Live Webcast of Independence Day Celebration

“Webcast” is defined as the video transmission of an event across the internet. Independence Day celebration in the national capital Delhi is one of those significant events, every moment of which is webcasted over the internet. Webcasting is a blessing for those who don’t have access to conventional TV sets or cable network.

Considering the huge numbers of internet users, which supposedly runs into millions, webcasting becomes even more significant. Millions of Indians get a chance to witness the events in real time, and be a part of the grand celebration.

Every citizen of India can’t be physically present at the venue; nevertheless, every activity of the event can be witnessed through webcast. It also becomes extremely easy for someone in a remote location, thousands of miles away from Delhi, to know the political, cultural and military strength of the country.

“Webcast” of Independence Day celebration reduces the distance between the celebrations in Delhi and let the viewer feel like being a part of the celebrations, from wherever he/she is at the moment.

Every memorable moment since the commencement of celebration is webcasted instantly, leaving no room for any time delay. Watch the Prime Minister of India along with the three chiefs of armed forces, paying floral tribute to the fallen soldiers at Amar Jawan Jyoti, at India Gate.

See the President and the chief guest arriving at the venue, escorted by decorated, horse cavalry of the President’s Body Guards, followed by the hoisting of national flag by the Prime Minister and subsequent singing of national anthem by all present. You won’t miss a single moment of it, as long as you have an access to the internet.

However, it isn’t the end and you can listen to the Prime Minister’s address to the nation and know the achievements and future plans of your government. See the armed forces of India display their might and the resolve to fight back any intrusion on Indian soil. Also, witness India’s rich cultural, religious and linguistic diversity through the tableau display of several states and ethnic groups.

“Webcast” is indeed a blessing for someone who doesn’t has access to television. It is also a better option than radio transmission as the latter constitute only transmission of voice. Below we have provided links for Independence Day live Webcast, courtesy to the National Information Centre (NIC). Click on the link to be a part of the celebrations and joy.

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