an emotional whole. So, though machines have become a part of our lives but for me, I am a heart person so I would definitely prefer humans over machines.


Long Essay on Man vs. Machine – Essay 5 (600 Words)


When it comes to artificial intelligence vs. human brain, there are people who strongly believe in artificial intelligence and those who don’t. Humans surely are dependent on machines which has its pros and cons. There surely is no black and white. It all depends on who is developing it for what purpose.

What do We Prefer?

Humans have a strong need to interact with each other. Communication is not possible with machines. Call centres use IVR (Interactive voice response) and we get irritated with live person not responding on the call. Every time we call for customer service, whether it is for issue with the cell or for shopping assistance or for making some enquiry, we are guided to IVR. It is irritating since we have to unnecessarily go through a long menu and we cannot express ourselves to the machines. Can we live a life where we can only interact with machines and not with humans? We always prefer people to communicate. We feel comfortable expressing, probing and getting our problems solved with humans.

Impact of Modern Technology on Human Life

  • Unemployment: Machines and new technology is replacing man power for certain jobs which is no surprise. This is the most and widely known drawback of the machines. We all know that certain jobs are disappearing as those are totally being replaced by machineries. Industrial revolution has also to unemployment. There has been loss of medium skill jobs in various sectors. It has also been predicted that there would be large scale job losses due to modern technology and more and more man power is expected to be replaced by machines.
  • Competency: Increased dependency on modern technology like calculators and computers has reduced human creativity and intelligence. Many people today struggle with simple calculations and spellings without using artificial intelligence. Though these tools make our life simple we may become highly dependent on them.
  • Wars and Destruction: The connection between artificial intelligence and nuclear war is well known. Modern technology is a major cause of increasing war due to manufacturing of modern weapons. There is positive impact of artificial intelligence while there is also the fear that artificial intelligence may exceed human intelligence which can lead to many doomsday scenarios.
  • Health: The radiation released from smart phones is absorbed by human bodies which can cause tumour. Smart phone against ear for long time also increases the possibilities of brain tumour and can cause cancer if not treated. Excessive use of phones also leads to chronic stress. There is always anxiousness and lookout for messages or replies from your friends or other notifications as well. These days everyone is craving for attention on social media and if one doesn’t get attention then it makes them stressed and depressed.
  • Environment: We are dependent on modern technology so the power consumption has increased. Increasing use of vehicles has increased air pollution that is damaging the environment. The effect of technology on our environment is severe and is responsible for drastic climate changes. Global warming is leading to several diseases in humans. There is also extinction of several birds, plant and animal species due to the changes in climate. It has caused highly negative impact on environment and has damaged the nature as a whole.


Thus, machines are a part of our lives and are helpful in several ways but we cannot ignore the negative impact it has on our lives. There is no competition between humans and machines as humans are the creators. Humans have created machines for various purposes. It is important to know that for what purpose the artificial intelligence is being developed and whether it has positive or negative impact on human life. Human brain is so powerful that it can use machines for creation as well as destruction.



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