Paragraph on Natural Resources

Planet Earth is endowed with a number of natural resources. Natural resources refer to the resources that are available naturally without any effort or interference of man. Sunlight, air, water and earth are some of the natural resources on Planet Earth. These natural resources help keep up life. All life forms depend on these natural resources to survive. Natural resources may be renewable or non-renewable. Non-renewable resources should not be wasted or abused as they are limited. As humans we should appreciate the natural resources and use them judiciously so that their benefits may be derived by all life forms.

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Paragraph on Natural Resources 1 (100 Words)

Natural resources are gifts of nature for life on Planet Earth. We have air that we need to breathe. The oxygen in the air is what we depend on to breathe and live. In the absence of air we would perish. The Earth also has water that is needed to keep life going. Man needs water to drink. Animals and plants too need water. If there are no water bodies there would be no marine creatures on Earth. Sunshine is also a natural resource that life on Earth depends upon. Air, water and sunshine are resources that are available naturally.


Paragraph on Natural Resources 2 (150 Words)

Natural resources serve as the foundation for all that we use to satisfy our needs and wants of life. Natural resources are the resources that occur naturally; they are not man-made.

Natural resources like air, water and sunshine are renewable by nature. When air is used by us for breathing, it does not diminish in volume. The oxygen in the air that we breathe is vital to keep us alive. Plants use up carbon dioxide from the air for the process of photosynthesis to occur in them, and give out oxygen.

Water is also needed for life on Earth. Man needs water for drinking. Similarly, sunshine is available freely. Using up sunshine does not decrease its availability.

Resources like coal are used by man to generate electricity. While coal is a natural resource, electricity is man-made. Coal is, however, a non-renewable resource. When it is used up, its availability decreases.


Paragraph on Natural Resources 3 (200 Words)

Natural resources are nature’s bounties. These are generated or created naturally. Man’s actions are not required for their formation.

Natural resources help in sustaining life on Planet Earth. Air, water and sunshine are all natural resources that keep life going on earth. We need oxygen present in the air to breathe. If we do not have air to breathe, we will perish. Similarly, water is a natural resource that life on earth depends upon. If there is no water to drink, we will die. Humans need water for many other purposes. Water bodies are also habitats for aquatic creatures like fishes.

Land and all life forms are also naturally occurring. Plants, all kinds of vegetation and forests are also natural resources. Forests are habitats for a large number of wildlife species. Forests are also vital to maintain the hydrological cycle on earth.

We depend on plants for our food. All herbivorous creatures also depend on plants for their food. Plants also give out oxygen that we depend on to live.

All life forms need sunlight for their survival. Plants require sunlight for carrying out photosynthesis.

We are dependent on natural resources for our life. We should, therefore, not waste them.


Paragraph on Natural Resources 4 (250 Words)

We have many needs and wants. Human needs are common to all people whether rich or poor. We depend on natural resources to meet our needs and wants.

Natural resources are available on Earth naturally. Human effort is not required for their creation. Air, water and sunlight are naturally occurring. Air is available around us at all times. We need air to breathe to stay alive. If there is no air to breathe, we will die. Life forms including plants need air to survive.

Likewise, water is essential for the inhabitants of Planet Earth. If there is no water to drink, life forms can perish. If there are no water bodies, the aquatic creatures cannot live.

Sunlight is also an important component that makes life possible on Earth. If the sun’s warmth was not available to the planet, there would have been no life on it. Plants and trees grow because of water, air and sunshine that enable photosynthesis to occur in them. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen that is vitally needed by us to breathe.

Air, water and sunshine are renewable resources because they are re-created naturally without human interference. Resources like forests, and metals and minerals obtained from the earth are non-renewable. Once destroyed, they do not get re-created naturally easily or quickly.

Man-made products also need natural resources for their production. Electricity, for instance, is created by the burning of coal, which is a naturally occurring resource.

Natural resources therefore should be used judiciously.


Paragraph on Natural Resources 5 (300 Words)

Natural resources are classified according to their renewability. There are renewable and non-renewable natural resources.

Renewable natural resources are replenished naturally

Renewable natural resources refer to those naturally occurring resources that are replenished naturally. Air is a natural resource that is always present around us naturally. We need the oxygen in the air to breathe to keep alive. If there is no air to breathe we cannot survive. Plants need the carbon dioxide present in the air to carry out photosynthesis. Plants also need sunlight and water for photosynthesis. Sunlight and water are also natural resources. Sunlight is needed by all life forms. The sun keeps our planet warm. The sun is also a source of light and energy for all life forms.

Water is also vital natural resource. The hydrological cycle replenishes water on the Earth. The heat of the sun evaporates water and the process of condensation brings pure water back to the Earth. Water is necessary for the upkeep of life. Humans need water to drink. Wild and domesticated animals, as also birds too need water to drink. Aquatic creatures like fishes can survive only in water bodies.

Non-renewable natural resources should not be wasted

Plants, all types of vegetation, and forests are also natural resources. Plants serve as food for man and other creatures. All herbivorous animals survive on plant food. Birds also feed on plant parts such as fruits and seeds. Plants belong to the category of organic natural resources.

Metals and minerals like gold, silver, diamonds and coal that are obtained from the earth are all inorganic natural resources.

Natural resources like forests as also metals and minerals are non-renewable resources. When a forest is cleared off, it does not re-appear again naturally. A pristine forest cover provides immense ecological benefits that a re-created forest cannot give. Non-renewable natural resources should, therefore, not be wasted or destroyed.


Paragraph on Natural Resources 6 (350 Words)

There are different kinds of natural resources. They may be renewable or non-renewable.

Natural resources occur naturally

Natural resources are nature’s gifts. They are not the result of man’s activities or effort. They occur naturally.

Natural resources like air, water and sunlight are needed by all life forms on Earth. Life depends on these natural resources. If these resources are absent, life will vanish from Earth.

Air, water and sunlight are renewable natural resources

Air, water and sunlight are renewable. We need air to breathe. The oxygen present in the air that surrounds is what we need to breathe and stay alive. In the absence of fresh air, life forms will die.

Similarly, water is needed by life forms to survive. If clean water is not available to drink, life forms will perish. Humans need water for many diverse uses too such as for cooking and for maintaining our bodies clean and hygienic.

Water bodies such as rivers, seas and oceans are also homes for marine creatures. While the water of the seas and oceans is saline, the water of rivers is sweet. Saline water is, however, unfit for consumption. The hydrological cycle maintains water supply on earth. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon. A healthy ecological system keeps the hydrological cycle too in balance.

Sunlight is also a naturally available resource. It is needed by all life forms. Sunlight helps plants and all vegetation in carrying out the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a process by which the plants use up carbon dioxide that occurs in the air and give out oxygen. Forests are vital to ecological balance. Forests are habitats for many wildlife species. Forests are important in keeping the hydrological cycle in balance. Man and all herbivorous animals depend on plants for their food.

Natural resources should not be wasted

Natural resources such as minerals and fossil fuels are non-renewable. They get depleted on use. Natural resources should not be wasted. For example, if water is contaminated, it becomes unfit for consumption. Similarly, if water bodies are polluted they become a danger to life. Likewise, if coal is wasted it takes millions of years to be re-created naturally. Natural resources should, therefore, be used wisely.


Paragraph on Natural Resources 7 (400 Words)

Natural resources are resources that are available naturally. Such resources are not created by man. Natural resources may be renewable or non-renewable.

Renewable natural resources get replenished naturally

Renewable resources are those which get replenished when used up or are available for unlimited use. It includes resources such as sunlight, water and fresh air. Trees, forests and vegetation, as also animals and life forms are also included in natural resources.

Sunlight is a resource that is available freely. It is essential for all life forms. All vegetation depends on sunlight for photosynthesis. Solar energy generated by using sunlight is eco-friendly and allows greater sustainability.

Non-renewable resources get depleted by use

Non-renewable resources are those resources which get depleted on use. They also include those resources that are naturally replenished only over a long period of time. Non-renewable resources need to be used judiciously and with care. These resources are precious, and should not be wasted or abused. Fossil fuels, for instance, such as coal are non-renewable. Once coal is burned it is used up. With using up of coal, the volume of available coal in the earth reduces. Coal is used in a big way for generation of electricity. If we resort to use of solar energy, a renewable source of energy, we can be more vigilant and judicious in resource utilization.

Minerals that are obtained from the earth are also non-renewable. Using them up depletes their quantity, and they are created within the earth’s surface only over millions of years.

Land is also a natural resource. The land on the surface of the earth is limited. If it is used for one purpose, it is not available for another purpose. For instance, if we build a house on a piece of land, we cannot engage in farming on that same bit of land.

Natural resources must be used judiciously

Natural resources are nature’s creation. They should be used wisely and judiciously. Natural resources that are limited and non-renewable should be protected. If we indulge our fancies we may lose out on vital natural resources. For instance, the tiger is at the apex of the food chain. If we kill off tigers in the forests, we destroy the ecological equilibrium in the forest habitat. The forest is, therefore, affected adversely. We depend on the forest for healthy hydrological cycles. All life forms depend on water for survival, and if water gets depleted all life forms will suffer. Thus our activities can spoil the ecosystem and ecological balance.



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