Paragraph on Discipline

Discipline is a basic manner that must be developed in a child from his/her childhood. Childhood phase is the time where we all learn values and morals; Discipline is one of the important lessons for a child that helps him/her throughout life. Punctuality, good manners, and attentiveness are some of the self-discipline things that should be followed by students.

Be on time, homework submission on time, maintaining school decorum shows someone’s behavior towards studies. For each one of us, following a strict time-table for our well-being is part of self-discipline. It is said that each successful person has some defined goal of life. By following a disciplined life one should attain the goal. Discipline is also connected with the organized way of living life. Like arranging our books, keeping home neat and clean, and arranging home in a representative way are some gestures that also lead to a disciplined life.

The person who is punctual always is considered disciplined. Studying regularly and submitting tasks timely are should be adopted by all. Irregular study patterns will create backlog like situation and a student may fail in the examination. For scoring well in classes one should always follow punctuality.