What made Mahatma Gandhi a World Leader – an Influential Personality

Mahatma Gandhi was a true patriot and a freedom fighter of India. It was his indomitable courage and continuous effort that made India independent on 15 August 1947. Whenever we talk about them, the two words ‘Truth’ and ‘Non-violence’ are mandatorily attached to him. These are two weapons that he held throughout his life and also advised others to hold.

Gandhi Ji had adopted the concept of ‘Simple Living and High Thinking’. He had an unwavering love for children. Perhaps this is the reason why the whole country still calls him Bapu. He always lived a life of high value and followed disciplines. He was punctual and always held positivity. Due to it, his exclusive followers had unwavering and complete trust and respect for him. The leadership of Gandhi Ji was so strong that he could bring an unprecedented large crowd of people with different perspectives on the same path.

Various movements and protest under his leadership had succeeded in gathering mass support and put a deep effect on the British Government. Unlike others who talk about cast and religion, Gandhi Ji always talked about humanity and worked for the rights of the people. All these qualities in one person together make him a world leader, capable of influencing every individual.