Paragraph on Road Safety

Road Safety refers to the preventive measures that are made for safeguarding the road users. These safety measures are for pedestrians, bikers, cyclists, and all four-wheeler users. Road Safety aims to reduce the chances of accidents or any mishappening on roads. Speed is one of the reasons behind most of the road accidents. The speed breakers are made for reminding the fact that speed can be disastrous.

Road Safety Norms

Road Safety includes some rules and norms while using roads. These safety norms include traffic rules, traffic signals, and signboards for trespassers. The signboards near the hospitals, schools, parks, shopping complexes, etc. are one of the traffic rule management appeals. As a responsible citizen, everyone should follow the traffic rules.

The collision of Lorries or any other heavy vehicle is one of the worst forms of accidents. Such type of accidents is also covered under road safety measures. It is said each year millions of people lost their lives in road accidents.

Speed is not important than Life

In developing nations like India, road accidents are also one of the major issues. Speed is not important than life, this should be understood by everyone then only road accidents can be avoided.