Paragraph on Importance of Tree Plantation

Trees are a crucial part of nature. They are said as the natural oxygen providers. They are playing an important role in maintaining ecological balance. They are the habitats of various wildlife species and birds.

Tree plantation is important for all of us. For increasing the greenery on earth, one could take the initiative of tree plantation. Planting trees in our residence and society can be the best step towards nature. Trees are important for lives on earth, the herbivores animals depend upon the tree leaves. Tree plantation needs fertile land to grow.

Trees are also helpful in maintaining the temperature of our environment. Tree plantation has so many benefits. They provide shade, fruits, food for herbivores animals, etc., trees provide us shade, etc. However, the deforestation issue is increased from the last decade.

Cutting trees for making human rehabilitation leads to wildlife disturbance. Tree plantation is helpful in reducing the chances of soil erosion; the roots of the trees prevent the soil layer from getting wiped out during heavy rainfall. We always heard that “Go Green”.

Planting a tree is our duty towards nature. The green aura around us can be a stress buster. Some people willingly choose to decorate the garden and gardening. Such hobbies should be promoted by all.