Paragraph on Save Earth

Save Earth is one of the basic manners we all can include in our daily routine. Earth is the place where all living beings dwell, it is each individual’s responsibility not to harm nature. The rising level of pollution and environmental depletion is a big challenge for the whole world. Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and other kinds of pollutants are slowly deteriorating the quality of the environment around us.

What are Environmental Challenges?

Problems like climate change, ozone layer depletion, and global warming are caused by the rising pollution level. Earth’s surface is suffering from these problems since these challenges occurred. Saving earth is the same as saving nature, flora, and fauna. Water pollution and deforestation are the major challenges for wildlife and marine species, the collaborative efforts of local and central authority can reduce this.

How can we Save Mother Nature?

Small contributions like plantation and cleanliness can be some methods for saving nature. If you don’t have a garden or proper place for terrace gardening then indoor plants can be helpful for maintaining greenery around you. Preferring public vehicles over your own vehicle can be an option for reducing the fuel combustion.

Maintaining cleanliness around your residence and avoiding unnecessary littering can be initiated for maintaining the quality of the environment around you. Saving earth is not only important for nature but for all the living beings it is important.