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Dog is considered to be the most preferable pet because of its faithfulness and loyalty. It is known as man’s best friend and that is one of the reasons for it being so popular among other pets. It can be distinguished in many ways, according to its character, by its genetic qualities and other traits.

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Long and Short Paragraphs on Dog

Dog Paragraph 1 (100 words)

Dogs, Latin word – canis, are the mammals that can be domesticated as they are not wild naturally.

It’s a four legged animal which was originally bred from wolves. They make sounds such as bark, woof or arf. They have the ability to hear, smell and identify things very well but they have poor sight or to be specific, colour blindness, because of which they cannot see well in colour but can see better in dim light compared to humans. Dogs eat both meat and vegetarian food.

As these are friendly, loyal and like being around humans, they are the most preferred pets and also were the first animals ever to be domesticated.


Dog Paragraph 2 (150 words)

Dogs are broadly classified in two categories – working dogs and companion dogs. Companion dogs are used for their companionship as pets, just for the pleasure of their company while working dogs do some sort of work for humans other than just entertaining them.

Types of Dog

Working dogs are subdivided into many other categories. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Therapy dogs: These dogs visit people who are incapable of enjoying their freedom of movement because of any reason, ill or elderly in hospitals to provide them entertainment.
  • Rescue dogs: These dogs assist people who are lost in some wilderness, or are in difficult situation after boat disaster, or are buried in a collapsed building, etc.
  • Guard dogs and watch dogs: These dogs help protect private or public property.
  • Police dogs: They track possible criminals or investigate the scene of a crime.
  • Herding dogs: These dogs help to control cattle.
  • Service or assistance dogs: These dogs help people with various disabilities to do daily task.

Dogs are indeed a man’s best friend!


Dog Paragraph 3 (200 words)

There are almost 800 breeds (kinds) of dogs. Dogs whose parents belong to same breed are called pre breed dogs while the dogs whose parents belong to different breed are called mutts or mixed-breed dogs or hybrid dogs.

Characteristics of Pet Dog

Dog breeds can also be identified with their characteristics such as:

  • Adapts well to apartment living: Being quite, calm, polite with other neighbors, low energy are the qualities possessed by such dogs. For example: Basenji, Chihuahua, Bulldog, etc.
  • Amount of shedding: Some dogs shed their hair year long, some seasonally, some both. Seasonally includes rough collie while yearlong includes St. Bernard and Chow Chow.
  • Drooling potential: Dogs that drool the most include Bloodhounds and Bulldogs, while dogs that don’t drool at all include Leonberger and Borzoi.
  • Easy to groom: Such dog breeds include Pocket beagle and Norfolk terrier.
  • Intelligence level: Smartest dog breeds include German Shepherd and Doberman while the dumbest dog breeds include Afghan Hound and Pekingese.
  • Energy level: High energy dog breeds include Siberian husky and pointer while least energy dog breeds include Basset Hound and Bulldog.
  • Size: Large size dog breed includes Great Dane and Rottweiler while the smallest dog breeds include Pomeranian and Pug.


Dog Paragraph 4 (250 words)

India has a varied culture even in dogs. They are referred as “shvans” in Vedas and they also have been mounts of gods such as Kalabhairava. They are also considered to be at the gates of hell and heaven both to protect them. Lord Duttateray is also associated with four dogs, signifying four Vedas. Tihar is a dog festival celebrated in Nepal during the festival of Diwali to celebrate the loyalty and faithfulness of dogs.

Condition of Dog in India

In India, there is a lot of garbage which is not disposed properly. This leads to various diseases among the street dogs. The surroundings of the dogs also affect their behaviour. Because of this, many street dogs get easily hyper and are always ready to attack.

India has the largest number of stray dogs in the world which out numbers 30 million. Along with the increasing rate of dog population, diseases and problems associated with them are also increasing. This includes dog bites, rabies and noise pollution. Due to these unavoidable issues, there is a great possibility of dog changing from being man’s best friend to its worst enemy.

But India is also trying to find ways to improve the condition of dogs in the country. This is witnessed as Asia’s first dog hotel is established in Indian city, Gurugram called Critterati.

Few dog breeds are very famous in India, which mostly includes budget friendly dogs, such as Rajapalayam dog, Indian Spitz, Bully kutta, Chippiparai, Indian Pariah dog, Gaddi kutta and Kumaon Mastiff. Many people pet these breeds.


Dog Paragraph 5 (300 words)

Dogs are known to have the kind of nature that makes them preferable to pet. They help humans in doing their work. They are also known to have a great sense of behaviour in public, if trained properly.

Psychology of Dogs

Every action of dogs suggests something about their thoughts or feelings. New studies about dogs have provided an insight to it. Following are some of the facts that tell about dog psychology:

  • MRI of a dog’s brain has indicated that it works positively as that of a human child. This is why on seeing human positive feelings are aroused in the dogs.
  • Male dogs will always prefer to play with female dogs, whereas female dogs do not discriminate between playmates.
  • Dogs are four times more likely to become aggressive or bite when walked by a male as it is thought that it catches the emotions of the walkers easily.
  • According to recent study, dog’s response to verbal and non verbal cues is at the similar level to that of a two-year old child. It is also noticed that they understand basic sign language also.
  • Dogs can learn quickly by modeling other dogs that is why it is easier to train a new puppy with an already trained elderly dog in the house.
  • Dogs signal their intent to play to other dogs by indicating a “play-bow” or “face-pawed” action.
  • Dogs possess this great empathetic concern. A study has found out that when a dog notices a stranger crying or acting to cry, they immediately run towards it and start sniffing and licking the stranger, instead of going towards their master who is their usual source of comfort.
  • Dogs prefer to mark their territory with their urine or stools. Male dogs prefer to mark vertically so that the smell goes higher in the air. The height of the marking tells other dogs about the size of the dog, as height is an important factor in dominance.
  • Dogs have general behavioral trait of preferring novelty over familiarity.


Dog Paragraph 6 (350 words)

Dogs are considered as the most loyal and faithful pets. But still there are some breeds which are more aggressive and hyper then other dog breeds. Such dogs must be tamed in a proper manner.

Ways to Tame Dogs

There are some specific ways to make your pet dog a well trained dog and some of these ways are mentioned below:

  • Teach it a variety of simple commands: To begin with taming your dog, you should first get the dog follow your simple commands on regular basis such as sit, stand up, lie down, come, etc. This training will help him understand that you are the in charge now and not supposed to be disrespected.
  • Reward incompatible behavior: Punishing dog with pain has proved to be less worked technique now. So, there is another way with which trainers have come up in which if your dog starts jumping on you as you show up, then you just turn your back on him and ignore him. Then, order a treat and make him sit with you and lavish him with love, but then as soon as it again starts jumping, take that food from him and again ignore him. This will eventually make him understand on how he has to behave.
  • Don’t force it to get used to boredom: Dogs, like humans cannot take boredom for a longer period. This might lead them to depression and anxiety. Provide new toys to them frequently to play with or make them go on play-dates with neighbor dogs or other people in park.
  • Alter the diet: Don’t provide human food containing sugar to them. This might lead them to hyperactivity which might cause its energy levels to come crashing down.
  • Discourage hyper behaviors: When your dog is hyper you are supposed to ignore him completely. It is possible that your ways to stop him might encourage him more to do his hyper activities.
  • Learn body language of dogs: staring is an act of aggression and tensing your body may make him think that you are preparing for attack. Rapid body movements or high pitched sounds are considered prey behavior and might lead him to attack in response. That is why avoiding all such actions is advisable in front of an aggressive dog.


Dog Paragraph 7 (400 words)

People consider it easy to have a dog as a pet as it offers many plus points. But proper knowledge and understanding about the circumstances which might arouse later is necessary. So here are some of the pros and cons one must know before having a dog as pet.

Pros/Advantages of Dog as Your Pet

  • They are Empathetic: Dogs understand human mood more aptly than other humans. They can understand whether your day was rough or good by just looking at your face. Their mood depends on yours, if you look unhappy so do they. They try everything to cheer you up whenever you feel down even if it is only through the way of sympathizing.
  • You are never alone with them: There are times when one feels alone and wants to stay away from humans, but your dog won’t let you be. It will come wagging its tail gently by just sensing you are down and won’t leave you until you feel better.
  • You’ll always feel protected: They’ll make you feel safe anytime, wherever you go. Though this applies more to big dogs, but small dogs can at least alert you whenever they sense harm.
  • Man’s best friend: A dog as a pet is a companion, best friend, a therapist or even a cheerleader. It’ll never judge you. It doesn’t care if you have grown fat or are a public nuisance. It’ll treat you with same love and respect. It is loyal even to its own detriment sometimes.

Cons/Disadvantages of Dog as Your Pet

  • Poop: Dogs poop anywhere and everywhere and at any time of the day.
  • Attention and Planning: Dogs need a lot of attention and all the time. There cannot be any spontaneous plans to go out with a dog in your house because one cannot cage them.
  • Loads of stuff: When you are buying a dog, you are not just buying a dog. You have to also get its own bed, shampoo, food, toys, treats, bowls, poop receptacles, collars and so many other things. And all of these expenses keep increasing with the increase in the size of your dog.
  • Sleep schedules: Dogs don’t get the varied time schedule you follow. They do not get the concept of weekends or holidays. If it is waking you up at a particular timing every day, then it will wake you up at the same timing even on holidays or weekends or on the days when you haven’t slept the night before.
  • You have to make special arrangements for them while travelling: Boarding your pet can be really expensive and also require lots of arrangements as there are only few dog-friendly hotels.



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