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Football is one of the most popular games played around the world. Several football tournaments are held each year and various teams belonging to different nations take part in it enthusiastically. The level of enthusiasm of the spectators is as high.

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Long and Short Paragraphs on Football

Paragraph on Football 1 (100 words)

Football is one of the most exciting games played world over. It also happens to be one of the oldest games. People have loved playing as well as watching this game since centuries. Many similar ball games were played in the earlier times. These were known by different names in different parts of the world however the rules of the game were almost the same everywhere.

Football, the game that we know today, is played between two teams with 11 players in each team. It is played with a big circular ball which is kicked by the players with the aim to hit the goal. It takes a lot of energy and enthusiasm to win the game.


 Paragraph on Football 2 (150 words)

Football has been recognized as one of the most popular games across the globe. Almost every country in the world has its set of football teams and enthusiastic football fans. Several football tournaments are held each year at national and international level. The popularity of this game can very well be judged by the excitement that builds among the general public during these matches.

It is said that the game of football was invented by England in the mid 19th century. However, the Chinese claim that it was invented by them. The International Football Association Board has set the rule of the football game to maintain uniformity and carry out the international tournaments smoothly.

Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) organizes Football World Cup every four years. Football teams from various countries participate in the world cup. This is one of the biggest sports events worldwide and is awaited eagerly by football fans.


Paragraph on Football 3 (200 words)

Football, also known as soccer in certain parts of the world, was invented more than a century ago. However, even before the invention of the modern football many versions of this game were played in different parts of the world. Modern football is said to have evolved gradually from these different versions of the game.

Indian National Football Team

Many people may not be aware that India also has a national football team that participates in various international football events. The team forms a part of the South Asian Football Federation. It has participated and emerged winner several times in SAFF Championship which is the top regional football tournament held in South Asia.


However, it has never participated in the FIFA World Cup and hence is not as popular as the teams that compete against each other in this international tournament.

The Indian National Football team performed very well under the coaching of Syed Abdul Rahim during 1950s and 1960s. During this time, it also qualified for the World Cup. It was in the 1950 FIFA World Cup that India got a chance to play. However, it withdrew before the commencement of the tournament.

Football fans in India support football teams belonging to different countries but at heart are waiting for India to participate in the FIFA World Cup and give them a tough competition.


Paragraph on Football 4 (250 words)

Football is a game that involves kicking of ball with the feet to make a goal. Two teams comprising of eleven players each compete against each other to emerge winner in this game. It is played at international level by teams belonging to various countries. Unlike other sports, the football teams of various counties have been given unique names by which they are popular among the football fans.

Football: Enthusiasm among Fans

Football is one of the most loved games worldwide. There are numerous football fans who spend thousands of bucks to watch the game live in the stadium. The booking for the football tournament tickets begins months before the game. People are ready to shell huge money just to see their favourite players playing live on the field.

It is a site to see these football fans cheering their teams during the matches. They serve as a great support and motivation for the football players. The enthusiasm level among the fans matches that of the players on the field and it indeed is a site to behold. Only those who have had the experience of watching the game in the stadium know the actual excitement and thrill that builds during the game.


The craze for football is increasing by the day. The young generation seems to enjoy this interesting game which does not take the entire day to finish. It is short and crisp just the way this generation likes things to be. Football fans are spread across the globe, even in countries that do not participate in international football tournaments.


Paragraph on Football 5 (300 words)

Just as everything else in this world, the game that we call football today has also been evolved over the centuries. Several similar games were being played since centuries ago in different countries and were known by different names. The rules of these games and the number of players varied from place to place however these were more or less similar to football and eventually led to the creation of this game that is loved world over.

History of the Modern Football

The game of football is said to be invented in the mid-19th century. In the year 1863 rugby football and association football branched off and Football Association in England was established. However, China claims to have played the first version of football centuries ago.

Both rugby football and association football were widely loved and played across the Atlantic. As rugby football came to be known as rugger and association football came to be known by the name, soccer, the Americans came up with their own version of the game and called it football.

Charles Goodyear designed and crafted the very first vulcanized rubber football in the year 1855. Most of the footballs are now being made with rubber bladders.

The first international association football match was played between Scotland and England in the year 1872. The match played by the national teams of England and Scotland was held at Scotland Cricket Club’s ground located at Hamilton Crescent in Partick Scotland.

Why was it named Football?

Contrary to the popular belief, football is not named so because it is played with the feet. It is named football because it is played on the foot and not on the horseback like other royal games in England. A number of other reasons have also been given for naming it so.


Thus, football is one of the few games that is being played since centuries and its popularity is only growing by the day.


Paragraph on Football 6 (350 words)

Football is an interesting game played between two teams consisting of 11 players each. It is played with a circular ball having a circumference of 58-61 cm. It is exciting to see the way the players take on each other to bring the game to their stride.

Football: The Rules of the Game

Just like every other game, football also has certain set of rules that define the way it should be played and determine as to which team emerges winner.

A football match is played for a total of 1 hour 45 minutes. This includes a 15 minutes break in between the match. So, the total playing time is 90 minutes. The match is played in two halves comprising of 45 minutes each.

Each team consists of a total of 11 players that include 10 outfield players and one goal keeper. Players wear football boots and shin pads during the match. The goalkeepers wear padded gloves in addition to it. The football field must either have natural or artificial grass. The pitch size may vary however it should necessarily be within 100-130 yards long and 50-100 yards wide.

To score points, the football must go into the opponent’s goal. The goal comprises of a frame which is 8 feet high and 8 yards wide. Goal can be scored using any part of the body apart from the hand, arms or shoulder. Players are not allowed to use their hands to handle to ball at any point in time during the match. Goal keeper is the only player who is allowed to handle the ball with any part of the body including hands.

It goes without saying that the team with the maximum goals wins the game. In case scores are equal by the end of the 90 minutes stint then the match will end as a draw. However, there are certain football matches where in a penalty shoot is given to determine the winner.


The game of football is super exciting and the level of excitement increases manifolds during the last 45 minutes. It is great to see the fans cheering, cheer leaders dancing and the players giving their best shot during this time.


Paragraph on Football 7 (400 words)

Football is one of the oldest and most popular games played around the world. The history of this game dates back several centuries. Many similar games were played in different parts of the world and were known by various names. For instance, in China a similar game was known by the name Cuju, in Japan it is known by the name, Kemari and in Greece it was known as Episkyros.

Top Football Teams

Several countries have their football teams that play at international level to compete with each other. A number of football tournaments are held each year and based on these the football teams are ranked. The ranking keeps changing based on the performance of the teams. However, there are certain teams that continue to hold top ranks year after year. France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Netherland, Chile, Belgium, Portugal and England are among the countries that have the best football teams in the world.

What is FIFA?

FIFA that was established in the year 1904 stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association which is French for International Federation of Association Football. It is headquartered in Zurich.

The initiative for the formation of FIFA was taken to monitor international football matches among the teams from Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherland and Spain. Its arena expanded and over the time it has become the international governing body of association football, beach soccer and futsal. Today, it organizes some of the major international football tournaments including the Football World Cup. As many as 211 national associations have its membership.

Contrary to the popular notion, FIFA does not define or control the rules of the game. It is only responsible for organizing tournaments and promoting them for revenue generation. The rules and laws of the game are set by International Football Association Board.

FIFA conducts a grand awards ceremony every year. This is held to recognize the achievements of the best team and player during that year. FIFA Ballon d’Or is awarded to the best male player and FIFA World Player of the Year is awarded to the best female player.


Football is a game of international acclaim. No other sport or game is as popular among the masses as football. Football tournaments are known to be grand events and football fans across the globe eagerly await these events. Football players have huge fan following. Their fans shower immense love on them and they return the same by showing gratitude.



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