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Books are man’s best friends. Books are portable and so they are easy to carry around. And so books can be read at any time night or day, while travelling on a bus or train or flight, and at meal time too. Books are published in many languages and in varied genres. There are books in fiction and non-fiction categories. Each of these categories has many different sections and genres, and there are many thousands of titles in each type. Every book title has an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) that is unique to it, and helps in identifying it. Today books are available as web versions too so that they can be read on the internet. They may be read on the modern kindle or on the computer. And books are available in audio versions too so that you can hear an entire book being read out aloud.

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Paragraph on Books – 1 (100 Words)

Books are an important part of our life. We read many kinds of books. We study text books at school that are part of our syllabus.

We also have story books that we read for leisure and fun. We can get them from the school library. We can also buy them from bookshops. Books are printed on paper, and can have pictures too that make them interesting. We can read books on the computer as well.

I love reading children’s stories published in colourful books, as they are beautifully presented. I have a nice collection of story books at home.


Paragraph on Books – 2 (150 Words)

There are many different kinds of books that are published each year. These are the new titles available for us to read. Besides these, there are books that have been published through the years. Together, there are millions of books available throughout the world in as many languages as are spoken by people.

There are different genres in which books are published. There are fiction and non-fiction categories in books, and each of these categories has many different genres of books.

The academic books we study at school belong to the text book category. We study them to complete our syllabus and pass the examinations at the end of each academic session.

There are other books that we read for our pleasure and enrichment. We read story books of different types. There are comedy, horror, detective and thriller stories in prose, plays and poetry forms. Books are our best friends.


Paragraph on Books – 3 (200 Words)

Books are published in many different languages, and are read by people all over the world. Books are printed on paper, and are easy to carry around. So they can be read anywhere and at anytime. They can be read while travelling. We also have nice bedside books that we read before going to sleep.


Printed books are made available in libraries for reading. Books are also sold in book shops, where hundreds of recently published titles are usually displayed. Books are now available on the internet too. So they can be read on the computer or on the kindle. These are easy to read too. Books are also sometimes illustrated with beautiful colour pictures. Such pictorial books are interestingly designed and presented.

I love reading fantasy stories like the Harry Potter series authored by JK Rowling. I have read all seven books in the Harry Potter series. JK Rowling is my favourite author, and I have read some of the other books written by her too. I bought all of these books, and they are part of the small collection of books that I have at home. Reading is my hobby, and I keep my books neat and clean.


Paragraph on Books – 4 (250 Words)

Hundreds of books are published each year in many different languages around the world. Books are printed on paper, and are portable. They can be carried around anywhere, and be read at anytime.

Books are a storehouse of knowledge. There are academic books on the various subjects. There are textbooks for the different levels of study right from school through college and on for higher studies.

There are books in the fiction and non-fiction categories, and there are several genres in each of these categories. There are books in genres like health, nature, environment, spirituality, religion, self-help and history, besides many others, in the non-fiction category. Fiction may belong to horror, romance, comedy, thriller or fantasy genres, and may be in prose, poetry or drama forms. Books cater to different tastes and preferences of the people. Books are also translated into various languages so that knowledge and literary wealth is shared by everyone. Now books are available on the internet too.

Books are our best friends. When I am sick and in bed, unable to play, books give me company. I also have nice bedside books that I read before I fall asleep at night. I love to read detective and fantasy stories in the English language. I like reading old books like the Sherlock Holmes series by Arthur Conan Doyle. I also like reading short stories in Tamil and Hindi. Sometimes when I am reading I get so enchanted and engrossed that I even forget to eat my dinner.


Paragraph on Books – 5 (300 Words)

Books are our best friends. When we are lonely or unhappy a book can cheer us up. It can change our view of and give meaning to life. Books are a treasure house of knowledge. Through words and pictures books can take us anywhere in the universe. We can learn about the world of matter and spirit in reality and through the imagination of the author.

We read many different books. There are books that belong to the categories of fiction and non-fiction. There are books that we study in school. These are text books. We study them to acquire knowledge on the various subjects like science, mathematics, geography and history, besides others. There are also reference and academic books on the various subjects that are scholastic in nature.

There are books that we read for pleasure and entertainment too or for the enrichment of our lives. There are books on travels, adventure, history, spirituality, nature and health that are non-fiction.

We also read works of fiction. The stories may belong to many different genres like comedy, romance, horror, fantasy, thriller and detective. Literary works in fiction could be in the form of prose or drama or poetry.

Books are published in many different languages. Books are easy to carry around, and so they can be read anywhere and at any time. Books are also available for reading on the internet.

I enjoy reading the abridged versions of the plays of Shakespeare. I have read Merchant of Venice, and As You Like it, a nice comedy. I also enjoy reading poetry by old British poets like Oliver Goldsmith, Robert Browning and William Wordsworth. I especially like to read the poem Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning. It is actually a poem that Browning wrote for his friend’s little son.


Paragraph on Books – 6 (350 Words)

There are many different kinds of books published in as many languages as do exist around the world. Books are published in different sizes. They may be in small pocket size, or demy size, or then in large formats. Books may also be illustrated to make them colourful and interesting. Books are printed in small font or larger font for easy reading. Children’s books are usually printed in very large font. Books are printed in Braille too for the visually challenged.

There are also coffee table books that are well-illustrated. These books are called so because they can be placed on coffee tables and can be browsed through leisurely over a cup of coffee.

Books are sold in book shops where many hundreds of books are displayed. They may be new or old titles. Bestselling titles are often displayed in shop windows.

Books are also available to read and refer to in libraries. There are libraries in educational institutions for the use of their own students. Many organizations also have their own libraries for their members and employees. There are public libraries too where the facility is available either to anyone of the public or registered members. Books may be issued from libraries for a particular period of time for use and returned.

Today, books are available on the internet too, and can be read on the computer or the kindle. This has increased the access to books in a big way. There are rare and old books too that are hard to find. There are collectors of such old books. Available copies of such books are preserved. Today, books are preserved digitally. India has a large collection of books that can be accessed through online digital libraries.

Books are treasure troves of knowledge. They educate and enlighten readers. Books are also read for pleasure and fun. There are many different genres of books. There are two categories to which books may belong – fiction and non-fiction. People read books according to their need, requirement or preference, Books are our real friends, and time spent on reading is time well spent.


Paragraph on Books – 7 (400 Words)

Books are wonderful companions. Books belong to various genres, and therefore we have a wide spectrum to choose from to read and enjoy and understand. They can take us on voyages to unexplored areas of the world as also of the mind and the spirit. They can take us back in time through historical material or into the future through science fiction. They can be in as many languages as there are in this world. They may be fictional stories or belong to the category of non-fiction. There could be horror, thriller, detective, romance or comedy stories in works of fiction. And likewise non-fiction books could be in the self-help, religion, spirituality, environment, cookery, travel and academic categories.

I love to read works of fiction in the English language. I enjoy reading leisurely. I fancy buying brand new books from book stores. I keep my books neat and clean, without dog-earing or marking on the pages. I have kept safely my collection of books. I now like reading books on kindle too.

The latest book that I have read is titled The Picture of Dorian Gray by British writer, Oscar Wilde. The book, published more than a hundred and twenty years ago, still makes for good reading. The storyline is also not restricted by geographical boundaries. Set in England, it is relevant to anyone living in any part of the world. While it is a horror story, there are many lessons to learn about life and the mystery of Time and its passage. The book takes us through the life of a youth named Dorian Gray. Intoxicated by the beauty of his youth, he seeks for its permanence and a life of indulgence.

As he grows, he goes from bad to worse, treading recklessly and wants only on the path of sin and corruption, spoiling others too in the process, till he is saturated with the burden of his sins including that of committing murder. So as time moves inexorably, his desire for everlasting youth becomes his very retribution. The story points to how we can and should use our productive years of youth, and not waste and abuse the period of our life. For, time and tide wait for none, and time lost can never come back. I am very fascinated by the idea of Time, and this book delves into this issue through the story of a young man.

——– Written by N. KALYANI



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